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Low birth rate is best way to save the biosphere, but capitalism needs growth

Here is the admission. Capitalism must grow or die. This means that degrowth needs another system. DW.COM: "We estimate by today's standard, that by the year 2018 the economic development will decrease by 0.56 every year provided the fertility remains at a similar level. Show More Summary

Free public transport, an international campaign

Many places have it already: Many groups are trying to spread it:

New York, London, Shanghai underwater in 50 years?

Resource Insights: "In 1896 Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish chemist, was the first person to realize that human-created fossil fuel emissions might change the climate. He calculated that it would take 2,000 years to double the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Show More Summary

Recognizing framing tricks

When you see the phrase "get people out of their cars" -- what do you think?implications: manipulation, social engineering no threat to car ownership worries for people who are car dependent people, not system, are the problem Purpose is to turn people against public transit and signal autosprawl bosses the writer is on their side.

We’re Now Entering the Earth’s Sixth Great Extinction

Earthjustice: "According to a new study published last month in the journal Science Advances, Earth has entered its sixth period of large-scale extinction. Scientists from universities in the U.S. and Mexico found that species are disappearing at a rate 114 times faster than normal. Show More Summary

Ecovillage concept a failure

The Ecologist: "Take the Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland, for example, probably the most famous ecovillage in the world....An ecological footprint analysis was undertaken of this community. It was discovered that even the committed efforts...Show More Summary

Oil-dependent areas collapse first

Our Finite World: "We all know one thing that Greece, Cyprus, and Puerto Rico have in common–severe financial problems. There is something else that they have in common–a high proportion of their energy use is from oil."

U.S. Mayors alarmed as #autosprawl profiteers run US cities into the ground : "When the residents of our cities can't get where they need to go without crossing a structurally deficient bridge, that's a problem mayors need to solve. When businesses can't get access to the deliveries, markets, customers, or employees they need to grow, that's a problem mayors need to solve."

Poland has figured out that #freetransit is cheaper than fares

Free public transit saves your town much more money and headache than the loss in fare revenue. The people of Poland have figured this out and town after town is adopting the idea.More about #freetransit in Poland.Why free is cheaper, we have the numbers.

via @nafeezahmed, US-Saudi desperate power grab as cheap oil runs out

Middle East Eye: "Since 2000, this has meant that the oil industry’s investments have risen by 180 percent, generating a puny global oil supply increase of just 14 percent – two-thirds of which comprises unconventionals.Therefore, Saudi Arabia’s accelerated supply output to keep prices low cannot last for long. Show More Summary

It's all about demand

Are you involved in supply-side activism? For example: stopping pipelines protesting drilling opposing big box stores Time to rethink. What goals not only reduce demand, but also change lifestyle to make that reduction permanent? Here is what free transit does. Show More Summary

Western powers panic as #Islamicstate gets closer and closer to "their" oil.

Bloomberg Business: "Islamic State strengthened its hold in central Libya, seizing territory near the country’s largest oil terminal, as the United Nations warned that time is running out on its efforts to broker a deal among warring factions."

US people cannot afford cars, creating new debt bubble

Zero Hedge: "Average loan term for new cars is now 67 months — a record.Average loan term for used cars is now 62 months — a record.Loans with terms from 74 to 84 months made up 30% of all new vehicle financing — a record.Loans withShow More Summary

If autosprawl companies are worried about car-sharing, image what they think of #freetransit

Carmakers need to fear for their lives—and it’s not just about getting electric cars right - Quartz: "When you put the two together, you get urban-dwellers tooling around in shared, autonomous vehicles, and—reckons Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor—buying far fewer cars. Show More Summary

Free Public Transport - Southeast Asia

Free Public Transport - Southeast Asia: "paultan: "The Selangor government is set to begin its free bus service in Shah Alam, Subang Jaya and Klang this coming July. The public service is expected to help alleviate ever-worsening traffic conditions and provide transport alternatives to around 24,000 residents in three of the aforementioned townships""

Government 9/11 claims contradicted by factual evidence

The 9/11 Consensus Points | Consensus 911: "The official claims regarding 9/11 are contradicted by facts that have been validated by a scientific consensus process, and which include the following points of “best evidence”."

The fall of Saudi Arabia to #IslamicState will be sudden, like Mosul

ISIS Sets Its Sights on Saudi Arabia, and That’s Bad News for Washington - Defense One: "What these attacks say is that Riyadh doesn’t have the comforting control over its land that Americans like to believe it does. And if the royal...Show More Summary

Chevron expects December UN #climate summit to be toothless

theguardian.: "They also hinted that Chevron did not believe political leaders convening in Paris in December for a UN climate change summit will do much to interrupt the growing demand for fossil fuels.“Notwithstanding the intent of...Show More Summary

Millions took to the streets in 2002 and 2003 demanding the US not invade Iraq

The US, against the advice of millions around the world, invaded Iraq in March 2003. Car-dependency was the driving force. Little has been done the mitigate it. photo link Now the US is spending over $8M a day bombing the Islamic State, which has grown to cover more square miles than Great Britain and is less than one year old. photo link

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