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The Physics of Energy and the Economy

Our Finite World: "One of the issues in today’s economy is that promises of future energy flows extend far beyond what is formally called debt. These promises include shareholder dividends and payments under government programs such as Social Security and Medicare. Show More Summary

The physics of #climate by @MichaelEMann - (video) : "I will review the basic underlying science of climate and climate change, including physically-based models of Earth's climate. I will motivate the use of a simple, zero-dimensional "Energy Balance Model" of Earth's radiative balance that can be used to estimate the global mean surface temperature of Earth. Show More Summary

What about sand? The supply has no limit, right? "Globalization has had massive impacts on human life on Earth. Its sphere of influence extends from homogenization of cultural aspects such as clothes, food and language to even things like the concept of modernity. Today, one would expect similar infrastructure in cities that are either developed or rapidly developing. Show More Summary

U.S. Plans Airstrikes In Libya To Protect Oil Assets From ISIS "The New York Times reported that the Pentagon is putting together plans to attack ISIS in Libya, despite virtual silence from the U.S. Congress. The legislative branch has had very little to say about Obama’s broadening war plans against ISIS that may now stretch into a third country. Show More Summary

5 Reasons To Encourage Public Transportation & Walkable Land Use

greenbuildermedia : "By reinvesting in existing infrastructure and rehabilitating historic buildings, neighborhoods are being designed that have homes near shops, offices, schools, parks, and other amenities. By involving residents in development decisions, these communities are creating vibrant places to live and work. Show More Summary

Easily paralyzed auto system needs billions in subsidy to keep working

The Washington Post: "Overnight, every major highway appeared to be backed up in some spot, many in numerous places. Those roads bearing the letter “I” in their names— interstates 66, 295, 495, 395, 95, 695, 270 — were the worst of all. With many exit ramps blocked, there was no escape."

Economic Undertow

Economic Undertow: "America’s waste-based economic infrastructure has been built assuming endless supply of sub- $20 crude into perpetuity. The inflated prices the world has endured since the turn of the millennium have left this ‘investment’ hopelessly underwater. Show More Summary

Development has led to #climatechange, so the solution must be... more development?

Report shows the disproportionate effects of climate change on the global poor | Grist: "It’s easy to imagine how climate change can exacerbate poverty — warmer temperatures can stimulate disease and less predictable weather patterns can harm crop yields, which in turn affect food security and income. Show More Summary

Cost of Sprawl in US, one trillion per year

More sprawling, disconnected urban development increases urban infrastructure investment requirements as infrastructure and public service provision needs to be extended into peripheral areas, leading to a significant reduction in available resources for core infrastructure, basic services and public transport. Show More Summary

Massive oil bailout proposed - #autosprawlsubsidy

CNBC : "• Pay producers not to produce, but require them to keep their wells intact and ready to go, when prices invariably rise, just like we do to protect our farmers and agriculture industry.• Provide other direct price supports for...Show More Summary

Suburban office parks are dying because young people don't want to drive there | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Mother Nature Network: "At a New Year’s Eve party, I was talking to a business exec running a tech company located in a suburban office building. He was complaining about the number of times he would interview a person who would say he wasn't crazy about taking the subway and then a bus all the way out to the ‘burbs every day. Show More Summary

World has enough extra oil to continue 4 days of normal operations. Yes, four days.

Where actually is that much-hyped global oil glut?: "It is misleading to say the world sits on excess stocks of 3 bn barrels of oil, 2.7 bn of which are already needed in both crude and product stocks for a smooth operation of the refining and distribution system. Show More Summary

Of Energy Slaves and Fake Outrage

D. Ray Long: ""It’s something of a miracle that the affordable energy enjoyed by even an average American today (total spending on energy is only about 4.4% of total consumer expenditures so far this year) is the energy equivalent of...Show More Summary

For social mobility, buses more important than test scores

Atlanta Blackstar: " And the lack of access to transportation keeps low income and Black people trapped in poverty, with no place to go, limited job opportunities and few pathways to upward socioeconomic mobility....The findings of a Harvard study were revealing, concluding that commuting time is the single most important factor in escaping poverty. Show More Summary

Ocean warming threatens our oxygen supply

TakePart : "Marine plants such as phytoplankton are estimated to produce more than half the Earth’s atmospheric oxygen, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. For the study, Sergei Petrovskii, an applied mathematics...Show More Summary

More welfare for cars planned. #kickcarsoffwelfare

Plan to switch cars from oil to electric is a cover for massive #autosprawlsubsidy. Cars generate sprawl and growth regardless of what they burn.Carlos Ghosn: It's time to get serious about getting the carbon out of our cars: "The number...Show More Summary

Cars already choking our cities, but industry plans to sell millions more " is there really anybody who wants to live on a planet that is slowly but surely being choked by cars? Over the last ten years, global car production has almost doubled from 44,554,268 in 2004 to 87,037,611 in 2014. According...Show More Summary

Try to imagine your town with no cars

resilience: "The adverse impact of our car-centeredness on the living conditions in the world’s cities is yet another issue hardly ever considered. The massive amount of urban space that cars and their road structures require, the noise...Show More Summary

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