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Outfit advice, with help from the crowds

Go Try It On is based on a simple premise: the site will let you upload a photograph of you for others to give you an honest opinion on the way you look. Of course, when you upload the picture you are also uploading a short description that explains where you are going to head [...]

Flash Animation and Mobile Websites

If you’re thinking of redeveloping your existing website and are thinking about adding some Adobe Flash features for “cool factor,” here’s something to think about. For some time now, there’s been frustration between Apple product consumers and the creators, regarding Flash on websites and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. While many consumers have [...]

Steve Jobs Talks Flash Animation and Your Apple Product

If you’re thinking of redeveloping your existing website and are thinking about adding some Adobe Flash features for “cool factor,” here’s something to think about. For some time now, there’s been frustration between Apple product consumers and the creators, regarding Flash on websites and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. While many consumers have [...]

Augmented Reality Packaging & Kiosks Help Lego

Growing up, augmented-reality was something my brother and I could only dream about when shopping for new Lego kits. We saw it in movies and could imagine a world where you could fully see something in 3-demensions before spending your hard-earned allowance on it, but I don’t know that we thought anyone would ever be [...]

Brand Sponsored Crops?

If you are a Facebook user, Administrator, or casual viewer, it’s likely that you’ve seen FarmVille on someone’s “wall” or have been overwhelmed by notifications that someone “threw a vegetable” at someone else, in your status feed. You may not know what FarmVille actually is or why people are playing it, but while you [...]

More Time for iPad App Development!

This morning, Apple announced that they will be delaying the release of the iPad internationally for another month, due to the high demand for the product in the US. Sales have exceed their expectation, forcing this decision upon them. This is good news is for international App developers. With more than a month delay, there’s more [...]

Online Advertising Revenues Reach Record Quarterly High

If you have been wondering about the stability on Online Advertising, we’ve got the answer for you. Last week, The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) released the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report for the full year of 2009. Though U.S. Internet advertising revenues, at $22.7 billion for the year, showed a 3.4% decline from 2008, [...]

Twitter; A Window into the Soul of a Brand

It’s been said that Twitter, or “micro blogging”, can change the way the world does business, and it has. But, how does the way your brand uses Twitter give your audience a window into the heart of the company? Consumers are getting smart and aren’t just looking for broad-based, brand-awareness tactics anymore. They’re looking for [...]

Gen X to Lead the Way to Global Financial Recovery

PricewaterhouseCooper just released a study indicating that the leaders of resolve in the global economy will likely be a result of Gen X & Y. Here are some highlights: Gen X fuels growth in initial stage of recovery: Even though Gen X—those aged 29 to 45—is only about three-fourths the size of the Boomer generation—it is in a [...]

Facebook Changes “Become a Fan” to “Like”

More than 200 million users sign into Facebook everyday. Until now, people who’ve liked a company, brand, band or celebrity have “Become a Fan” of their pages to show their support, hear news and informative updates as well as interact with photos. A company or brand can even allow their consumers, or “Fans” to receive special [...]

“Yorkdale is Me” Campaign Makes National News

Please see the amazing coverage of the “Yorkdale is Me” contest in the marketing section of Friday’s Financial Post. Dotfusion delivered digital strategy, IA, UX Design, User Testing, and development for this multi channel social/voting contest.

Moms Like Social Marketing and Free Stuff

Women, in general, can be an interesting market-group. Retailers seeking to make their brands more appealing to female customers should be aware of a few simple facts that remind us why retail marketing towards women is something that needs to be thought through. Retailers trying to influence the subset of women who are moms should pay [...]

Event Promotions via the Social Platform

You run the marketing department for a shopping center and are thinking about booking someone like Justin Beiber to perform 3 songs, and sign autographs for 30 minutes in your plaza, because your niece loves him and asked if she could meet him. The dilemma? How are you going to tell the world that Justin Beiber [...]

“Fans” and “Friends” Are More Likely to Purchase Products

Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies recently published a new study that shows that “friends” and “fans” of brands - via the social media spaces of Twitter and Facebook - are more likely to purchase the products of those brands that they “follow” or “fan” online. They are more likely to also refer these [...]

Google Announces National Click-to-Call Mobile Ads

Most people are starting to carry full-Internet browsing phone in their pockets, so Google has launched the new “click-to-call” feature for Google AdWords. iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Palm Pre users should start seeing the first wave of this new feature in the very new future. While these ads won’t appear automatically, companies using Google for [...]

Facebook Landing Pages

Websites like Best Buy, Victoria’s Secret, Lacoste and DSW are jumping on board the train of Facebook Landing Pages. Facebook Landing Pages allow you to create custom (and simple) HTML pages for direct landing from emails and promotions. Think of it as a mini-site within a Social Media site. Facebook Landing Pages are used to promote deals, [...]

Geo-Fences + Mobile Phones = Powerful Real Estate Marketing

Chris Thorman writes for Software Advice which specializes in helping organizations find the right software for their individual needs. He has shared his article “Searching for Real Estate Made Easy: Geo-Fences Plus Mobile Phones” with Dotfusion. It’s Saturday morning. Joel and Rebecca are walking their dog through a neighborhood in Austin, TX. As they walk, they [...]

Parking Made Easier

Hate trying to find that parking spot and finding the correct amount of change for the meter? Well, there is hope. San Francisco-based Streeline has developed new technology that allows commuters to use their mobile phones to find a parking spot as well as pay for it.

Digital Marketing & Traditional Print Ads, Combined?

The NY Times reported today that Condé Nast will be releasing several of their magazings in full-length versions, as iPad applications. These will be available to iPad users, just like a traditional magazine, at a fraction of the weight and waste. “The first magazines for which it will create iPad versions are Wired, GQ, Vanity Fair,The New [...]

Facebook on Track for $1 Billion Revenue This Year

According to figures released yesterday by the Facebook focused blog, made upwards of $700 million in 2009 and is expected to reach a phenomenal $1 billion in revenues in 2010. Year over year, Facebook’s revenues have typically doubled, from $150 million in 2007 to around $300 million in 2008 and so on. Read full story here.

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