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Low Oil Prices: Sign of a Debt Bubble Collapse, Leading to the End of Oil Supply?

Our Finite World: "I would argue that falling commodity prices are bad news. It likely means that the debt bubble which has been holding up the world economy for a very long time–since World War II, at least–is failing to expand sufficiently. If the debt bubble collapses, we will be in huge difficulty."

UK Oil and gas industry calls for more government subsidy as costs rise 60%

Blue and Green Tomorrow: "The UK oil and gas industry’s economic outlook has revealed rising costs for the sector, prompting calls for the government to provide more tax incentives to retrieve £1 trillion investment and fully exploit the country’s declining offshore reserves."

Sustainable transport law moves forward in Trento, Italy

Trasporto Pubblico Gratuito: "The bill of the popular initiative which was launched a few days collecting signatures aims to fill the void left by the policy. The creators of the initiative have thrown the heart beyond the obstacle to creating the conditions and to paint a perspective of modern mobility, inclusive and environmentally friendly."

Krakow, Poland, mayoral candidate promises free public transport : "Free public transport for paying taxes in Krakow is the promise of an independent candidate for mayor of the city of Luke Giba?y. In turn, the candidates of the Committee Against Krakow Olympics - Agreement Urban Movements in favor of rapid tram instead of the subway."

Cars Will Cook the Planet Absent Shift to Public Transportation

Scientific American: "If the world's cities focused their investments on expanding public transportation, walking and cycling, they could save more than $100 trillion in public and private capital and urban transportation operating costs between now and 2050,"

American people want #publictransit, but government controlled by oil

Poll: 68 percent want more transit spending | TheHill: "Sixty-eight percent of U.S. residents want more federal spending on public transportation systems, according to a polled released on Monday by a Washington, D.C.-based transit advocacy group. "

U.S.-U.K. have killed millions in Iraq in attempt to control oil/gas markets

War Is A "Approximately 3.3 million Iraqis, including 750,000 children, were “exterminated” by economic sanctions and/or illegal wars conducted by the U.S. and Great Britain between 1990 and 2012, an eminent international legal authority says."

Saudi Arabia will fall to Islamic State before September 2015

The three pillars of Saudi power are oil, US military, and Islam. All three are in desperate straits.The oil is running out. They are pumping up as much water as oil.The U.S. military cannot afford another multi-trillion-dollar effort in the Middle East.Saudi Arabia has abused Islam, using it to terrorize and oppress. Show More Summary

People in Serbia mobilize for free public transport

(google translate): We advocate the introduction of 100% subsidized, or free for users of public transport.Our analyzes show that the complete abolition of the system of collection of cards and direct payments from companies in the budget...Show More Summary

Zory, Poland, to host international conference on free public transport "The aim of the conference is to disseminate knowledge on free public transport in cities, to discuss the possibilities and benefits of making it available to residents, as well as the exchange of experiences and to discuss issues of its operation."

Confused about US/UK policy in Middle East? Follow the net energy

If you try to follow all the alliances it gets complicated. Follow the net energy. High net energy means fuel that is easy to extract. The last big reservoir of high net-energy oil is in Iraq near Kirkuk. As cheap oil declines, gas becomes more valuable. Show More Summary

A call to end the hegemony of the private auto in Quebec

Campaign for Free Public Transit: "While the goals of the City of Quebec are to double attendance public transit, it is necessary to remember that any pricing hinders the use of the public service. That is why it is necessary to implant free RTC and a comparable increase in the network coverage for a transition to the end of oil and automotive hegemony."

No more cheap oil - per Saudi Aramco

Peak Oil : "The problem is oil price needs to rise, not fall, to support continued capex. He refers to the problems rather succinctly but fails to address that wages are flat and with most consumer prices rising, consumers cannot support higher oil prices. Show More Summary

Free public transport boosts pensioners' well-being : "The aim of the trial was to reduce loneliness among pensioners and boost their self-worth. Research into the impact of the scheme shows both targets have been achieved. Pensioners report getting out more, visiting family and friends and feeling better about themselves."

Only taxpayer subsidy prevents the bursting of the fracking bubble

Not at Home on the Range: Subsidized Fracking Hits Colorado – Oil Change InternationalOil Change International: "“They are profitable because of tax breaks,” says Cox."

Islamic State Provide Free Public Transport in Ninawa

Al Mustaqbal World: "After repairing roads and rebuilding Ninawa province, which was destroyed by the war. Now the Islamic State provide free public transport for the citizen. Islamic State official media of Niniveh/Ninawa, post several photos that show the joy of people, they are glad with this policy. Show More Summary

Subways, high-rises, bike highways, wrong direction for cities

The auto system is surviving on debt and is slowly collapsing. But what is the solution? Make cities car-free ASAP with free buses. This will free up plenty of space for living, walking, and biking. Do not build more oil-dependent stainless steel/concrete infrastructure.

Quebec #freetransit campaign gains momentum

Fragment argument: free politics is a choice: "Quebec cities are beginning to experiment with totally free or partial transit. Laval and Longueuil well established free for seniors outside of peak hours. According to a recent report from Radio-Canada free transit progresses on the south shore of Montreal. Show More Summary

Craving for suburban life the cause of war

Americans, do you want to stop war? Then stop the cause of war.People want suburban life. Suburbs waste energy, creating demand for more energy. High demand for energy empowers energy industry. Cheap oil has peaked, causing all energy to cost more. Show More Summary

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