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Oil-industry #climate delayers did their job well. Human race lost many crucial years due to intentional disinformation.

TheHill: "It may be hard to accept, but a single company may have set back all of humanity.Had Exxon Mobil listened to its own scientists rather than spread disinformation on climate change, the world might not have wasted three crucial decades during which global warming went from a prediction to a fact."

US vs Islam

People who were around in the 1950's in the US will remember that Islam was just another religion then. Saudi Arabia was a good friend--only lightly criticized occasionally.Then, in 1970, US oil production peaked.Since then, the US has...Show More Summary

Oops! Low oil prices are related to a debt bubble

Our Finite World: "Why is the price of oil so low now? In fact, why are all commodity prices so low? I see the problem as being an affordability issue that has been hidden by a growing debt bubble. As this debt bubble has expanded, it...Show More Summary

Islamic State threatens oil. The forbidden topic on corporate media.

RT Business: "The IS advance has resulted in Iraq losing up to 400,000 barrels of oil daily, said the Iraq Oil Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad in an interview with the Sputnik news agency."The Islamic State destroyed Iraqi oil enterprises and pipelines…causing damage estimated at billions of dollars. Show More Summary

Even ignoring externalities, cars are heavily subsidized

Planetizen: : "Perhaps more commonly understood is that the direct costs of vehicle use—namely, the maintenance and construction of roads—is covered by gasoline taxes. A new report from the Frontier Group—in partnership with the U.S. PIRG Education Fund—cracks this myth wide open. The price paid by car drivers does not come close to covering even the direct costs of road use."

Corporations Undermined Public Transportation

Dissident Voice: "But the biggest automotive scandal was much worse than the smog alliance. It was a conspiracy that changed the face of urban landscapes across North America. In 1922, Alfred P. Sloan, head of General Motors, created a working group charged with undermining and replacing the electric trolley. Show More Summary

World set to lose fifth of remaining natural habitat

Dev.Net: "The world could lose a fifth of its remaining natural habitat by 2050 through population growth if current trends in land use continue unabated, a study warns. The effects of population growth on land use will be particularly...Show More Summary

Cheap-oil party is over, and the bill is now due

By @kurtcobb Resource Insights: Goldilocks and the three prices of oil: "Now, oil demand actually went up somewhat in the face of recent lower prices. But if Tverberg's thesis is correct, then demand won't hold up when the economy sinks into a recession or stalls close to zero growth. Show More Summary

Want #degrowth? Good #publictransit and low fertility rates go together

Buses in Seoul Cities with good public transit are more attractive. When people move to the city they don't need more farmhands in the family, and good education is more important than many children. Lowest fertility rates in the world associated with urbanization and good public transit. Show More Summary

Malta studying #freetransit proposal to fight traffic congestion

MaltaToday : "Piscopo told MaltaToday that “it is an interesting proposal that Transport Malta will actively look into”.Parliament had recently discussed the ever increasing traffic problem and the lack of traffic management, following...Show More Summary

Replace the suburban dream with #carfree cities

You can't tell people not to want a better life. But you can show them one. If cities were carfree, there would be more room, less noise, and better air. People would want to live there.When people move to the city, they find that having more farmhands is no longer an issue. Education, they find, is the way to a better life.Voila, falling birth rates. Degrowth.

Renewables promote growth, do not replace fossil fuels

The problem is growth. Renewable energy sources are just more fuel on the fire. They do not reduce fossil-fuel use.carbonbrief: "The rapid rise of renewables has been somewhat overshadowed, though, by huge increases in global energy demand in recent decades (chart, below)."

Continued growth impossible - REGARDLESS of energy source

Do the Math: "...Let me restate that important point. No matter what the technology, a sustained 2.3% energy growth rate would require us to produce as much energy as the entire sun within 1400 years. A word of warning: that power plant is going to run a little warm. Show More Summary

Can Economic Growth Last?

Do the Math: " I have used physical analysis to argue that sustained economic growth in the long term is fantastical. Maybe for some, this is stating the obvious. After all, Adam Smith imagined a 200-year phase of economic growth followed by a steady state. Show More Summary

The private auto is a war on the poor, a killing machine in so many ways

The Washington Post: "Traffic fatalities in the United States have been plummeting for years, a major victory for regulation (strict drunken driving laws have helped) and auto innovation (we have safer cars). But that progress obscures...Show More Summary

Brookings Institution sums up the growth position very succintly

Brookings Institution: "With the world’s population forecast to rise by 1.6 billion people by 2035, do we really think global oil demand won’t continue to rise? While I recognize that we must do everything to limit the growing use of...Show More Summary

First 'car-free' day in Paris sees massive drop in pollution and noise "Airparif, which measures city pollution levels, said levels of nitrogen dioxide dropped by up to 40% in parts of the city on Sunday 27 September - and there was almost one-third less nitrogen dioxide pollution on the busy Champs...Show More Summary

How much would #freetransit cost the US?

To replace revenue lost by ending fares would be about $100 per year per person in areas served added to current public transit budgets. A one-percent saving in a handful of areas such as health costs, collisions, and traffic congestion would more than cover this amount. Show More Summary

All world powers now united in the cause of wasting energy on cars

UN summit gathers all the kings horses and all the kings men. They have been terrorizing people for years to steal oil. Now they are getting a little pushback and can't handle it. The irony is, when they get the oil, they waste in on cars. Human progress? It's pathetic. How about just stop the waste first?

The collapse of Saudi Arabia is inevitable - via @nafeezahmed

Middle East Eye: "....They were right. From 2005 to 2015, Saudi net exports have experienced an annual decline rate of 1.4 percent, within the range predicted by Brown and Foucher. A report by Citigroup recently predicted that net exports would plummet to zero in the next 15 years....About a quarter of the Saudi population lives in poverty. Show More Summary

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