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Mexico City car ban reduces smog levels, jams public transportation on Day 1

Fox News Latino: "MEXICO CITY (AP) – Mexico City residents packed buses and subway trains and many walked or biked to work Wednesday as authorities barred millions of vehicles from the streets due to a pollution alert.Under new regulations...Show More Summary

Lack of #publictransit investment costing US $120B per year

Builder Magazine: "That's mainly because America isn't investing in its aging systems of water and sewer systems, roads, bridges and transit, opines John Rennie Short for Tech Insider. The U.S. is ranked 16th globally for its infrastructure. Show More Summary

We don't need self-driving cars – we need to ditch our vehicles entirely

The Guardian: "am rich beyond Google’s wildest driverless-car dreams; I own a fleet of swift and reliable driverless cars that take me where I’m going while I read or stare out the window or watch beautifully limber kids turf dancing in the aisles for my entertainment. Show More Summary

Mexico City driving restrictions costly and useless

News Every Day : "According to Lucas Davis, an energy researcher at UC Berkeley, such programs can lead to more air pollution. Such policies can be a big problem, so the authorities hope that the people can take public transport. However, those can be too slow and dangerous.Hence, people just manage by buying two cars with different number plates. Show More Summary

"Cities and cars were never a good fit"

rawstory : "We may be at the cusp of a generational shift in attitudes to the car and mass transit. Cities and cars were never a good fit, something more people appear to be realizing."

Roads in Philippines unfairly benefit the 2% who own cars

rappler : "Transport experts and urban planners have lamented how less than 2% of Filipinos own cars – and yet, most of the roads are dedicated to vehicles."

Cars do not pay for roads

Momentum Mag: "What if I told you that by driving a car you become a freeloader, a drain on the economy? That people who bicycle instead are subsidizing a road system that they are largely not welcome on? In order to break even on the...Show More Summary

False flag ops losing their punch

Many so-called terrorist attacks are actually false-flag ops -- security forces in a country staging or faking an attack against its own country to create an excuse to attack someone else. This trick has been used throughout historyShow More Summary

What we’re doing to the Earth has no parallel in 66 million years, scientists say

The Washington Post: "In any case, the result was a hothouse world from pole to pole, some 5 degrees Celsius warmer overall. But now, new research suggests, even the drama of the PETM falls short of our current period, in at least one key respect: We’re putting carbon into the atmosphere at an even faster rate than happened back then."

Sudden climate shift likely

The New York Times: "The basic claim of the paper is that by burning fossil fuels at a prodigious pace and pouring heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere, humanity is about to provoke an abrupt climate shift."

Candidate in one of India's largest cities promises free buses

The Hindu: "Promising free bus travel for the residents of Chennai, Pattali Makkal Katchi’s Chief Ministerial candidate and former Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss on Wednesday said the city needed an integrated public transport system for better connectivity."

Why highways are called freeways

Vox: "They also decided to call these roads "free roads," a term that was later replaced by "freeways." Norton argues that this naming shift was essential in persuading the federal government — and the public — to shift away from tolls. Show More Summary

Human transportation in the US is an unfair apartheid system

gizmodo : "There’s plenty of talk about how housing has become dramatically less affordable in the US, but hardly anyone talks about the transportation crisis, which is the direct result of failing to build enough places for people to live. Show More Summary

Another study showing that cars are bad for your health

Times of India: "Adults who commute to work via cycling or walking have lower body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) measures in mid-life compared to adults who commute via car, the study found.Even people who commute via public transport showed reductions in BMI and percentage body fat compared with those who commuted only by car. Show More Summary

Mexico City turns to #freetransit to fight smog : "Mexico City authorities are banning more than one million cars from the roads and offering free public transport as the first air pollution alert in 11 years stretches into a third day."

Demand for meat makes land a net source of green-house gases

the conversation: "We wanted to know how human activities on the land are affecting these sinks and sources. Globally, the land currently absorbs more CO? than it produces (we don’t include fossil fuels in this), so it is considered a carbon sink. Show More Summary

Wars over oil have uncorked hundreds of years of anti-colonial anger

Muslim Woman responds to @David_Cameron On English Language Integration & Extremism. BOOM! Aunty nails it in 30secs — Majid Freeman (@Majstar7) March 9, 2016

Sharp increase in arctic methane reported

The Independent Barents Observer: "The levels of methane increased sharply from 2013 to 2014, and preliminary results from measurements in 2015 indicate a continued strong increase. The results and measurements show that the concentration...Show More Summary

Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach Highest Point in 15 Million Years

Alternet: "Also in January, the Arctic averaged a stunning 13.5 degrees Fahrenheit above average temperatures, which led to a new record low of Arctic sea ice extent for the month.NASA data shows that the previous 12 months have also been the hottest 12-month period every recorded, using the space agency's 12-month moving average."

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