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Unsafe at any price. Falling net energy and global debt guarantee collapse on current course

How global economic growth will drown in Trump’s oil glut after 2018 – INSURGE intelligence – Medium: "This has led to a number of devastating consequences. To maintain economic growth, we are using ingenious debt mechanisms to finance new economic activity. Show More Summary

#Renewables promote growth and therefore heat

The following tweet sums up what we are saying is wrong with renewables. They just promote growth. Shouldn't every parking lot get a #solar upgrade? RT if you agree: #ActOnClimate #NoKXL #NoDAPL #go100re #renewables — Mike Hudema (@MikeHudema) February 1, 2017

Democrats want $1 Trillion Transportation Infrastructure Spending

Sounds good, create jobs, fix bridges and such. But it's just another bailout for the unsustainable autosprawl system. And this to be done with printed money. masstransitmag: ""Nothing is more important today than investing in the backbone...Show More Summary

IEA: In 2040, annual CO2 emission rises will still be greater than zero. If so, we are cooked.

IEA's webinar: The Outlook for Renewable Energy: "Implementation of the climate pledges will slow down the projected rise in energy-related CO2 emissions from an average of 2.4% per year since 2000 to 0.5% per year to 2040. What about heat? Unless greenhouse gases are decreasing, heat will continue to rise. Show More Summary

Which infrastructure?

Will there be a real national debate in the US? Judging by recent events. Not likely.The chattering class is caught up with the loss of rights that workers never had. Meanwhile autosprawl meltdown is hitting cities and towns. The costs...Show More Summary

Supply-side environmentalism has failed. Give it up.

A majority of Trump voters want more buses. But the anti-Trump forces are focused on such things as stopping pipelines, calming traffic, and divesting.Trump and his likes get power from hate and profit-seeking, true, but there is a much...Show More Summary

Socialist Party implements #freetransit in Hungary town

Smog Alert Brings Various Injunctions In Hungary - Hungary Today: "The opposition Socialist Party has joined calls by other opposition parties to make use of public transport free of charge during smog alerts. The Budapest arm of the...Show More Summary

Trump tells it like it is!

Disaster: "Trump's policies toward Iraq." Video circulating now in social media in Iraq, key partner in US military strategy against ISIS. — Borzou Daragahi (@borzou) January 24, 2017

The problem of falling net energy -- the elephant in the room

@NafeezAhmed openDemocracy: "Over the last century, the net value of the energy we are able to extract from our fossil fuel resource base is inexorably declining. The scientific concept used to measure this value is Energy Return onShow More Summary

What's wrong with electric cars?

Sprawl. All cars promote sprawl. Sprawl means each house with its own leaf-blower, snow blower, heating and cooling, etc. Sprawl wastes energy. Growth. More cars enables more babies. Manufacture: Tesla’s Electric Cars Aren’t as Green...Show More Summary

Trump's Plans for Fossil Fuels Will Shrink the Economy

Motherboard: "It all comes down to physics: the laws of thermodynamics. Economies need energy to function. And to grow, they need extra energy to fuel that growth in production and consumption. But as more energy is required just toShow More Summary

What really happens when you go all-renewable?

A physicist calculates the costs of switching to electricity powered by renewables. Few people are actually "doing the math" as he does. Scientists have been heroic fighting against the denier/delayers. Now we need them to run the numbers...Show More Summary

Outgoing Transportation Secretary Says Private Funding Isn't the Answer

Save this quote. This is exactly what is going to happen. A lot of money will be spent by new US administration on infrastructure and things will get worse.Outgoing Transportation Secretary Says Private Funding Isn't the Answer – Skift:...Show More Summary

Wealth and energy are locked together, decoupling is a fraud

Economics: "The core finding is that simply maintaining our current economic wealth requires continual energy sustenance. Like a living organism, civilization requires energy not just to grow but also to maintain its current size or wealth. Show More Summary

Even emission-free, growth will burn our living space

Solar advocates like to say that the energy from the sun is plentiful and free. That's true. But what should we be doing with it? Is it dangerous? Could we burn ourselves? Is there a lab to test in?Yes, we are in the lab, and have a big experiment already with concentrated sunlight. Show More Summary

2nd Law of Thermodynamics prevents decoupling

Why economics is just a physics problem: "Stepping back to see the world economy as a simple physical object, one where people are only part of a larger whole, would be a stretch for a traditional economist hung up on the idea that wealth must be restricted to physical capital. Show More Summary

Brave candidate calls out false eco "leaders"

The neoliberals are moving heaven and earth to keep the lid on the eco activists trying to stop climate change and save the biosphere. They provide "leaders" who misdirect the energy of honest activists. Why do so few eco organizations...Show More Summary

Natural carbon-capture in peat. 100's of millions of tons of carbon in danger of being released

While we scramble to discover ways to capture and store carbon, development, growth, and climate change are threatening to release billions of tons of naturally stored carbon. Growth and development must stop.Carbon Brief: "Peat soils...Show More Summary

Here are the numbers on how #autosprawl has bankrupted America

Strong Towns : "The median household income in Lafayette is $41,000. With the wealth that has been created by all this infrastructure investment, a median family living in the median house would need to have their city taxes go from $1,500 per year to $9,200 per year. Show More Summary

Climate deniers have morphed into "decouplers"

When the term climate "denier" came to be, it would have been better named climate "delayer." Because their purpose was to delay action that might hurt corporate profit. So it should have been expected that as they lost one argument they would morph into something slightly different. Show More Summary

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