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Sunday Snapshots: Squirrel update

I had grand plans for productivity this weekend. And while I was, in fact, extremely productive, it was on none of the things I had really wanted to be productive on. I spent some 15 hours this weekend working on … Continue reading ...


Like any thoughtful Significant Other would, Dan brings me gifts regularly. But unlike the usual bouquet of flowers or similar traditional items that most women probably get, my gifts are from nature, and perhaps the more thoughtful for it. I’ve … Continue reading ?

The first spring babies

A few weeks ago, Dan commented to me that he’d seen a (American) Red Squirrel sitting atop the nestbox we have in the garden by the house. It had been chewing at the entrance hole, and when he’d peeked in … Continue reading ?


!!!!! I prepared this last Friday (the 22nd), and thought I had posted it then. I just now noticed that WordPress didn’t publish it (or I forgot to hit the button?). Ordinarily I double-check to make sure it appears okay, … Continue reading ?


I bet you thought that if you’ve seen one deerfly, you’ve seen them all, right? Would it surprise you, then, to learn that there are some 100 species of deerfly in North America alone? Of course, when they’re swirling about your head it’s hard to tell one from another, and you’re probably not looking too [...]

Sunday Snapshots – Another emergence

When Dan and I were out in the field checking our nestboxes I happened across this chrysalis firmly attached to a horsetail stem. It was such an intriguing shape and colour, I snipped it off to bring it back and try to find out who it belonged to, too. I didn’t have long to wait [...]

A chipmunk named Eddie

I’ve been debating what I want to write about this weekend. I have stockpiles of photos, some recent, some not, sitting in my “to be sorted” file folder that I’ve sifted through indecisively a few times this weekend. Nothing was grabbing me. There were several perfectly interesting subjects there, which I was quite intrigued by [...]

Tay Meadows Tidbit – Pseudoscorpion

When I went to brush my teeth last night, I noticed this guy hiding behind the faucet. I put down my toothbrush and hurried to grab my camera and macro lens instead. The macro because it’s tiny, perhaps just half a centimetre (less than 1/4″). He was pretty obliging about hanging out for some photos, [...]

Request for ID – Fungus or egg mass?

I have great faith in the power of the nature blogging community to help others with identifications for mystery organisms and objects. Sometimes there are things you come across that you just can’t seem to find the right combination of search terms to produce a result and an ID on the web. You all came [...]

One letter different

This afternoon, Dan called me to the window to point out the cardinal. He was hanging on to the side of Dan’s Jeep, checking itself out in the reflection of the side mirror. I grabbed my camera and tried for a few shots, but unfortunately there’s a very large lilac bush between the house and [...]

Tay Meadows Tidbit – Porc in a Tree

A couple of days ago we had some nice sunny weather, so for a break I took Raven down the road to the 100-acre woods. Raven was feeling her oats and all over the place. I decided to strike off off-trail to wander around and see what I could turn up. So often you encounter [...]

Sunday Snapshots: Raven in the 100-acre woods

Our landlord owns a 100-acre parcel of forest and fields just down the road. I don’t actually know the whole story behind it, but think it was purchased some time after the main property, with the house, was bought. While the 30 acres associated with the house is primarily fields, the 100 acres is mostly [...]

Killer fairies

I’ve been hoarding these photos for a little while; I haven’t actually seen a mantis for perhaps a week or two, though there was a period in August and September when they were relatively abundant, like the grasshoppers. After I’d been observing them for a little while, I finally got around to getting some photos [...]

Black and blue and wet all over

On the weekend our landlady and her son were here to shut down the swimming pool for the year. Neither Dan nor I had used the pool since moving in, although had it been an average summer with lots of glorious sunshine to warm the water and hot, sticky temperatures to inspire me to dive [...]

Grasshopper season

Late summer is grasshopper season for me. Even though grasshoppers are around from the first hint of spring to the last days of autumn, it seems like it’s in the hot, dry days of late August and early September that grasshoppers are most notable. Here at our new house, we wander back through fields of [...]

Scheduled post: Ruffed Grouse

I did a series of point counts for Dan last week because the rainy weather had caused him to lose a number of field days, and time was tight before the move. Although Dan has done a number of hiking transects through the park, the point counts I did were all roadside. I started at [...]

Today at Kingsford – Raven, waiting

Here, Raven waits patiently for me to finish photographing the dead snake that we found on our walk Sunday afternoon. She’s become very patient with me and my photography habit, despite that it delays her from her walk, or other activity (in this case, she was waiting to go swimming). I snuck in a photo [...]

Today at Kingsford – Black Rat Snake(s?)

Our landlord was up at the house today to take care of some yard work, so for Raven’s daily exercise I clipped on her leash and headed up the road. I haven’t been doing that as much since the forest has leafed out and all the birds have returned, since there’s only so much exercise [...]

Today at Kingsford - Wooly Bear Caterpillar

Yesterday I decided to take Raven on her daily walk in a different direction down the road for a change of pace. Our destination, instead of the abandoned property to the north, was a semi-private road to the south, that leads back through the woods to a row of mostly cottages. There aren’t any “Private [...]

Holiday bird-hunting

Dan and I signed up to help with our local Christmas Bird Count this winter. We’ve both done CBCs before, but this was our first in our new home area. We signed up a bit late, so didn’t get our first choice area, the “corner” of the circle that includes the top of our road [...]

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