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The Megaprocessor is an awe-inspiring multi-ton CPU project

What did you do this summer? A few outdoor concerts, maybe some grilling. But did you complete a room-sized 40,000 transistor CPU made entirely by hand? Didn’t think so. James Newman wanted to create a CPU that students could use to learn about computing. Show More Summary

Automatic Pro adds unlimited 3G to connected car gadget

The race for aftermarket smarts in your car is heating up, and Automatic is delivering an always-on 3G data connection as its move to race ahead of the competition. The Automatic Pro dongle, which plugs into the OBD-II port used forShow More Summary

China launches the first quantum communications satellite – and what is that, exactly?

Congratulations are in order for China: by launching the world’s first quantum communications satellite, the country has achieved an interesting — if somewhat difficult to explain — milestone in space and cryptography. Read More

Samsung will launch the Gear S3, its newest smartwatch, on August 31

Samsung will introduce (yet) another smartwatch this month. The Korea-based giant teased a launch event at the IFA electronics show in Germany, the date to watch for is August 31 and, as the teaser above rather heavy-handily hints, this will be the Gear S3. Read More

Watch manufacturer Sinn loses its mind with a hybrid mechanical/Apple Watch band

As we approach the coming mechanical watch apocalypse strange things will begin happening. Dogs and cats shall live together. Beloved watch brands shall buy each other for no good reason. And storied and historical watchmakers will bow to the will of Cupertino. Show More Summary

I want a companion ship

It’s time: We need a drone with automated follow features that not only includes a camera for cataloging your many feats, but also has an on-board voice assistant to and a cellular connection to get stuff done for you while you’re out and about. It’s time for friendly flyers; it’s time we each had a companion ship. I don’t know who gets this done –… Read More

The Onion Omega2 lets you add Linux to your hardware projects

Need a tiny, $5 computer to build a robot that will bring you your slippers, initiate a massage chair session, and pour out your daily dose of bourbon? The Onion Omega2 can do all that and more. This tiny board is Arduino-compatible but also runs Linux natively. Show More Summary

How to make your own ‘Han Solo frozen in carbonite’ fridge

Growing up, I can remember spending a lot of time thinking about what it would be like to be frozen in carbonite, the way Han Solo was after being betrayed by Lando on Bespin in The Empire Strikes Back. I never imagined it might feel like you were a fridge, but a new video on Adam Savage’s Tested YouTube channel has me thinking differently. Show More Summary

Uh-oh! Crowdfunded social robot Jibo won’t now ship internationally

Jibo, a cutesy social robot pitched to crowdfunders in mid 2014 as ‘the world’s first social robot’ but since delayed and yet to arrive in the market some nine months after its original due date, is now only going to ship to backers in the U.S. and Canada. Read More

NanoRacks’ commercial space testing platform outside the ISS is now open for business

Say you’ve got an experiment or prototype satellite that you want to expose to the ravages of space. Sure, you could launch it with a bunch of others, but what if you need it back afterwards? NanoRacks has you covered. Read More

Robotic legs could power up physical therapy for kids with cerebral palsy

Kids suffering from cerebral palsy may soon have a powerful new physical therapy technique in the form of robotic assistance for their legs. A study is being conducted on the potential benefits of the system, newly adapted for the use of children. Read More

Carnegie Mellon’s Mayhem AI takes home $2 million from DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge

The 2016 DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge has concluded, and the winning team — Carnegie Mellon University’s ForAllSecure — is taking home the $2 million grand prize. What’s that you say — what’s the Cyber Grand Challenge? I’m glad you asked! Read More

Incipio acquires Griffin, adding yet another accessory maker to its portfolio

Incipio just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Shortly after after announcing that it had acquired up budget headphone maker Skullcandy, the Irvine-based accessories conglomerate has picked up Griffin for an undisclosed amount. The Nashville...Show More Summary

Shoka put a brain for your bicycle in a connected smart bell

Connected bikes could be huge assets to the future of urban transit, especially as cities and cars grow more connected, too. But smart cycles can be very expensive, and cyclists also tend to be very particular about, and attached to, their bikes. Show More Summary

Banking trojan Zeus Panda shambles into Brazil ahead of Olympics

It seems there’s no limit to the perils being faced by athletes at the Rio 2016 Olympics: not just their competitors, but toxic water, poor accommodations, and impressive mobile bills. Add malicious pandas to the menu — virtual ones, at least. A nasty Trojan known as Zeus Panda has made its way to the Olympic host just in time for an influx of visitors. Read More

ZTE is hoping you’ll help it build its next phone

It’s hard standing out in the smartphone market. Of late, ZTE’s primary focus has been on pricing – a strategy epitomized by the recent launch of the company’s $99 Android phablet. But that’s become something of a race to the bottom as manufacturers rapidly work to undercut one other. Now the Chinese smartphone maker is looking outward for inspiration. Today it… Read More

Polar brings its fitness focus to Android Wear with the M600

Polar goes back. Way, way back. Back to the early 80s, when the Finnish company launched its first portable heart rate monitor, the Sport Tester PE 2000. Back when wearable fitness devices weren’t really a thing. Of course, being the first doesn’t mean you’ll always be on top. Show More Summary

Watch wall-walking spiderbots weave ‘impossible’ structures with carbon fiber

Normally, the notion of setting a pair of spiderbots free in your house would seem alarming. But if you knew that they were weaving you a strange and mathematical hammock while you were gone? Suddenly that fear turns to wonder — and eventually, a nap. Read More

Samsung’s Gear 360 VR camera gets wide release in the US on August 19th

Samsung’s Gear 360 has only been available in drips and drabs. The company first introduced the VR camera back at Mobile World Congress in February and has made it available outside of the US. Here in the US, however, this have been a little more touch and go. Show More Summary

Staaker drone follows you as you attempt to break your neck

The $1,200 Staaker drone does away with the traditional remote control, replacing it with a wearable armband. Instead of controlling the drone like a remote-controlled plane, you put the Staaker into one of several follow modes and it will keep you in view as you careen down a mountainside or flip upside-down on a surfboard. Show More Summary

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