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Stop planning. Make buses free.

There are a lot of capital-intensive plans to fix human transport. Most of them are attempts to preserve the auto-based system.Municipalities should first make buses fare-free. Then people will then show us where it makes sense to spend more money.

Ridership up 300% with #freetransit in Zory, Poland

BEZPLATNA KOMUNIKACJA MIEJSKA: "Free public transport in Zory is popular: "Fourfold increase in the number of passengers in May, after the introduction of free public transport - estimated City Hall in Zory (Silesia). The plans are further facilities for residents""

US attempt to control Russian oil will backfire and lead to more war

EcoWatch: "The foreign policy wonks at the State Department may not understand that Russian oil production has just hit a post-USSR peak and will be declining anyway. The effect of the sanctions will be to speed the Russian decline, forcing up world oil prices as soon as U.S. Show More Summary

While humans fight over oil, the great methane release may be starting

Meltfactor : " Hansen’s warnings should be met with an aggressive atmospheric decarbonization program. We have been too long on a trajectory pointed at an unmanageable climate calamity; runaway climate heating. If we don’t get atmospheric...Show More Summary

As car-dependent US loses in Mideast, it goes after Russia

Our Finite World: "Many people when looking at future oil supply concern themselves with the amount of reserves (or resources) remaining, or perhaps Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROEI). None of these is really the right limit, however. Show More Summary

Listen up, America: It’s time to starting making mass transit free! "For bigger cities, the principal motivation for scrapping fares is not to save money but to increase ridership, and harvest the associated positive externalities: less traffic and pollution, more parking and mobility. InShow More Summary

Bike highways and pedestrian overpasses are for the benefit of cars

Transformative design? Or waste of money. Why spend money trying to get out of the way of cars? Instead let's remove cars from the city. The car culture is on the way out. Let's stop throwing money at it. gizmodo

Little-known fact about Transmilenio BRT: feeder buses are fare-free "To make the public transport system accessible to a broader swath of the city’s residents, Transmilenio runs free feeder buses from low-income communities at the outskirts of the city to the main Transmilenio stations, and has a uniform ticket price no matter the distance traveled, so that lower-income residents from outlying areas can still afford to ride."

#Freetransit campaign spreading and growing steadily in Europe

Did you know that 13 towns in Poland and 26 towns in France already have free public transport? Did you know that the capital of Estonia has it? Did you know that there are campaigns for free public transport in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Estonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Scotland, and England?To keep up... go here for links.

Taxpayer subsidy keeps oil industry from crashing

Grist: "The fracking boom has led to a surge in oil and natural gas production in recent years: Oil production is up by 35 percent since 2009, and natural gas production is up by 18 percent. With more revenues, expenditures, and profits in the oil and gas industries, the value of the various tax deductions for the oil industry has soared. Show More Summary

US foreign policy all about controlling energy sources and routes

Global Research: "What does a pipeline in Afghanistan have to do with the crisis in Ukraine?Everything. It reveals the commercial interests that drive US policy. Just as the War in Afghanistan was largely fought to facilitate the transfer...Show More Summary

Debt: Eight Reasons This Time is Different

Our Finite World: "The problem we are running into is the fact the world is finite. Growth can’t continue indefinitely. The way that the physical world enforces the end to growth is not obvious, until we start hitting the limits. The limits are cost of production limits for oil and for our supply of stable grid electricity."

Transportation fares see 35% to 50% increase, contrary to government estimates

Well here is the answer to the question in the previous post. It was a lie. Egypt, instead of sending more money to the IMF, should stop wasting money on cars. Make public buses fare-free, and stop wasting precious resources on fuelShow More Summary

Egyptian govt says public transport fares immune to price hikes

Egypt government doing the right thing. But why?Ahram Online: "An increase in the price of fuel will not affect public transport costs, Egyptian government officials stated in the face of public concern after the prices of subsidised...Show More Summary

Connecting some important dots

Cheap oil is gone. Every day the mix of oil on the market is a little more expensive. This is because every day it takes more energy to get oil - falling net energy. Complex economy, especially car-dependence, is no longer sustainable. Show More Summary

U.S. elite is out of options, now backing Nazis in Ukraine

The people of the US are not hearing about it, but their government is backing Nazis in Ukraine. This because cheap oil is gone, growth is over, and the worlds elites have nothing left but to take from each other and drive down the poor.Two things Americans can do. Show More Summary

The cost will just be passed to the consumer

Why can't corporations pay taxes for things like #publictransit? One argument you still hear goes like this.We can't force corporations to pay their taxes because they will raise prices and pass the cost on to the consumer and that will...Show More Summary

Cities with the best #publictransit are the best places to live and work

Report Names Best Cities for Public Transit | Tampa Bay Times: "When finding the right place to live and work, the availability of public transportation can play a major role in the decision-making process. Commute times and stress can be reduced substantially when public transit is available, and with the rising costs of gas, it can be economical as well. "

#Degrowth is here, just a matter of how painful it will be

EcoWatch: "With less useful energy available, the global economy will fail to grow, and will likely enter a sustained period of contraction. Increased energy efficiency may cushion the impact but cannot avert it. With economies no longer...Show More Summary

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