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Birdie Beauty Contest

I took a lot of bird photos over the last week and didn't know what to do with them so I thought I'd have a bird beauty contest. My favorite for this week was this Cedar Waxwing so I'm giving it first place. I thought these baby Canada Geese were kind of cute. Show More Summary

Birding By Ear Saves Time And Your Neck

For the first few years that I went birding during spring migration I would get a condition known as warbler neck. This is when muscles in the upper shoulders and neck stiffen up from looking up in the trees with binoculars trying to find warblers and other returning migrant birds. Show More Summary

Like Pieces Of A Puzzle Falling From The Sky

For most of the month of April spring migration was moving along gradually as swallows, phoebes, and early warblers started to arrive. While others like Dark-eyed Juncos began heading north. Saturday was a sunny day so I got an early start by checking the area surrounding our local reservoir. Show More Summary

Pictures Don't Always Tell The Whole Story

It's hard for me to remember what it was like to go birding without bringing my camera along. I like having a visual record of what I see but there is a lot that happens when I'm birding that I never capture on film. For example, seconds...Show More Summary

Camping, Birding & Rambling Around Kent CT

I spent a few days camping out in Macedonia State Forest in Kent Connecticut. I added the canopy as extra protection because there was some rain in the forecast but overall I had good weather. Kent and the surrounding Litchfield area has a lot of scenic beauty so I can understand why many celebrities have built there homes in this part of the state. Show More Summary

The Robin Says Why Am I Not Good Enough?

Most birders I know don't get all that excited when they see a robin. No one would want gold if it could be found if everyone's back yard. It is part of human nature that we tend not to appreciate what we have but instead covet what we don't have. Show More Summary

Finding April Warblers In A Snowy Forest

Mother nature pulled her April Fool's prank on us this weekend by dropping a little bit of fresh snow. I decided to take a ride through the local forest hoping to find some early-arriving warblers. Heavy winds caused a lot of fallen branches in the road. Show More Summary

Fishing For A Fish Hawk In The Rain

The weather forecast calls for rain and snow for most of the weekend so I decided to take a car ride to find birds that are scheduled for arrival this time of the year. I added a few new species for the year including Rough-winged Swallow, Great Egret, Snowy Egret, and who can forget the beloved Osprey. Show More Summary

Past The Old Tobacco Fields In Search Of Birds

I took a walk on Easter morning and passed by some old agricultural fields where I earned my first paycheck picking tobacco leaves in the late 70's. All that remains of those days are the ghostly remains of old tobacco sheds and distant memories of tar-covered clothes. Show More Summary

Birding At A Slow Pace Often Pays Dividends

Moving at a slow pace does not come naturally to me. I'm usually in high gear and then add a couple cups of coffee to that. I have learned that it's easy to pass right by things unless you take your bird walks at a slow pace. If I wasn't walking slowly I surely wouldn't have noticed this reflective scene on the Connecticut River. Show More Summary

Do Birders Take Birding Too Seriously?

bird in above photo: Irish Pintail Sometimes when I'm out bird watching (oops I'm supposed to say birding) I find that birders can be just as interesting as the birds themselves. I know some birders that can tell me the date of their first of year oriole in 1962. Show More Summary

Stared Down By A Merlin

I went down to the shoreline this weekend looking for shorebirds but was stopped in my tracks when I came face to face with a Merlin. We stared each other down for at least a minute as we both sat perfectly still. No one was going to come between her and a meal. Not even a birder with a camera.

Finding First Of Year Birds On Your Home Turf

I've enjoyed keeping track of the bird species I've seen on eBird this year. I've focused mostly on birding in my own county so far and I've reached that point when I've tallied up most of the easy to find birds. I made a list of some of the birds I haven't seen yet hoping that I could find some right in town. Show More Summary

Plenty Of Birds In February on Lower CT River

The area that I've spent most of my tie exploring this winter had been the lower section of the Connecticut River, particularly between Chester and Old Saybrook. There is a nice mix of birds to be found in the woodlands,wetlands, and coves along the river as well as on the river itself. Show More Summary

I'll Settle For Grackles On Sub-Zero Days

It was a wicked cold morning with thermometer readings of -15 degrees Fahrenheit. I ended up at Ferry Park in Rocky Hill where I found some grackles. There was about 30 of them taking turns alternating between searching through rock piles and landing in the tree branches above. Show More Summary

Where Have All The Birdies Gone?

We have seen our share of gray skies and snow in Connecticut over the last week. Nothing too bad but it seems to have put a damper on my local birding activities. I've had the occasional glimpse titmouse in the treetop or a junco in the juniper bush but it's been kind of quiet overall. Show More Summary

Ignoring The Snow And Just Getting Out There

We've been spoiled by a mild in Connecticut so far this winter but we finally had some significant snowfall. A walk through the state forest gave me a good workout but yielded few bird sightings. I was able to find a hearty weather Great Blue Heron still hanging around at a marsh. Show More Summary

Started out Birding Then Along Came A Fox

It was a cloudy with temperatures in the 30's which isn't too bad for this time of the year. I made quick spots at various points along the shoreline in the Saybrook area. Some of my highlights included sightings of 22 Surf Scoter, 83 Ruddy Ducks, and a decent view of this Bufflehead which was hanging around some docks all by its lonesome. Show More Summary

Why Do People Bother Keeping Lists Of Birds?

(first of year Northern Mockingbird) At the beginning of each year many birders start a list to track their first sighting of the year for each bird species they see (foy=first of year). Some organize these into month lists, year lists or whatever type of list seems relevant to them. Show More Summary

6 Reasons I Like Winter Birding In Connecticut

With the exception of days when we have severe weather conditions winter is one of my favorite times of the year for bird-watching. Here are 6 reasons that I like winter birding: 1: Trees with bare branches and fields of gold: That makes birds much easier to find. Show More Summary

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