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River Otter

What better way to start my Monday morning than to watch a River Otter playing in the back yard and eating fish?

Screech Owl!

Today, the guys were checking the Woodduck boxes and ran across two Eastern Screech Owls. One was already banded. The other (pictured below) got some new bling today!

France Brook Road

It was a gray and rainy day, but we never let that stop us from a nice hike!  I took the opportunity to shoot a bunch of photos some of which might end up as my Assignment #2 for the photography class I’m taking at Jamestown Community College. In winter, France Brook Road in Allegany […]

Just Say No

Today, I gave a talk at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Jamestown.  I’ll include the reading and hymn numbers here, just in case you are UU and might like to know. Just Say No Jennifer Schlick Sunday, January 11, 2015 Opening Hymn #360 – Here We Have Gathered Welcome and Announcements Prelude Chalice Lighting – […]


Today marks the solstice. It was a gray, heavily overcast day. Dark at night. Dark in the day. Well, at least not bright. There was a bit of snow on the ground, but not much. A perfect blend of autumn and winter to mark the solstice. Much as I would love to see a lot […]

Christmas Bird Count

This is the 115th year that people all over the continent to count birds. I joined a team this morning down at Audubon. Temps were in the high 30s. Walking was challenging. The slowly thawing foot of snow covered with a quarter inch of ice was noisy and difficult. I have to wonder how many […]

Wildflowers of Nova Scotia

I’ve never been to Nova Scotia.  I would like to go.  Especially now that I have SIX photos in a book about the wildflowers of Nova Scotia! First up is American Golden Saxifrage (Chrysosplenium Americana) on page 59.  This TINY flower was hard to photograph until I got my 10X magnifier which screws on to […]

Wolf Run Road

I needed to hike.  And I needed a fairly flat road.  Wolf Run Road, off Route 280 was the perfect spot.  It’s a part of Allegany State Park, though not a part that the average visitor visits. I was a little worried about hunters.  As we walked, I realized that even though the tire tracks […]

Around Spatterdock Pond

One month ago today I leaned over to pick up my dog and toss her into the back seat of the car. Snap! My back went out! It’s been quite a month of doctor, chiropractor, and physical therapy appointments and exercises. I’m not fully recovered yet, but getting close! Today I walked one mile around […]

Poor Little Toad!

Took the dogs to Bentley today.  45 degrees.  Snow turning to slush. A little sublimation of snow directly to mist… Very pretty. Then we came upon this poor little muddy-faced guy. Alive. Cold. I found a log to tuck him under and covered him with leaves. Hope he survives!

Last Autumnal Day?

November 11, 2014. 3:30pm. 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Spatterdock Pond Winterberry Holly Berries        Fern, Pond (algae, leaves) Sweet Gum        Sweet Gum, Fern Gorgeous day!  Forecast for tomorrow:  39.  And the next day:  33 with lake effect snow. I better get my skis over to Hollyloft for a tuneup! Tagged: Audubon, autumn, […]

Lunchtime Walk-About

Tuesday was a day jam-packed with meetings.  A break at lunchtime between meetings afforded me a walk. It was a working walk – looking for potential volunteer projects for a small group that will be coming in next week. But plenty of time to be stopped by beauty. Winterberry Holly Grasses and Cattails An Oak […]

The Art of Mindful Seeing

This is a newspaper article to promote a photography workshop I’ll be giving on November 15, 2014. The Art of Mindful Seeing by Jennifer Schlick It can take as long as twenty minutes to give myself full permission to forget the worries of the world and be mindful as I walk.  To be fully present […]

Swamp Rose

At this time of year when the trees’ color is just a tiny bit past peak color, the edges of the ponds still hold some amazing color. Not being much of a summer fan, I seem to have no photos of the blossoms. UPDATE:  After reading this, my friend Kathleen sent me this picture of […]

Sensitive Fern

In summer it looked like this: Sensitive to frost, it now looks like this: The little beads that hold the spores have set and will stay like this through the winter:   Sensitive Fern (Onoclea sensibilis): Lady Bird Johnson: USDA Plant Database:

(Green) Stinkbug

Well, I wasn’t going for the bug.  I was going for the hips – the red fruit of the rose – in this case Multiflora Rose (Rosa Multiflora). As I shot through the tangle of branches attempting to capture “red” I noticed quite a few insects, including this one: After a bit of searching, I […]

Winterberry Holly

What’s all that red out there? Winterberry Holly Ilex verticillata And wow, are they loaded with fruit this year! Poisonous to humans, they will provide food for birds and small mammals.  Like other hollies, this one native to North America is dioecious – there are male plants and female ones.  Unlike other hollies, this one is deciduous. […]


We’ve been trying to do it for years.  Something always distracts.  A different creek to explore.  Getting lost confused bewildered.  Starting too late to finish.  Too much snow.  My camera. Today we finally accomplished our goal.  We were determined.  We set out early.  We refreshed our memory on how to REALLY use the compass and topographic […]

No, It’s Not

You’re driving along the road and marvel at the large patches of Queen Anne’s Lace.  Except… no.  It isn’t. It’s actually “Wild Chervil” (Anthriscus sylvestris). It’s also in the Parsley family, like Queen Anne’s Lace, but when you get up close, you can tell the difference! Read more about it by clicking here. And then […]

Blacksnake Mountain Wildflowers

Could not wipe the smile off my face all day.  The wildflowers were riotous!  Thank you to Patty, Bonnie, Bob, and Lolli for being my hiking buddies. These were all blooming: Painted Trillium White Trillium Red Trillium Spring Beauties Dwarf Ginseng Barren Strawberries Common Strawberries Foamflower Mayflower Toothwort Common Blue Violet Sweet White Violet Round-leafed […]

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