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Barn Owl Box ready

last yearHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

The Barn Owl box went up in late Spring and unfortunately nothing used it this year. I'm hoping that at the very least a Screech Owl will use it next year, although a Barn Owl would be a huge bonus. Unfortunately Barn Owls are pretty rare in my area, but I figured it was worth a shot. Show More Summary

Owl box location - photo

2 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

Owl box now laocated to the top left of the picture about 50 feet from the pine tree row.

Stop in and say hi

2 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

If you're new to the blog or just stopped in to read more about owls, please say hi:

Barn Owl Box

2 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

I am in the process of completing my construction of a Barn Owl box. Although attracting a Barn Owl is a long shot, but I had to give it a try. Here is a photo of the current status. More info to follow.

Barn owls to control rat population in Johannesburg, South Africa

2 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

Interesting article about the use of Barn Owls to help control rat populations in parts of Johannesburg. I was surprised by the total number of Barn owls released since 1998 - over 83,000. More Summary

New location for the Screech owl box

2 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

We recently moved to a new 17 acre property that has a couple of pastures with mature trees around the edges. I haven't had much free time to scout for birds, but I did manage to take a walk early one evening and was able to call a pair of Screech owl using a recording. Show More Summary

Still no sign of an owl

4 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

I checked the box over the weekend and came up empty. I did find some owl pellets under the pines at the back of the property and was hoping that the owl would use the box. Looks like more suitable locations have been selected by the owls and that I'll strike out this year...

Owl cam sites

4 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

Considering I've had no action in my owl box I decided to post some links where you can actually see owls in action. I'm considering changing my blog to noowlinmyowlbox.... a little wordy, no? Enjoy the owls: Barn Owl Cam 1 2 3 4 Great Horned Owls 1 2 3 4 Screech Owl 1 2 3 4 If you come across other streaming owl cams, please share!

Not an owl in sight

4 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

I checked the owl box today and there was no sign of an owl. To make things even bleaker, the wood chips inside the box looked undistributed. I was at least hoping to see a neat little bowl in the middle of the box, but sadly this was...Show More Summary

Screech owl box ~ No activity yet

4 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

So far I haven't seen or heard an owl near the new location of the box. This is definitely prime time for Screech owl nesting, so I'm hoping for some action in the near future. My best bet of attracting a pair would probably be a young pair that is new to the area. Show More Summary

Spotted Eagle owl nest

4 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

If you haven't checked out this blog from my old home town in South Africa please do so. These lucky people have spotted eagle owls nesting in a pot plant located on their balcony - incredible!

Owl box in new location

4 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

I finally decided to move the owl box to a new location. This is the 3 rd location and I am confident that this one will be a winner. The new location is on my lawn at the back of my garden. The box is on a 10 foot post and the entrance hole is about 7 1/2 feet from the ground. Show More Summary

Short eared owl aerial combat

5 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

Ron Dudley recently returned from one of his favorite places in the world – Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. Last year he was able to photograph nesting Short-eared Owls carrying voles to their young but this year, because of the very cold spring, nesting hadn’t even begun. Show More Summary

Snowy Owl Invasion

5 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

Snowy Owls lead nomadic lives and travel vast distances from year to year searching for productive feeding areas. Some years, most recently in the winter of 2011/2012, conditions cause them to come south in great numbers. Get an intimate...Show More Summary

Searching for the elusive Saw whet owl

5 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

Took a quick run to PA this morning to see if I could find a Long eared owl or a Saw whet. I have been striking out on Saw whet the last few years and I was hoping that my luck would change. The weather was very cooperative and it was pretty toasty by 7 am. Show More Summary

Barn owls help wine drinkers!

5 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

Next time you drink a glass of California Chardonnay say a silent thank you to the Barn owls. Farmers in California are starting to use Barn Owls to control the rampant gopher population. Farmers use owls to kill gophers. Barn owls are...Show More Summary

The human side of blogging

5 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

One of my blog features that I love the most is when readers stop by and introduce themselves. I've actually had the opportunity to meet a few of these people in 'real' life, but even in the cases where I haven't, it's nice to know a little more about the people that stop by my blog. If you haven't done so please introduce yourself by clicking here.

Itching to find a 'winter owl'

5 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

As I typed the heading I realized that the title of this post is incorrect as I have already bagged a Snowy owl, which clearly qualifies as a 'winter owl'. The Snowy I tracked down a couple of weeks ago was actually my first Snowy in NJ. Show More Summary

Land trust preserves in NJ & PA

5 years agoHobbies / Birding : Owl Box

If you’re in NJ or PA and looking for some great birding spots make sure to check out the nature preserves managed by the Natural Lands Trust - a non-profit organization that obtains and sustains throughout Southern NJ and Eastern PA. Show More Summary

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