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The Magic Of Finding Owls

We're having our third straight weird winter in Minnesota. A third winter of unpredictable weather patters. February used to be my guaranteed snow shoe hike month and for the past three winters I've had to just call them hikes or cancel them because thaw cycles of turned the trails to ice. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #219 Owl Drama and Birding Apps

The owl drama is intense this month on social media. You can follow the hashtag #owlmasterbaiters on Facebook to following along. Funny caracara story and terrible caracara movie. Lawsuit in New York to protect threatened piping plovers from non native feral cats. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #218

For some reason, somebody took this guy seriously about his ivory-bill sightings. Seriously, he's been at this since the original sightings. Falcons on a plane. Great news, updated Warbler Guide app and it's now available for Android! Bird themed tarot deck.

How To Look Like A Bad Ass Birder

Have you ever been out birding with your digiscoping kit or traditional camera equipment and wondered if there was an easier and more comfortable way to carry your camera and binoculars at the same time? Did you ever hope you'd look like a total bad ass while doing it? Well, I have three words for you: Tactical Birding Harness. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #217 Ross's Gull Drama

  This winter's gull drama involves a Ross's gull. Here's one heck of an eBird list with pictures. Bald eagles might be more of a problem on free range chicken farms than we realized. Newer podcasts to check out: American Birding Out There With The Birds

The Update to Baby Porcupine Eating Banana with Hiccups

Ten years ago while volunteering at The Raptor Center I went to my friend Gail Buhl's office. Though she's in charge of the eduction birds, she's a licensed wildlife rehabber and sometimes takes in other creatures. That day she had a...Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #216 Panama, Subarus and Species

Thank you to everyone who became new members of the American Birding Association last year and sited us as a reason. We won the trip to Canopy Tower in Panama! I was there back in 2012 and I've always wanted to go back! Some Subarus now include an app that directs you to birds reported to eBird. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #215 2017 Goals and Podcasts

Are you in the mood to travel? Want to go to Cuba? Come with me! There are some new podcasts in town that you should check out! One is from the American Birding Association and the other is from Bird Watcher's Digest. Here's a sum up of the people who did a 2016 North America Big Year. Show More Summary

Birds Eating Marshmallows

Orange-crowned warbler chowing down an a marshmallow. I know, it's weird. If you ever go birding around Falcon Dam in Texas, one of the routes to take to look for birds is through the campgrounds. There are some birds moving around and even better, campers often put out food for birds. Show More Summary

The Fabulous Hummingbird Bar At Rio Santiago

One of the coolest places I visited in 2016 also gave me one of the most unexpected experiences I've ever had in my life. While in Honduras we visited the bar at the Rio Santiago Nature Resort which is known for maintaining over 200 hummingbird feeders daily, including keeping them clean and full of fresh nectar throughout the day. Show More Summary

Not Getting a Quetzal

How can you not feel like you're on an adventure while birding in a landscape like that? This was taken at Los Naranjos Eco-Archeological Park. One of the reasons we started our Wildside Nature Tours Honduras trip at Panacam Lodge was that it is close to Santa Barbara Mountain National Park. Show More Summary

6 Reasons To Come With Me To Cuba

Space is filing up on my Cuba trip for April 2017, but we still have some room left if you'd like to join us. If you are on the fence, here are some reasons to go... 1. Commercial service to Havana began in November 2016 with non-stop service available from ten major US cities including Miami, Ft. Show More Summary

Surprise Roommate In Central America

A video to give you an idea of what it's like birding in Honduras. First class on an International Flight doesn't play any games when it comes to food or booze. Thank you, American Airlines. After a rough autumn, I decided to go through...Show More Summary

Digibinning with the Renner Technique

I teach quite a few workshops on digiscoping throughout the year. My preferred method is using a smartphone with a spotting scope, but I'll also use an SLR and spotting scope too. My friend Renner Anderson has heralded his love of "digibinning"...Show More Summary

Using iPhone 7 Plus For Digiscoping

Here I am contentedly digiscoping with my iPhone 6s when a new iPhone 7 family debuts. Insert Krusty The Klown ugh here. How many new gadgets to I need to get. Fortunately, Non Birding Bill was due for an upgrade and got a 7 Plus soShow More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #214 Levi Wants A Goshawk Tattoo

Kabuki back when he would chill on the porch with us. You may have noticed we went on a bit of a hiatus. For those who didn't see on social media, our 18 year old cockatiel Kabuki went blind in September. At first he seemed to adapt but things got worse and...well we had to make the decision that no one likes to make for their pet. Show More Summary

The Ultimate Goshawk Experience In Maine

The rocky coast of Acadia National Park. This June I had the opportunity to go to the Acadia Bird Festival in Maine which is a gorgeous place to get Barry Manilow's Weekend In New England stuck in your head. Maine is a fantastic state to visit and Acadia National Park is one of the coolest federal parks you can check out. Show More Summary

Ode to Dr. Strange

Storm approaches on the Kazakh Steppes. One of the many places I've been thanks to my college degree. I just found out Dr. Paul Strange died this week. He was a close friend of my mother’s as well as the man for whom she worked for several years.My mother is a Christian Scientist who worked as a nurse for Dr. Show More Summary

Florida Is For Vulture Lovers

"I will beak your car when you turn your back."--Black Vulture. I spent some time in southern Florida this year. I was there for work, but one of the upsides of Florida is that there is a large supply of lovely birds to practice your photography on. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #213 Duck Stamp Documentary and ABA Contest

The American Birding Association is having several contests this year in an effort to get new members and get former members to renew. We are also having a contest for people to join the American Birding Association. If you join theShow More Summary

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