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My New Sidekick

10 months agoHobbies / Birding : Natural Notes

I’m the first one to admit it – things just haven’t been the same since my old pal Boomer died in 2008.  So here’s my new sidekick, 6 pounds of pure terror who will take on the grizzly bears on television and chase greyhounds at the dog park.  She is small enough to take along […]

My New Sidekick and Catching Up on Stuff

I’m the first one to admit it – things just haven’t been the same since my old pal Boomer died in 2008.  So here’s my new sidekick, 6 pounds of pure terror who will take on the grizzly bears on television and chase greyhounds at the dog park.  She is small enough to take along […]

Pelican Update

And of course, other things have kept me from posting regularly.  The pelican was treated and released just a few days after its rescue.  All is well.

Firemen Rescue Pelican

So last night I decided to go to one of my favorite places, the North Jetty in Nokomis, to see if the ‘green flash’ would appear at sunset.  Conditions were perfect…low humidity, blue sky, no clouds in sight.  Packed up a thermos of coffee and off I go. When I arrive however, a crowd has […]

Spotted Sea Hares

I am in awe of the diversity and just plain bizarro nature of many of the ocean animals easily (and some not so easily) observed on any given day.  Went for a short walk along the bay front earlier this week and discovered a couple of squishy – looking somethings caught in the tide line.   […]

Frost on the Turtles

Whoa! If this keeps up I’m moving to Florida..oh wait,  this IS Florida.  But there was frost in the grass outside my window this morning! There is something definitely wrong with that picture.  Fortunately, because this is the Sunshine quickly warmed up into the 70s today, so a friend and I headed out to […]


I’m not sure what’s happening with WP, but this post appeared out of sync with the dates.  Posting again and apologies to those receiving notifications twice. You have to love storks.  They are so darn  homely -  but in a good way.   The ability to get close to the wildlife is one of the perks […]

New Year Shelling

I stopped at one of my favorite places on my way home from my sister’s house yesterday morning, and was pleasantly surprised by a pile of shells on the beach. We’ve been having several days of onshore winds, which increases the surf and chances of finding some good stuff.  Good stuff indeed!  This stretch of […]

Home at Last and Back to Natural Notes

It’s official…I’m home at last.  Home in Florida again. It’s been a tough year in many ways, and there’s no need to go into all the gory details.  Suffice it to say I’ve relocated once again (this time, permanently I hope) in sunny southwest Florida.  I am refreshed, renewed, and excited about a new life, […]


You have to love storks.  They are so darn  homely, you have to feel sorry for them and of course, you have to think they are the cutest things.  One aspect of living in Florida that I absolutely love, is the ability to get close to the wildlife. Actually, it’s just the opposite…the wildlife comes […]

Way Too Cold and Resolutions

In my opinion, it’s way too cold out there.  The thermometer says 25 degrees.  That’s just wrong.  But I’m not going to complain too much – at least we don’t have any snow on the ground. We don’t get the kind of snow I grew up with here.  A NJ winter back in the 50s [...]

Howling Coyotes and Ignorant Neighbors

There are coyotes in them thar woods.  For the past few weeks now, the coyotes have been singing – their yips and howls echoing down the canyon walls of Lake Cumberland and causing our dogs to bolt out the pet door into the fenced yard, barking and bristling at the hoodoos in the woods.  I [...]

I Don’t Want to Talk About It

I’ll just say that this blog vacation has done some good, and I’m ready to blog Natural Notes again.  I know I’ve said that before, but apparently, I wasn’t as ready as I thought, and that’s all I’m going to offer on that subject.  Thanks to all of the folks who keep reading and commenting [...]

Spring Count

I had a great time birding on Saturday morning for the Spring count.  My list for the day, from just before sunrise to about 2 PM. 60 species Wild Turkey  4 Turkey Vulture  7 Red-shouldered Hawk  1 Mourning Dove  2 Yellow-billed Cuckoo  2 Chuck-will’s-widow  1 Ruby-throated Hummingbird  2 Red-headed Woodpecker  2 Red-bellied Woodpecker  4 Downy [...]

International Migratory Bird Day and Spring Counts

Also known as International Bird Migration Day, or simply Bird Day -  the big event is tomorrow,  Saturday, May 12.  Celebrated  in the USA, Mexico, Central America, and Canada,  IMBD was created in 1993 by the Smithsonian Institute, in an effort to raise awareness about migratory birds and migration.  In some areas the date may [...]

Shelter From the Rain

Heavy rain on Tues. evening, with showers and thunderstorms into the morning.  But then came the clearing and the sunshine – and the discovery of what some critters do to seek shelter from the rain. Just outside my studio there is a shagbark hickory tree, with large, wide leaves.  As it turns out – a [...]

Seriously Creeped Out

This is NOT what I wanted to see on my studio window screen this morning!  The window was open, but at first glance I couldn’t tell whether this way-too-big-to-be-comfortable-with-it spider was on the inside of my studio, or outside, where it belonged.  Closer – albeit careful – inspection revealed it to be clinging to the [...]

Rough Green Snake

I saw my first green snake yesterday.  Unfortunately, it was dead in the road.  Road kills on this road always disturb me, since this road has very low traffic and one shouldn’t be going more than 40 mph anyway, due to the narrowness, twists and turns. Of course I didn’t have my camera along, so [...]

7 Random Thoughts

So I was sitting here trying to decide what I would post about this morning – having not posted here in a while, and all I got were a lot of disjointed random thoughts – so here they are.  Some of these will no doubt become future blog posts. 1.  I’m tired of ticks.  There [...]

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