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Only 291 cities expected to create 1/2 of emissions growth in next 20 years

Devex: "The world won’t come close to reaching goals laid out in last year’s historic Paris climate conference without taking cities into account — and midsized cities like Cusco are critically important.A group of 291 rapidly growing...Show More Summary

Biggest threat to capitalism -- #degrowth -- causing panic in the elites

Zero Hedge: "As we have documented before, Japan's demographic crisis has broad implications for the nation. Fewer workers and less labor will reduce the potential output of the Japanese economy, which will increase the country’s reliance on imports as retirees continue to spend, inhibiting GDP growth. Show More Summary

The hidden costs of #autosprawl

Common Dreams : "A disastrous spate of oil spills in the Peruvian Amazon have gone from bad to worse in recent days, leaving Indigenous tribes frantically trying to clean up the mess left by the nation's state-owned oil company. "

Car-loan credit bubble. Don't say "nobody saw it coming!"

Bloomberg Business: "More borrowers with spotty credit are failing to make monthly car payments on time, a troubling sign for investors who have snapped up billions of dollars of securities backed by risky auto debt.Delinquencies on subprime auto loans packaged into bonds rose in January to 4.7 percent, a level not seen since 2010, according to data from Wells Fargo & Co."

US and Russia humiliated and helpless in MENA

The superpowers want to get their hands on the low-net-energy oil in Kirkuk, Iraq. Only problem, the Islamic State is in the way.No one on the ground wants to fight the Islamic State. The only people willing are thugs and murderers. There are plenty of people willing to fight the Syria dictatorship. Show More Summary

Russia Guilty Of Syria War Crimes, Says Amnesty "Amnesty International has told Sky News that Russia is guilty of some the most "egregious" war crimes it has seen in decades.The human rights organisation claims Moscow's warplanes have been deliberately targeting civilians and rescue workers in Syria over the last week."

If the 2003 US invasion of Iraq was not a mistake, what was it?

The US chattering class is busy rethinking the 2003 Iraq invasion.From 1945 to 1970, the US had cheap oil and extraordinary power. This made it possible for the US population -- 5% of the world population -- able to consume 40% of world resources.From 1970 to 2005, though US oil production had peaked, world oil production continued to grow. Show More Summary

The almighty power of "free" parking.

citylab: "What policymakers didn’t quite understand then, and still don’t now, is the power of the free parking spot to overwhelm transit benefits of any size. TransitCenter recently analyzed the impact of commuter benefits on travel choices in five major cities: D.C., Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, and New York. Show More Summary

Oil needs to hit $350/bbl to make electrics cars viable : "The story is similar when looking at alternatives to fossil fuels in the transportation sector: namely, battery-powered electric vehicles. At the current battery cost of $325 per kWh, the authors find that the price of oil...Show More Summary

The Physics of Energy and the Economy

Our Finite World: "One of the issues in today’s economy is that promises of future energy flows extend far beyond what is formally called debt. These promises include shareholder dividends and payments under government programs such as Social Security and Medicare. Show More Summary

The physics of #climate by @MichaelEMann - (video) : "I will review the basic underlying science of climate and climate change, including physically-based models of Earth's climate. I will motivate the use of a simple, zero-dimensional "Energy Balance Model" of Earth's radiative balance that can be used to estimate the global mean surface temperature of Earth. Show More Summary

What about sand? The supply has no limit, right? "Globalization has had massive impacts on human life on Earth. Its sphere of influence extends from homogenization of cultural aspects such as clothes, food and language to even things like the concept of modernity. Today, one would expect similar infrastructure in cities that are either developed or rapidly developing. Show More Summary

U.S. Plans Airstrikes In Libya To Protect Oil Assets From ISIS "The New York Times reported that the Pentagon is putting together plans to attack ISIS in Libya, despite virtual silence from the U.S. Congress. The legislative branch has had very little to say about Obama’s broadening war plans against ISIS that may now stretch into a third country. Show More Summary

5 Reasons To Encourage Public Transportation & Walkable Land Use

greenbuildermedia : "By reinvesting in existing infrastructure and rehabilitating historic buildings, neighborhoods are being designed that have homes near shops, offices, schools, parks, and other amenities. By involving residents in development decisions, these communities are creating vibrant places to live and work. Show More Summary

Easily paralyzed auto system needs billions in subsidy to keep working

The Washington Post: "Overnight, every major highway appeared to be backed up in some spot, many in numerous places. Those roads bearing the letter “I” in their names— interstates 66, 295, 495, 395, 95, 695, 270 — were the worst of all. With many exit ramps blocked, there was no escape."

Economic Undertow

Economic Undertow: "America’s waste-based economic infrastructure has been built assuming endless supply of sub- $20 crude into perpetuity. The inflated prices the world has endured since the turn of the millennium have left this ‘investment’ hopelessly underwater. Show More Summary

Development has led to #climatechange, so the solution must be... more development?

Report shows the disproportionate effects of climate change on the global poor | Grist: "It’s easy to imagine how climate change can exacerbate poverty — warmer temperatures can stimulate disease and less predictable weather patterns can harm crop yields, which in turn affect food security and income. Show More Summary

Cost of Sprawl in US, one trillion per year

More sprawling, disconnected urban development increases urban infrastructure investment requirements as infrastructure and public service provision needs to be extended into peripheral areas, leading to a significant reduction in available resources for core infrastructure, basic services and public transport. Show More Summary

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