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A Snow Puddle Path Leading To Spring

It's been quite some time that I've been able to see what kind of bird activity their is at my favorite local patch. I thought that the snow might have melted enough that I might enjoy a walk through the meadows if I wore my waterproof boots. Show More Summary

5 Reasons I appreciate Cold, Miserable Winters

The month of February had record-setting temperatures and several feet of snow to go along with it. That kind of weather can affect your mood and force you to change your routine. You have no choice but to adapt to the situation. Although...Show More Summary

Is Winter The Best Time To Find Butterflies?

I visited Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens up in South Deerfield, Massachusetts this morning. Within footsteps from my car I was transported from a 15 degree winter morning to a miniature tropical paradise. It was humid and about 80 degrees inside so it took a while before my camera lens stopped fogging up. Show More Summary

Not Everyone Is On Board With eBird

Almost everyone who is into birdwatching knows has heard of eBird. It's a great way to keep track of your bird sightings online in a way that you're able to share the information with others. Sounds like a great idea doesn't it? That is why I was surprised when I learned that not everyone in on board with eBird. Show More Summary

Eagle Owl Sighting In Arctic Winter Conditions

I can imagine Clint Eastwood's voice coming out of this owl saying "Go ahead, make my day". It is actually a female Eurasian Eagle Owl and she is referred to as Big Mama. This photo gives some perspective of how large an Eagle Owl is. Show More Summary

Seeing Is Believing And Believing Is Seeing

At the end of January I took a ride down to Long Wharf in New Haven and was able to see Gadwall (above) along with a lots of Scaup. The photo was taken just after sunrise casting an orange glow over the ducks making me wonder if there...Show More Summary

Local Birds Are Like Veggies From The Garden

My search continued this weekend for first of year birds to be appreciated but not to be listed. I decided to keep my birding activities local so I could work around necessary errands like getting my oil changed. Staying in town is by no means a compromise for me though. Show More Summary

American Mink Standing On A Log

I was out at a local reservoir early in the morning when I saw this American Mink. Low lighting made the picture grainy but it was cool seeing it standing on a log readying itself to dive into the water. I wasn't sure what it was at first because I thought minks were skinny little critters. Show More Summary

January Quest For Birds To Keep Off The List

Over the years there has been much gnashing of teeth from birders who are passionately for against competitive listing of birds. I've always found the drama involved with those sort of discussions humorous. I've decided to take a stand on this topic that only a politician would be proud of. Show More Summary

Redheads And More At Meriden's Hanover Pond

I visited Hanover pond in Meriden for the first time the day after Christmas. Much of Meriden is an urban area but they do have their share of hiking trails, ponds and birding areas. This is a photo of the undeveloped side of the pond. Show More Summary

Innocent Snow Goose Vandalized By Elves!

I found this Snow Goose in a corn field near Lyman's orchard this morning and I must say that I am appalled! It's one thing to decorate Christmas trees but can't we leave the poor Snow Geese alone?

A Holiday Tradition For Birders

It's that time of year when the annual Christmas bird counts are taking place all around the northeast. Prior to 1900 it was tradition to shoot as many birds as possible. Counting them seems to be much more in the Christmas spirit. I participated in a local count over the weekend. Show More Summary

Eagles Offer A Gateway To Birding

There are many times when I'm out birdwatching that I here the question-"Have you seen any eagles?". Sometimes I'm just asked if I've seen any with the assumption that I must be looking for eagles. Every winter people in ConnecticutShow More Summary

Black Friday Birding Specials

I was out with all the birders on Black Friday. It was mayhem today. Birders were lined up in sleeping bags waiting for the locked gates to open at all the state parks. As an incentive crows were available for viewing at no cost. Birders...Show More Summary

Rating My Interest In Random Birding Topics

(morning Scene from Wangunk Meadows in Portland) ( adult male Northern Harrier (gray ghost) which I saw at the meadows last weekend) While I'm out birding at various places I often run into other people who strike up conversations with me (or vice versa ) about birds or other aspects of nature. Show More Summary

Cold Weather Car Brrrrrrding!

I generally tolerate cold weather fairly well but I was not ready for the sudden shock of temperatures in the 20's when I first walked out the door on Saturday. A persistent breeze made it even colder. I consulted with my car and we made an executive decision that it was going to be a birding-by-car-only day. Show More Summary

Can You Recall Individual Bird Sightings?

I was standing at a field near the Portland fairgrounds when I heard a shotgun blast nearby. I was thinking about how I had carelessly forgotten to bring my orange vest with me. Seconds later, a fairly large bird glided into the tall grass in the field just in front of me. Show More Summary

Behold The Kinglet With The Crown Of Gold

I was in the midst of birding along the shoreline when I came across a cedar tree with several Golden-crowned Kinglets fluttering from the branches as they searched for food. Up until this point my unofficial objective was to look for a variety of sparrows and keep my eye out for certain species of birds that had been reported in the area. Show More Summary

Birdwatching At The Nameless Campground

This was the view from my lakeside tent site in the Berkshires. There are only 12 total sites at this particular state campsite. I chose it because walk-in only camping is available here during the off-season. I prefer walk-in camping when using a tent so that you can time your arrival with a suitable weather forecast. Show More Summary

Following Roots Back To New Hampshire

A few family members took an October day trip up to a small town in New Hamphire. Gilsum has a population of about 800 and you can tell by looking at this picture of the town mall that the town hasn't changed much over the years. WeShow More Summary

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