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County Bonus Bird-A Red-headed Woodpecker!

The end of the year will soon be here so I continued my search for birds in Middlesex County. This healthy looking Fox Sparrow took a break from scratching through leaves to survey its surroundings. It was so nice to get a closer look...Show More Summary

Some Ducks Prefer Ponds That Are Off Limits

This is the time of the year that there are plenty of migrating waterfowl in Connecticut. I've already seen several seen Gadwall, Northern Pintail, and American Wigeon this month (old photos in that order ) but the majority of ducks that I've seen have been in ponds or reservoirs hidden behind no trespassing fences. Show More Summary

Train Tracks Are A Connection To The Past

There's something mysteriously appealing to me about old train tracks. Many of them are no longer used by trains and have been converted into rail trails used for recreational use. Whenever I take a walk along them I imagine them as being a secret link from the past to the present. Show More Summary

Birding With Ghosts

I've always had a fascination with legends, folklore, and tales of the supernatural. I don't necessarily believe in any of the tales I hear or read about. My philosophy is that I am skeptical of everything but at the same time try to keep an open mind. Show More Summary

Off-season At The Heron Rookery

This month I've been trying to find birds in my county that I haven't seen yet this year. I made two visits to the town heron rookery, Even though the herons left there nests months ago there were still half a dozen hanging around the area. Show More Summary

Don't Look A Gift Bird In The Bill/Beak

I wish that I could tell you that I'm filled with joy and excitement every time I'm out bird-watching but that would be a lie. The truth is that there are days when I feel uninspired by what I'm seeing and wonder why I wasted my time bird-watching when I should be doing something else more important. Show More Summary

Blood Moon Tonight

I went out in the backyard to catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse tonight. It was almost at its peak by 10:15pm. I can see why they call it the blood moon.

A Day Of Broad-wing Heartbreak

I've made a point of making a visit to at least one hawk watch each year but last year I was surprised when I was able to tally up a few hundred broad-winged Hawks passing over one of my local patches. I still have very little knowledge...Show More Summary

Birding Before Breakfast:Birding Before Sunrise

I find that getting up extra early in the morning to go birdwatching is a special experience. There's something soothing about starting the day with a brightly lit moon set against a dark sky. The night air has scrubbed away the noise and air pollution. Show More Summary

Summer Surpassed Winter As My #3 Season

Spring has always been my favorite season in Connecticut with the fall season being a very close 2nd. Winter has always been 3rd on my list and summer has always come in last place. This year, as of today, I have made the decision that...Show More Summary

Less Sneaking & More Birding With Shore Pass

There are a good number of protected areas with public access along the Connecticut shoreline. Many of these protected areas seem to be comprised of marsh habitat that is a great place to find heron, Osprey (above), and many other species of birds. Show More Summary

Big Time Birds At Small Time Places

I've been spending the last couple of weekends searching the Middlesex County portion of Connecticut's shoreline for birds. The major beaches are crowded in this area during the summer so I concentrated on finding small overlooked areas as potential birding spots. Show More Summary

Yellow-crowned Night Heron At Saybrook

. I plan on spending most of the summer exploring areas in Middlesex County so I made a visit to Saybrook Point this morning. There is a little park next to the area where Dock and Dine used to be that has some marsh habitat. I was surprised at the number of Marsh Wrens there ( at least 4). Show More Summary

Surprise! I'm A Lister On eBird Top 100 !

If you were expecting to see bird photos in a post about eBird then you'll have an idea about the surprised reaction I had when I first found out that I was unknowingly on eBird. Here are a few photos from our town fireworks display this weekend. Show More Summary

State Park Pass For Summer Birding

I've tended to avoid state parks along the shore during the summer mostly due to the beach crowds and hefty state park fees. You can pay a one time fee of sixty-something dollars to have access to all the state parks for the year. I know someone who has a park pass and likes to go birding so it works out well. Show More Summary

Birds Outnumbered Mosquitoes At Meadows

The Wangunk Meadows can be brutal in the summer when it comes to biting flies and mosquitoes but there are also plenty of birds to see as well. On this particular morning I was lucky because the birds outnumbered the mosquitoes. There were plenty of flycatchers around including 6 Great-crested Flycatchers. Show More Summary

5 Of The Most Hated Birds In Connecticut

Other than people who curse at pigeons and gulls for making a mess on their freshly-washed cars I don't think there are many bird haters in Connecticut. Surprisingly, most of the negativity I've encountered have come people who have an overall interest in birds. Show More Summary

Friendly Kingfisher And Shy Northern Bobwhite

I see plenty of Kingfishers throughout the year. They have loud call and they're really conspicuous when perched on a branch. That is why it frustrates me so that I never seem to get a good picture of one. They fly off as soon as I think about touching my camera as though they know what I'm thinking. Show More Summary

Field + Fence = Lazy Summer Birdwatching

I've heard quite a few birders say that they take a break from actively birding in the summer. They get a hangover from all that Spring migrant action and don't want to deal with summer birding conditions which includes too much heat, too many bugs, and too much foliage blocking the view. Show More Summary

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