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Kickasstorrents Domain Seized, Owner Arrested

In its continuing efforts to combat piracy, the United States seized the domain names owned by popular torrent website Kickasstorrents.The owner of the site, Artem Vaulin, was also taken into custody in Poland.

EFF Sues U.S. Government So People Can Tinker With Their Electronic Devices

The EFF sued the U.S. government on behalf of computer scientist Andrew “bunnie” Huang and cryptography professor Matthew Green, who believe Section 1201 of the DMCA infringes on their First Amendment right to tinker with electronic devices.

Reload Studios Embraces Active VR, Adds Virtuix Omni Support to World War Toons

Virtuix announced that Reload Studios, which former Call of Duty developers founded, has embraced active VR by adding native support for the Virtuix Omni motion platform to World War Toons, its upcoming flagship VR FPS.

Hands On With 'The Assembly' In VR, Solving Puzzles And Testing Morals

“The Assembly” is the most comfortable first-person VR game I’ve ever experienced. It did push me to make uncomfortable moral choices, though.

HTC Now Selling Vive Replacement Electronics

HTC launched the Vive Accessories store at the end of June. At the time, the important parts of the Vive, such as the controllers and base stations weren’t available. Now they are.

Powercolor Unveils Custom Cooled Red Devil RX 480 GPU

Custom cooled AMD Radeon RX 480 GPUs are on their way, and Powercolor is leading the charge with its Radeon Red Devil RX 480.

Skirmish Mode Brings Offline Play To 'Star Wars Battlefront'

You can now take down AT-ATs and fight in outer space by yourself or with a friend.

Intel CEO Confirms Kaby Lake Is Shipping To Device Manufacturers

Intel's CEO announced that it is shipping the new Kaby Lake processors to device manufacturers.

Firefox Joins Other Major Browsers In Default Blocking Of All Flash Content By 2017

Mozilla announced that Firefox will begin blocking invisible Flash content next month and that the browser will block all Flash content by default starting in 2017.

3DRudder VR Foot Controller Review

3DRudder is one of the first third-party peripherals to hit the VR market. It lets you move around virtual environments with your feet, while leaving your hands free for other tasks. We take it for a spin.

French Data Protection Authority Accuses Microsoft Of 'Excessive Data Collection' In Windows 10

The French Data Protection agency, CNIL, filed a formal complaint against Microsoft, accusing it of violating French and EU privacy laws due to its "excessive data collection" that's "not necessary for the operation of the services" in Windows 10.

China Reforms Advertisement Policy, Banning Ad Blocking

China prepares a new Internet policy that bans ad-blocking software and hardware, but the policy also comes with strict government regulation of advertisements.

Android 7.0 Smartphones To Have Strictly Enforced Verified Boot With Forward Error Correction

The Android team detailed how a new security feature (strictly enforced verified boot with forward error correction) will protect Android devices from boot-level malware.

MetaWorld Harnessing SpatialOS To Build Its Vast Virtual Environment

HelloVR announced MetaWorld, a VR social experience that encompasses a 10,000 square mile virtual environment that is open for you to explore fully. MetaWorld leverages Improbable’s SpatialOS to build its vast, persistent virtual wo...

Skype To End Support For Windows Phone And Older Versions Of Android

Skype announced that it would end support for all Windows-based smartphones and older versions of Android.

Google Slashes Data Center Cooling Costs By 40 Percent In First Real-World Application Of the DeepMind AI

Google uses its DeepMind AI to cut the cooling bill of one of its data centers by 40 percent, proving its AI can show significant improvements in real-world applications as well.

The Best Builds Of 2016 Redux: Call For Submissions

We are now collecting submissions for the best builds of 2016. Think you can pick PC parts better than anyone else? Come submit your builds now.

Razer Launches RazerGO Chat App For 'Pokémon Go'

Razer is one of the first companies to create an app that compliments Niantic's popular mobile game.

Corsair RM650x PSU Review

Another Corsair PSU is in the lab, commanding our attention. We already reviewed the RM750x and RM550x, so we couldn't leave out the RM650x. It promises the same high performance as its siblings, along with super quiet operation.

If Your GPU Isn’t Boosting In 'Dirt Rally VR' Turn Up Your Settings

Nvidia fixed the problem preventing the GTX 1080 GPU Boost from kicking in, but some people are reporting that their GPU isn’t initializing the boost clock in Dirt Rally VR. If that’s happening to you, turn up your graphics settings...

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