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Birdchick Podcast #228 Hurricanes and Eagle Optics

It's the end of an era, folks. Eagle Optics is closing its doors at the end of the year. There's some cool stuff over at Big Day Birding. Great article about what different birds species do during a hurricane. Could captive breeding help sage grouse?

Birding Around Homer, Alaska

There is never enough Alaska to be had. I loved exploring Homer so much, I'm already eyeing a tour offered by Zugunruhe Birding to Barrow next year. Semi-palmated plover seen along the Homer Spit. Alaska is one of those states you can't say no to when it comes a callin'. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #227 My Husband is Surprisingly Supportive

The plight of young conservationists seeking an actual job. Hawk + Snake + power lines = frowney face. Map of what people observing birds noticed during the solar eclipse. You should totally listen to the American Birding Association Podcast. Hurricane Harvey the Hawk updates.  

Birdchick Podcast #226 Paddle Birding, Gulls, Spencer Pratt

A study attempts to categorize birders. Do you fit one of the four categories? Listen to Alec Baldwin learn about birding from Charles Munn on Here's the Thing. Spencer Pratt is the hummingbird hero we need right now. If you purchase this print by August 23, 50% of the purchase goes to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Paddle Birding!

Podcast #225 Senior Passes and the Border Wall

So...we recorded this over a week ago and forgot to post it. Whoops. The first half hour is a rant on the Senior Pass price increase for federal parks. If you really want one at the old rate, order it at before August 28. Show More Summary

Monfragüe National Park, A Vulture Lover's Paradise

Let me tell you about about vultures...and Iberian ham... Birders looking badass as hell climbing up to Monfragüe Castle to do some birding in Monfragüe National Park in Extremadura. I recently visited Extremadura which is in the southwest region of Spain and bordered by Portugal. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #224: Johnnie's Cowbird Question, Update on Canuck the Crow

House finches that use cigarette butts in the nest may get some insect protection. Canuck the Crow is causing some mail delivery problems. Also, you can follow him on Facebook. Eagle mistakes testicles for turtle eggs (fake news). Report your dickcissels. BSBO and ABC stops a wind turbine on the Great Lakes.  

Birdchick Podcast #223 Cowbirds, Audubon, Gay Griffon Vultures

Eastern phoebe feeding a brown-headed cowbird chick. Cowbirds are kind of like the Manchurian Candidate. Gay griffon vulture pair raise a chick in an Amsterdam Zoo. A fascinating look at the amazing talent of Julie Zickefoose as she restores an Audubon Elephant Folio. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast 222: Cuba Birding and Migration

Weird things happening on bird cams. There appears to be a Canada goose uprising and they're taking over osprey nest platforms. Not all ospreys are taking it lying down. The field guide we've all been waiting for: The Field Guide To Dumb Birds of North America.

Birdchick Podcast #221: Nest Watch, White-throated Sparrows

Help a graduate fund her research project. How much would you pay to go glamping for a nigh parrot in Australia? The city if Wichita is offering tips to prevent herons and egrets from nesting in your yard. The California super bloom has been great for birds too. Be sure to check out the video. It's project nest watch time and there is of course an app for that.

eBird Is The Best Passport

Birders wandering the streets of Innsbruck on a rainy night. Recently, I was in Austria with a bunch of other birders from around the world to check out Swarovski's amazing BTX. One of the things that I love about these trips is that...Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #220 Birding Extremadura, Birds Do Weird Stuff

Have you seen Swarovski's new BTX scope? Also, the Cotton Carrier tactical birding harness is no joke and comfortable in the field. Are you having a hard day? Check out this bubbler type bath with a buttload of Allen's hummingbirds. Why do turkeys walk around in circles and why do bush stone curlews stare at themselves? Canada's national bird battle. Show More Summary

Swarovski's BTX: Half Scope, Half Binoculars, All Comfort

I remember years ago in my twenties working at a wild bird feeding store and reading Kingbird Highway by Kenn Kaufman on a slow day and thinking, "Man, I'm wasting my life by playing it safe with a steady job. I need to be out traveling...Show More Summary

Song Sleuth: The Bird Song ID App

One of the most common questions I get in my Tech Birding classes is, “Why is there no Shazam-type app that will allow me to use my phone to identify bird calls?" Two reasons: 1. Birds have accents. Generally, when you hear Adele singing...Show More Summary

The Magic Of Finding Owls

We're having our third straight weird winter in Minnesota. A third winter of unpredictable weather patters. February used to be my guaranteed snow shoe hike month and for the past three winters I've had to just call them hikes or cancel them because thaw cycles of turned the trails to ice. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #219 Owl Drama and Birding Apps

The owl drama is intense this month on social media. You can follow the hashtag #owlmasterbaiters on Facebook to following along. Funny caracara story and terrible caracara movie. Lawsuit in New York to protect threatened piping plovers from non native feral cats. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #218

For some reason, somebody took this guy seriously about his ivory-bill sightings. Seriously, he's been at this since the original sightings. Falcons on a plane. Great news, updated Warbler Guide app and it's now available for Android! Bird themed tarot deck.

How To Look Like A Bad Ass Birder

Have you ever been out birding with your digiscoping kit or traditional camera equipment and wondered if there was an easier and more comfortable way to carry your camera and binoculars at the same time? Did you ever hope you'd look like a total bad ass while doing it? Well, I have three words for you: Tactical Birding Harness. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #217 Ross's Gull Drama

  This winter's gull drama involves a Ross's gull. Here's one heck of an eBird list with pictures. Bald eagles might be more of a problem on free range chicken farms than we realized. Newer podcasts to check out: American Birding Out There With The Birds

The Update to Baby Porcupine Eating Banana with Hiccups

Ten years ago while volunteering at The Raptor Center I went to my friend Gail Buhl's office. Though she's in charge of the eduction birds, she's a licensed wildlife rehabber and sometimes takes in other creatures. That day she had a...Show More Summary

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