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World Cup shows what is wrong with the world

Grown men paid millions to play a game. People burning through millions of gallons of jet fuel to watch them. Luxury hotels and limousines. Millions spent on media coverage.Meanwhile people are hungry. People are being bombed. Floods and drought are everywhere.Let's spend our money on a transition away from waste and inequality. Show More Summary

Blame for global warming goes to the U.S. elite

Global Warming is Economic Imperialism » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names: "With the U.S. historically being the largest emitter of carbon and other greenhouse gases it is overwhelmingly responsible for global warming....The reason why the U.S. Show More Summary

#Peakoil and pushing on a string

Imagine the economy as a wagon with one string attached to the front and one at the back. When energy is cheap, the wagon is pulled forward by the front string. The string a the rear represents monetary policy. Pulling on the rear string prevents the economy from going too fast.Cheap energy is over. Show More Summary

Printing money can not, will not, solve #peakoil

Feasta: "Over the last few years central banks have had a policy of quantitative easing to try to keep interest rates low – the economy cannot pay high energy prices AND high interest rates so, in effect, the policy has been to try to bring down interest rates as low as possible to counter the stagnation. Show More Summary

Sao Paulo - instead of strike, metro workers call for opening the turnstiles

Free Fare Movement - Brazil: " : "One of the resolutions of the meeting of the day 20/5 was the formation of a committee to define how the release of the turnstiles will be taken during the Wage Campaign. The Committee will organize this activity, which may happen even before the possible strike category. Show More Summary

Kuala Lumpur free buses generate excitement

New Straits Times: "FAST, CLEAN AND FREE!Yes, in case you haven’t heard, there is a smarter way to get around KL without having to worry about getting stuck in traffic, parking, etc."

Let's encourage those who are reducing our costs

The car culture is subsidized. Profits are privatized, costs are socialized. It is a heavy burden on the taxpayer and the economy.There is a simple cure -- public transit. Public transit users are keeping costs down by not driving. Every...Show More Summary

The great imaginary California oil boom: Over before it started

Resource Insights : "The pending 96 percent reduction in estimated deep shale oil resources in California revealed last week in the Los Angeles Times calls into question the oil industry's premise of a decades-long revival in U.S. oil production and the already implausible predictions of American energy independence. Show More Summary

As “Transportation Cliff” Nears, Unions Rally for Public Transit

Working In These Times: "“We need a long-term mass transit highway reauthorization bill, one that has real money to finance America’s infrastructure, highways, bridges, mass transit systems, so we don’t sink into a Third World in terms of mobility for tens of millions of people every day,” says Harry Lombardo, president of TWU. Show More Summary

Putin’s Shanghai Expedition Stokes Deal Talk That Lifts Gazprom

Bloomberg: "“Russia and China are closer to a deal than they’ve ever been before,” Karen Kostanian, an analyst at Bank of America, said by phone from Moscow last week. “While Russia seeks to diversify its natural gas exports away from...Show More Summary

Split in 1% over #climate

Rift Widening Between Energy And Insurance Industries Over Climate Change - Forbes: "Being a big business, the insurance industry is a strong backer of free enterprise and its laissez-faire leaders. But a rift could be developing now...Show More Summary

Capitalists turn on each other as costs come due for climate delaying "Climate change lawsuits: Farmers Insurance filed class action lawsuit last month against nearly 200 communities in the Chicago area for failing to prepare for flooding. The suits argue towns should have known climate change would produce more flooding."

Auto overproduction crisis -- waiting for recovery that is not coming

Zero Hedge: "The car industry cannot stop making new cars because they would have to close their factories and lay off tens of thousands of employees. This would further add to the recession. Also the domino effect would be catastrophic as steel manufactures would not sell their steel. Show More Summary

What is net energy and why is it falling?

Net energy is the amount of energy that can be put to use from a system. For example, oil is found, pumped, transported, refined, and burned. You can see that a lot of energy was invested before the benefit is reaped. When that net energy...Show More Summary

Energy industry sacrifices safety as net energy falls

Deadly Fire Roars Through Coal Mine in Turkey - "ISTANBUL — An explosion on Tuesday in a coal mine in western Turkey killed at least 151 miners and left more than 200 others trapped underground, Turkey’s energy minister said early Wednesday."

Why #peakoil must be ignored or denied by government

Peak Oil : "They CANNOT talk about peak oil, much less implement plans to mitigate the problems of peak oil — not publicly, anyway. The reality of peak oil MUST be kept quiet.Why?Because the moment that government recognition of peak...Show More Summary

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