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Climate heat wave, caused by carbon released by cars

TreeHugger: "We have reached the point where transportation, 80% of which is in cars, is the single biggest source of carbon dioxide in the country. We can talk about making our buildings more efficient and buying LED bulbs, but it is our cars, and our car oriented planning, and our car culture that is killing us all."

Belief in renewables biggest threat to human life

Human activity generates heat. Heat can only leave the earth at a known fixed rate. So changing from one energy source to another will not have any effect.It is impossible to replace joules of energy from fossil-fuel with renewables....Show More Summary

Country full of bus lovers, congress full of oil trolls. Democracy?

masstransitmag : " the public's support for expanded access to public transportation. Its analysis showed that more than 73 percent of Americans support using tax dollars to create, expand and improve public transportation in their communities."How is this possible. Show More Summary

What's wrong with solar?

If solar energy projects could replace fossil-fuel use, and growth could be stopped, and per-capita energy use could be reduced, that would slow, or stop, the increase of carbon emissions. problems: stopping growth - no one in powerShow More Summary

Poor people in US pay over 15% of income on transportation

truth-out: "Given the impact of transportation costs, cities should look more closely at supporting options, in both the short and long terms, to make cities more equitable and conducive to lower-cost transportation. Paramount amongShow More Summary

US winning friends and influencing people in Iraq

#pt #Amaq: Aftermath footage of the US bombardment on al-Qaim city in western #Anbar #ISIS..Dead & wounded children — A. Ibrahim (@yuarab350) August 2, 2016There is no need for this. The US is spending billions...Show More Summary

War on cars

Not a clever social media meme, the war on cars is real, the victims are real, and destruction of the biosphere is a possible result.On one side, the billionaires, working through the banks, controlling governments and media.On the other,...Show More Summary

Gas and Oil Party wants to destroy #publictransportation

masstransitmag: "Also, the platform position against any increase in the federal gas tax is not supported by APTA. The federal gas tax has not been increased since 1993, and consequently, its purchasing power has gone down by more than 37 percent."

#IslamicState causing constipation for captialism

Led by the US, governments of the world, representing the top banks, are trying desperately to get to the oil in Kirkuk, Iraq. They have some access to it, but need a secure environment to pump it like they want.Kirkuk is the last big reserve of easy-to-get oil. Show More Summary

Half of all US food produce is thrown away, new research suggests

The Guardian: "...In more than two dozen interviews, farmers, packers, wholesalers, truckers, food academics and campaigners described the waste that occurs “upstream”: scarred vegetables regularly abandoned in the field to save the expense and labour involved in harvest. Show More Summary

Falling net-energy means unpayable debt is due

Our Finite World: "My analysis has as its premise that the economy behaves like other physical systems. It needs energy–and, in fact, growing energy–to operate. If the system does not get the energy it needs, it “rebalances” in a way that may not be to our liking."Net-energy is the number of joules converted to useful work minus joules spent. Show More Summary

US, working with Iran, has brought freedom to Ramadi, Iraq

#Ramadi today after it was "liberated" by #Iraq|i Shia forces months ago. — WorldOnAlert (@worldonalert) July 6, 2016

Rainforest carbon loss grossly underestimated "So far, climate change policies on the tropics have effectively been focusing on reducing carbon emissions from deforestation only, not accounting for emissions coming from forest degradation.Lead researcher Dr Erika Berenguer...Show More Summary

US "war" against #IslamicState is nothing but a massacre of civilians and destruction of cities

US and Iran slaughtered civilians trying to escape the destruction of Fallujah, Iraq. They claim they destroyed a military convoy, but the photos and videos clearly show otherwise. Shia militia dog chants sectarian anthems after the civilian convoy was massacred, call them "children of Yazid" — Coffee & News (@ThatCoffeeTho) July 1, 2016

The fallacy of individual action

?What does it mean to "combat climate change"? | 1 Million Women: "So, it's probably becoming clearer now that our everyday actions can have an impact on how much carbon we produce. What does it matter? Well, our combined carbon footprint...Show More Summary

Trulia can now help you find a place to rent near public transport

TechCrunch: "Trulia, the online real estate search engine now owned by Zillow, launched an interesting new feature today that allows you to quickly find rental homes and apartments that have good public transport access. Rent Near Transit,...Show More Summary

Sprawl and the cost of living

City Observatory: "Over the past three weeks, we’ve introduced the “sprawl tax”—showing how much more Americans pay in time and money because of sprawling urban development patterns. We’ve also shown how much higher the sprawl tax is...Show More Summary

Small business and #freetransit

A big reason people go to malls and big box stores is they know they will be able to find parking. Here is how your downtown small retail stores can fight back.#freetransit means You don't have to depend on the two parking spaces inShow More Summary

Trinidad and Tobago - plan for free buses

Newsday: "However, we also propose that maxi taxis be contracted to assist with fulfilling the public transportation needs within these areas at the various cities. Another aspect of this service which can be explored is a ‘Fare-Free’ structure of the inner city shuttle. Show More Summary

Half the oil is gone, and we'll be using a lot of it for air conditioning

Stop and think what it means to use fossil-fuel for air-conditioning. Think of all the cars, homes, and offices using energy to move hot air from inside to outside. Is there a net benefit to doing this? No, it simply postpones what we should be doing. Show More Summary

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