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The New Dojo Rat Site is Up!

Good news!The new, improved, better smelling and tasting Dojo Rat Blog is up and running-Go to: for hanging in there, see you at the new site!

Stay Tuned For The All New Dojo Rat !

It will be new!It will feed your Zombie-infected brain!It will smell as fresh as laundry off a Los Angeles clothesline!It will have spellcheck!Dojo Rat first hit the toiletbowl November 14 2006, and as of today it has received 785,670 hits.Whew, not a bad run so far.As readers may know, I have had it with Blogger and the new posting format. Show More Summary

Boycotting Blogger Until they Fix It

I am sorry to say I have to boycott Blogger until they fix their posting format. I've got posts lined up, but we lost the spell check function as well as a simple way to post videos. The new posting format doesn't work and it SUCKS. Looking for help on the net, I see that many, many people are having this problem. Show More Summary

Cute Hippie Chick of the Month: Lonely Girl Edition

Well, well! Good news for all the lonely Dojo Rats out there; thousands of single Chinese girls might like to meet you! Apparantly the cut-off line for nubile hot chicks in China is 27. What a shame, at that age the pressures to marry are huge. Show More Summary

Guest Post; Kostas at The Dog Brothers Euro Gathering

Kostas and friendsThis week I'm pleased to present a guest post from Kostas Tountas in Greece.Kostas and I have become fellow Dojo Rats and exchanged much information over the years. As you will see, his specialty is training and fighting...Show More Summary

Does Time Slow Down For Elite Athletes?

I think many of us have been in "the zone" where a perfect technique is in play at the exact right "time".The following article from attempts to put it in scientific terms, but something is lacking.What is lacking is aShow More Summary

September: Cute Hippie Chick of the Month

Ah yes;Up here in the coastal Pacific Northwest we have a long tradition of clam-digging:

Don't Tag Me Bro!

I can't read the small writing at the bottom, but it looks like this Kung Fu school gets some respect in this neighborhood!

Guest Post: Improvisation in Martial Arts Forms

Variation within the Song:How Improvisation Unlocks True Understanding in Martial Arts FormsBy Corey WiscombWhen I teach beginners ‘The Form’, the version I share is square, fluid, structured, and nearly the same every time. Physically...Show More Summary

The Last Ninja

Jinichi KawakamiRaw Story reports:"A 63-year-old former engineer may not fit the typical image of a dark-clad assassin with deadly weapons who can disappear into a cloud of smoke. But Jinichi Kawakami is reputedly Japan’s last ninja.As...Show More Summary

Korean Karate, The Moonies and the CIA

Former Moonie and "Father of American Tae Kwon Do" Jhoon RheeIn May of 2011 we took a look at Alex Gillis's excellent history of Korean Karate, "A Killing Art".Gillis has done an intense study of the politics of Tae Kwon Do and it'sShow More Summary

Military Vets Sue CIA Over Mind Control

It's been a while since we've dropped down the rabbit-hole over here at Dojo Rat, so hang on for the ride;As described in this article in "Wired", Vietnam Veterans of America are suing the CIA over mind control experiments:"For two decades...Show More Summary

Strange and Rat's Excellent Adventure

A Couple of Ugly MugsHell, I knew I was in for it.He's bigger than me.He's about 16 years younger than me.He's a Texan.He's a 5th Dan and practices Judo and Aikido.He's capable of holding large quantities of alcohol quite well.Oh, and...Show More Summary

When You Own Your Form

The video above is of our resident Tai Chi Chuan master, T.Y. Pang performing some freestyle Tai Chi and Bagua.Experienced Yang Tai Chi stylists will recognize he is way off script, and loving it.Back in the late 1990's our group was fazing out of hard-style Karate and into the softer arts. Show More Summary

"Milling About" at Dojo Rat Headquarters

"Hey DR; Why have you not been flooding us with fresh, new martial arts posts lately???"Well, there are multiple reasons.The first being that I am trying to secure Dojo Rat Headquarters for the upcoming winter. that means cutting at least three cords of firewood. Show More Summary

Ridin' The Dog

There is nothing that levels the cultural playing field as much as these two things:1. "Airing" your dirty laundry at a laundromat2. Riding a Greyhound Bus.I've only had the pleasure of two such Greyhound trips.The first, in the early 80's, I rode down from Portland to Modesto California. Show More Summary

July 4th: Individual Freedom or Free Individuals?

Readers of The Dojo Rat Blog probably know this is my favorite statement for "Independence Day".The point being; people who squak the most about "individual freedom" are becoming the most controlling authoritarians in our present-day...Show More Summary

Rediscovering Alan Watts

When I was around 13 years-old, FM radio was just starting out. The stations were few, and usually played classical music. But that was in the heady days of "album rock". The emerging FM stations distanced themselves from the bubble-gum...Show More Summary

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