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PFG to Moths, status update

And, I suppose, an update on me. I’m still here! And just fine, though I’ve been really busy the last few weeks. I’ve been working five days a week at Innis Point Bird Observatory since the end of April, which … Continue reading ?

Sunday Snapshots: Squirrel update

I had grand plans for productivity this weekend. And while I was, in fact, extremely productive, it was on none of the things I had really wanted to be productive on. I spent some 15 hours this weekend working on … Continue reading ...


Like any thoughtful Significant Other would, Dan brings me gifts regularly. But unlike the usual bouquet of flowers or similar traditional items that most women probably get, my gifts are from nature, and perhaps the more thoughtful for it. I’ve … Continue reading ?

The first spring babies

A few weeks ago, Dan commented to me that he’d seen a (American) Red Squirrel sitting atop the nestbox we have in the garden by the house. It had been chewing at the entrance hole, and when he’d peeked in … Continue reading ?


!!!!! I prepared this last Friday (the 22nd), and thought I had posted it then. I just now noticed that WordPress didn’t publish it (or I forgot to hit the button?). Ordinarily I double-check to make sure it appears okay, … Continue reading ?

House Sparrow

About a week ago we had an unusual visitor to our feeders. The visitor himself wasn’t all that unusual, but his presence at our feeders was. It was a House Sparrow, what seemed to be a young male, all by … Continue reading ?

Sunscreen for new leaves

One of the nice things about having kept a blog for multiple years is that you can go back to the same time for previous years to see what was happening back then, or to find out when a particular … Continue reading ?

Daytime bat

For some reason, I don’t know why, I managed to remain completely clueless about the existence of Chorus Frogs (Pseudacris triseriata) until a couple of years ago, and I only actually figured out what they sound like last night. This … Continue reading ?

Two curious trees

That is to say, two strange and interesting trees (I doubt the trees feel all that much curiosity, although we do suffer from something of a language barrier, so who’s to say, really; it’s probably a little presumptuous of us … Continue reading ?

A few more moths

It’s been a slow start to the spring. The weather has been cold, cold, cold, rain, rain, and a little bit of snow thrown in there for good measure. Even our sunny days have mostly been cool. We’ve only had … Continue reading ?

Done in by a sapsucker

Sorry to keep you in suspense! Here’s the final photo: It was a sapsucker after all. Of course, you all knew that, didn’t you? If not by the photos/evidence, then simply by the title of yesterday’s post and which way … Continue reading ?

Jumping to conclusions

A little over a year ago, in December of 2009, I was snowshoeing through our woods when I came across a small grove of trees with some peculiar sign on them (sign being the term used for evidence left behind … Continue reading ?

Sunday Snapshots: Sunny day on the rail trail

We’ve been promised spring this week, and I’m sure hoping they don’t take it back! We’ve had some beautiful, sunny days, and the snow has mostly melted in the sunny spots as a result, but the wind is nippy and … Continue reading ?

Nestbox tidy-up

Last week we had a string of really warm days. I took advantage of one of these gorgeous, sunny afternoons to take the power drill and the puppy and walk back through our fields to clean out the nestboxes of … Continue reading ?

Silkmoth cocoons

First, apologies to all you folks who subscribe to the blog who may have been pinged with two nonsense posts over the weekend. I was doing some work with the site, having finally decided to bite the bullet and roll … Continue readin...

The start of the mothing season

Yesterday was beautiful, with gorgeous clear skies during the first half of the day and lovely mild temperatures. It was the first such day we’ve had this year. I took the dogs out for a walk around the property, my … Continue readi...

Last stop, headed north

It’s been a good winter for northern birds, between the Bohemian Waxwings that have stopped to visit, and the Evening Grosbeaks that came by a few times early in the season. We didn’t see the grosbeaks again after those first … Continue reading ?

Star-nosed Mole

The second-most interesting thing of the seed-exchange weekend was the rather unfortunate encounter with this creature. My mom and I had spent a half hour or so at the mudpuppy event, then, because the night was still young and we … Continue reading ?

Snow print

One of the hardest things to photograph is a track or print in the snow. All the same colour, with virtually no contrast. But I did my best with this one, tweaking it a bit in Photoshop to help bring … Continue reading ?


This weekend I joined my mom to attend the Seedy Saturday event up in Ottawa. Although I have quite a few seeds left over from last spring, I had a few I was hoping to get, and I like the … Continue reading ?

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