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Management One™ Announces Retirement of Evan Wise Company moves to launch new retail merchandise planning software

Management One™ announces the retirement of co-founder Evan Wise. He and partner Marc Weiss oversaw the development and growth of Management One™ from an idea to become a substantial provider of merchandise planning services for small and middle-sized specialty retailers. “I had a merchandise planning background. Evan had an engineering background. Together we were able […]

In the Spotlight (Correction)

CORRECTION: The last issue of the Informer reported the news that Glee Gifts was recently announced as a store finalist in the 2014 Retail Excellence Awards competition by Gift and Decorative Accessories and was recognized at the New York International Gift Fair. However the Management One® affiliate listed as working with Glee was incorrect. The […]

Seeing the Other Side

Customers sense everything about your business. They sense if employees are having fun. They sense if you are proud about the quality of your store. They sense whether employees are anxious to provide excellent service or if they are being forced to do so. They sense whether the staff is excited about the merchandise they […]

A Brief Retailer’s Guide to 2015

Our retail world is changing faster than ever before and it will be the retailers who can adapt to change most effectively that will steal the show. These are my thoughts as to some of the challenges and changes retailers face. It is up to you to determine which ones affect your business and how [...]

Get More From YOUR Retail Staff

Do you know what drives your employees on a personal level? What is it about life that excites them and drives them to learn more? What magazine articles will they read beginning to end and which ones will they pass over without interest? It takes many skills and interests to run a successful retail business. [...]

Sell Like a Freak

Do you tend to rush through a sale?... taking the time to find out why your customers feel they are amazing will pay dividends.

Trust is at the heart

Trust is at the heart of any successful retailer’s business. A retailer who cannot trust his or her employees is asking for many problems! A buyer who cannot trust the vendors he or she does business with will pay for that misguided activity in the future. Certainly, a retailer who does not have the trust [...]

The Pencil

The Pencil I recently heard an inspired talk by Robin Mednick, the woman who started Pencils for Kids. Pencils For Kids is a not for profit organization dedicated to “Making a difference in the world by providing every child the opportunity for an education.” Her inspiration came when she heard about a school in Niger [...]

Retail Quote of the Day

“Many of us have heard opportunity knocking at our door, but by the time we unhooked the chain, pushed back the bolt, turned the two locks, and shut off the burglar alarm — it was gone!” – Anonymous

In the Spotlight

John Adams’ (San Diego, CA) and Alan Roseman’s (Los Angeles, CA) client Surf Diva Boutique was awarded Women’s Retailer of the Year by the SIMA Image Awards. About 800 people from industry brands and retailers attended the awards event in Anaheim, California.

Onwards & Upwards

The major markets are now behind us and there is good reason to be optimistic. In spite of the weather, Management One® stores still emerged with a 2.8% increase for February. January came in at 3.3%. Stores that landed new goods early and those that started their markdowns on slow sellers in December while building [...]

Window Dressing

How often have you really looked into the proper management of your window displays? Your windows are an important part of your marketing, especially if you get walk-by traffic. Think of your window as the homepage for your actual store as compared to a virtual store. The window is what must grab the attention of [...]

3 Secrets to More Cash in 2014

February 20, 11:00am EST, 8:00am PST Evan Wise, Managing Director of Operations for Management One®, will host a highly informative webinar to show you where to look for cash from your business. Find the hidden treasures to be uncovered. To register to attend this free webinar, include your name, store name and contact information in [...]

Onwards & Upwards

Are we moving to technological distractions? Social media, Swarmobile, Shopkick, getting your own e-commerce going, “Take me there”, Pinterest, Lovelist, Electroblum and the list can go on and on. The concern is that we embrace all the latest technology and lose sight of that which made us successful. Technology has brought on new and fierce [...]

Retail Quote of the Day

“We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it.” – George Bernard Shaw

The Look for 2014

One of the key challenges that store owners have is to make shopping more than just buying merchandise. Customers can buy merchandise anywhere or go online and get more selection and price comparisons than you could ever provide. On-site fun and a shopping experience is something that only you can provide! Every business owner dreams [...]

Truth. . . or Consequences

Psychologists have a term called “motivational reasoning” which establishes that humans are more emotional than practical or rational. We start with what we want to be true then find support for that conclusion and screen out the evidence that it might not be true. We tend to base decisions on hope rather than logic. That [...]

Onwards & Upwards

MARKET SHOWS — The market shows are upon us. Here are a few tips. Give yourself an extra day to scout the market. Take the extra day before you see all your regular vendors. Budget at least 10% of your Open To Buy and use it to test new products, classifications, delivery changes or new [...]

The Look for 2014

2014 has arrived and there is a lot of optimism at Management One® for specialty retail. The economy improved over 4% in the last 6 months and things look to get even better this year. Business and consumer confidence is improving and the Fed has promised to keep interest rates low and inflation in check. [...]

Retail Quote of the Day

“When you affirm big and believe big, big things happen.” – Norman Vincent Peale

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