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Oil industry needs $3Trillion to make it to 2020

ICYMI: Summer 2016 Oil Recap — D. Ray Long: "In a recent report, John England and Andrew Slaughter at Deloitte conclude that, at minimum. the global upstream industry will need to invest about $3 trillion during 2016-2020 to ensure long-term...Show More Summary

Energy growth must stop, will stop--all forms of energy.

There are several problems with renewable energy sources, we address only the show-stoppers.There is no sign that renewables have or will reduce fossil use. Renewables make heavy use of fossil-fuels to produce, install, and operate. What is it made of? Lots of steel, concrete and advanced plastic. Show More Summary

International targets for heat reduction will not be reached

Common Dreams: "Speaking at a University of Oxford conference this week, led by leading U.K. climate researcher Richard Betts, scientists said global greenhouse gas emissions are not likely to slow down quickly enough to avoid passing...Show More Summary

Renewables promote growth, do not reduce fossil-fuel usage.

Here is projected world energy use. You can argue that fossil-fuels would be higher without renewables, but you cannot argue that renewables will make fossil-fuels go down. So where is the emission reduction. And could not a better result be achieved by degrowth? The only downturn in liquids and natural gas is from recession. Show More Summary

Campaign for fare-free public transportation is working

The hard work of public transport advocacy is showing progress. This blog is part of a network of 40 blogs based in the US maintained with only a handful of activists, In just a few years, what have we accomplished? re-framed debateShow More Summary

More panic over falling birth rate

It's like a parallel universe. At the environment meetings all the governments pledge to drop carbon emissions by numbers like 90%. What could be more helpful than people voluntarily deciding to reduce birth rates? But the growth advocates were never telling the truth about reducing carbon emissions, and their panic over birth rates gives them away. Show More Summary

Making urban public transport fare-free very doable and actually saves money

In urban areas, buses, trams, and such should be made fare-free. This will save money. Every municipality with cars can save. Even small towns. The money spent on traffic and parking enforcement alone would likely cover the lost fares in most cases. Show More Summary

It's all about the oil in #Kirkuk - this pdf shows the panic

Iraqi Kurdistan Oil and Gas Outlook...These issues all have to be tackled at a time whenthe very structure of government in both Erbil andBaghdad is severely constrained by polarizationin Kurdistan and by constant feuding in Baghdadthat is making it difficult, if not impossible, to forma new broad-based cabinet. Show More Summary

What's going on in MiddleEast NorthAfrica - MENA? War on Islam.

Wars for energy are increasing and will continue to increase. Shifting allegiances are confusing, but there is a way to sort it out.First, understand human survival hierarchy. Nature, (physics, thermodynamics) has the most power. Second is energy (usage, supply, demand). Show More Summary

One cost of not investing in #publictransit - $160B for congestion

nationalmemo: Drivers waste some $160 billion and 6.9 billion hours sitting in traffic. For the average motorist, that translates to almost two full days idling behind the wheel.In 2010, poorly maintained public transit systems cost the economy $90 billion in lost time and wasted fuel. Show More Summary

Economy Runs On Energy, Not Money

Seeking Alpha: "By the end of the 20th century, Berman explained we had gone through most of the easily accessible, cheap oil available around the world. As a result, production has been driven to explore for, more difficult to extract...Show More Summary

How corporate media lies. #whatisAleppo

The main way the US corporate media lies is not by what they tell you, but what they don't tell you. It is not surprising that a candidate for major office in the US has not heard of Aleppo, despite it being in the top ten world news stories for the last five years.If you are getting your news from TV, it is time to turn it off. Show More Summary

Take the bus, it is 10 times safer than your car

TheHill: "A new study conducted by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) found that the chance of being in an accident decreases by more than 90 percent when taking public transit instead of driving.That makes public transportation about 10 times safer per mile than commuting by car, the study found. "

Campaign to increase birthrate crashes and burns in Italy - #degrowth

RT News: "A government ad campaign to boost one of the world’s lowest birth rates has wrapped up before due term after critics dismissed it as patronizing, accusatory and sexist.On Friday, Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin said she would...Show More Summary

November 8, Americans can vote $200 billion for #publictransit

Mass Transit: "A media press call on transit ballot initiatives will be held on Monday, September 12 from 12:15 – 1:15 p.m. PDT. This year on November 8, nearly $200 billion in public transit referendums will be held. In Los Angeles, if Measure R is passed, $98 billion for public transit will be available over 30 years. Show More Summary

Electric cars, even if all solar-electric, will still boil the oceans

Oil Change International: "The FT points out that although subsidies for buying an electric vehicle are available in most European countries as well as China, the US, Turkey and Canada, “in almost all of these, the current schemes will...Show More Summary

Human population will decline dramatically, one way or another

energyskeptic : "As oil exponentially declines, so will population and food."

UN #degrowth plan in one word: #growth

theconversation : "But if you look more closely, a glaring contradiction emerges. The core of the SDG programme relies on the old model of indefinite economic growth that caused our ecological crisis in the first place: ever-increasing levels of extraction, production and consumption. Show More Summary

#Degrowth - Capitalism digging its own grave

The Japan Times: "SEOUL – South Koreans are likely to have fewer weddings and babies this year than ever before, part of a demographic shift that risks hobbling the nation’s economy.The number of marriages and births recorded duringShow More Summary

Climate heat wave, caused by carbon released by cars

TreeHugger: "We have reached the point where transportation, 80% of which is in cars, is the single biggest source of carbon dioxide in the country. We can talk about making our buildings more efficient and buying LED bulbs, but it is our cars, and our car oriented planning, and our car culture that is killing us all."

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