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The Long and Short of It

Yesterday, Erik Bruhnke and I stood side by side photographing a nearby Great Gray Owl. Erik is 6'0"; I am 5'4". His photo, on the right, is the better one: He doesn't have the magnification set quite as high as mine (we were both using...Show More Summary

Savoring Birds Together

From June 1976 to March 1981, Russ and I lived in Madison, Wisconsin. I’d spend a morning or sometimes a whole day, usually two or three times a month, on a field trip with Madison Audubon. At first I was a participant, learning lots of great birding spots and tips on finding and identifying the expected and unexpected local birds. Show More Summary

Of Shitholes and Shriveled Souls

A little more than a year ago, I spent two weeks in the Pearl of Africa—or what the President of the United States has proclaimed a “shithole.” Uganda may be poor in terms of economics, which for the past few centuries has been measured...Show More Summary

Our far flung correspondents: food and water in winter

During National Blue Jay Awareness Month, it’s important to consider whether we’re using best practices in providing food and water in our backyards, to make sure our Blue Jays and all the other birds in our avian communities are safe. Show More Summary

The Pathological Moseyer Gets a Desk Treadmill

I love walking at a moseying speed. When my mother-in-law still lived in Port Wing, Wisconsin, I loved to take long walks along a regular route. I’d begin on her street, Kinney Valley Road, walk to Highway 13, head west to Quarry Point Road, mosey down that road to the end, then backtrack and turn on Quarry Road. Show More Summary

Wisdom the Albatross is 67, or even older!

Wisdom (in the back) and her mate at the nest in December 2017. In 1956, my biggest hero in the known universe, ornithologist Chandler Robbins, put a band on the leg of a Laysan Albatross on Midway Island. She was a nesting adult, so was at least 5 years old. Show More Summary

National Blue Jay Awareness Month

Tonight’s full moon is a wonderful way to start out the New Year. Not only is it slightly larger than normal—a “super moon”—but it also happens on the first day of a month of 31 days, meaning we’ll have a second full moon this very month. Show More Summary

A Visit to Jamaica Bay

I’m writing this in my daughter’s apartment in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. I’ve been spending a week in New York City with Katie and my future son-in-law and their dog Muxy. They’re in a new apartment, and the very first species I saw in their yard was a Northern Cardinal. Show More Summary

An Open Letter to Senator Al Franken

Dear Mr. Franken: I’m a Minnesotan who has admired you since your earliest Saturday Night Live skits, through your movies, your Air America days and book publications, up to your election and re-election as my U. S. Senator. There was...Show More Summary

Book Review: Birds in a Cage

Five years ago, a truly exceptional nonfiction book was published in the UK about four British prisoners of war during World War II, and how their passion for birds helped them survive the horrifying conditions of the POW camps; after the war, they became important forces behind British bird conservation. Show More Summary

Book Review: All the Light We Cannot See

One of the first books I ever read about World War II was Kurt Vonnegut’s novel, Slaughterhouse-Five. Billy Pilgrim, an optometrist opposed to war who is drafted and becomes a chaplain’s assistant, is captured after the Battle of the...Show More Summary

Passport to Adventure!!

In 1974, when I received my first field guide for Christmas, it was like opening the Sears Christmas Catalog—what we children called the “wish book.” A whole big section showed what seemed like every toy in the world. My first field guide was like that—showing so many thrilling possibilities, out there waiting for me. Show More Summary

Our Far-Flung Correspondents: Thanksgiving

One of the best things about being an independent producer of a radio program and podcast is hearing from listeners. I do all my work on a tiny scale, without underwriting or anyone to do PR, so I don’t have to deal with too many Russian...Show More Summary

Mokka, the Alakef Snowy Owl

From Duluth News-Tribune Snowy Owls are not known for their affinity to coffee, but on Wednesday, one particular Snowy Owl in Duluth had a too-close for comfort encounter with Alakef Coffee Roasters.We’re in the midst of what scientists call an invasion or irruption year for Snowy Owls. Show More Summary

Cardinal feeding goldfish redux

Last week on Facebook, a lot of my friends were sharing a short video, on a National Geographic webpage, of a cardinal in Illinois feeding goldfish in a backyard pond. The video had been posted on YouTube in 2010, taken during summer,...Show More Summary

A November Awakening

There are two kinds of people, at least with regard to Daylight Savings Time. Just about all of us are on the same page in hating the twice-a-year time change. The element that divides us is which year-round time system we’d rather keep. Show More Summary

Nongame Wildlife: Do words no longer have meaning?

In 1936, T.S. Roberts wrote that "The days of the Trumpeter Swan as a bird of Minnesota have long since passed." His research indicated that Trumpeters had formerly been found throughout the grasslands and sparsely wooded regions ofShow More Summary

Minnesota's Breeding Bird Atlas: A Splendid Resource!

My dog Pip atop my two volumes of The Birds of Minnesota. The books weigh 12.4 pounds, almost 4 pounds more than Pip. In 1932, the University of Minnesota Press published The Birds of Minnesota by Thomas Sadler Roberts. Roberts was far...Show More Summary

Frankie, the St. Louis County owl

Frankie the St. Louis County Northern Saw-whet OwlPhoto by Pat Lueders. Last Tuesday night, just when I was heading to bed, my good friend Susan sent me a text message. Like me, Susan lives in St. Louis County, but unlike mine up here in Minnesota, her St. Show More Summary

Our Far-Flung Correspondents

I’ve been getting an interesting assortment of comments on my recent work. Bob House, one of my good friends from New Mexico, commented on my discussion of a ridiculous video going viral right now about how eagles supposedly undergo a magical “rebirth,” plucking out their own beak, talons, and feathers to be reborn to survive another 30 years. Show More Summary

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