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My plan making involves monkeys but it’s better than nothing

January is always a busy month for me; two boys, two birthdays, 20 days apart so I tend to let those “new year, new you” posts slip by the wayside until I get past the calamity that is January. It’s really a month of recovery and introspection and I use it to the fullest. Show More Summary

Non Compliance and Conversation Pieces

Today is the day you all get to kick me. I’ve fielded all the questions of “why” and the only thing I can tell you (which will make sense later on) is that I wasn’t thinking of myself. Monday did not turn out at all the way I wanted it to. I had a very […] The post Non Compliance and Conversation Pieces appeared first on Chaos in the Country.

Play out the boredom with Pley

This week I had to ground Peanut for reasons that aren’t important. I took away his tablet and ipod, laid down the no gaming, no tv, no digital anything laws. Like any good mom would, I supplied him with a list of things he could do while he was grounded, including a number of chores. […] The post Play out the boredom with Pley appeared first on Chaos in the Country.

Things I probably should’ve told you about sooner

If there were awards for the worst communicator in 2015, I think I’d probably be a shoe-in. I haven’t exactly held up my end of the bargain in regards to being personal and keeping people in the loop around here. However in my defense...Show More Summary

Santa Claus, the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future and I all walked into a bar

This christmas has been so different from past years that I don’t know where to begin. I was ready for Christmas in record time this year (which should’ve been my first red flag) – I wasn’t last minute shopping or picking up endless stocking stuffers. Show More Summary

How do YOU knitflix?

I do not consider myself a trendsetter. I suppose being that I work in digital media and content creation I am always in the know of new trends as it relates to business or social media but when it comes to my personal life and hobbies? Not so much. I like what I like, and […] The post How do YOU knitflix? appeared first on Chaos in the Country.

And then I was never so thankful for computers because if this were paper I would’ve cried all over it

Night number two of no sleep. The east coast is awake and if I were there, I’d be on my way to the office because this is Thursday. Instead, I’ve given up on any chance of sleeping. I have so much to say and no idea where to start. I...Show More Summary

Eating and shopping on the Kenai Peninsula

Now that we’ve lived here in Alaska for a couple of months, I have been able to establish a base for where a large portion of the money is going. I bet it comes as no surprise that the biggest money suck is food but food has always been one of the biggest chunks of […] The post Eating and shopping on the Kenai Peninsula appeared first on Chaos in the Country.

Reaching out is Bull$h!t and I don’t want to talk about but I can’t stop thinking about it so here we are

I like to think I’m a pretty damn good actress. Until now, not many people know that I have problems with depression, that it runs in the family or that I get anxiety and my anxiety manifests as overthinking, worrying and obsessing about...Show More Summary

The Soft Utility Tote by Thirty-One Gifts makes me weak in the knees

I have a weakness for tote bags. I no longer carry purses and a clutch just doesn’t seem to cut it. Totes are versatile. They fit everything. They are stylish, functional and cute. They are my bae. When we moved I had to make hard choices about some of my totes. Show More Summary

The line between what’s legal and what’s the best thing for a child is written in erasable ink

I knew things were too good to be true. This week I received devastating news that Peanut’s 504 plan that I fought so hard to get in Ohio has been refused by his new school. It all boils down to one word from school psychologist at his...Show More Summary

The struggle to adjust is real

We’re two full weeks into this new life and I forget how much adjustment there is to moving. The last time we moved the kids were so small, and Peanut… well he wasn’t even a peanut yet. Things that didn’t matter then suddenly matter now and the adjustments that we made to make THAT HOME […] The post The struggle to adjust is real appeared first on Chaos in the Country.

Knitting from the stash

I have yet to check out the LYS in Homer. For one, I usually have someone who does not care for yarn or knitting with me. Secondly, I haven’t had the van much since Bug got a job last week. Already he’s put in three or four full eight hour days and by the time […] The post Knitting from the stash appeared first on Chaos in the Country.

Believing in the magical power of cookies

Well we made it to the great state of Alaska; the last frontier as it’s called (and I’ve seen on just about every small tourist shop between the border and Homer Spit). We arrived in Alaska officially on Sunday August 9th, 2015. We drove...Show More Summary

True Confessions and all of your burning questions answered

For the past several months I’ve been eluding to big changes in my family. I’m pretty sure that at times people thought either our family was splitting up OR that we were all joining a cult. Neither is true. The family is still very much intact, we’re just moving across the continent to Alaska. Show More Summary

In which I talk about my Poststitch Sock Stitch Box and yarn subscription obsession (#sponsored review)

At the beginning of this year I had a crazy idea to jump out of the knitting box and try new things related to knitting (but not cables. I’m not ready for cables) so I searched the internet to see if there were any subscription boxes...Show More Summary

Top 3 places to find free knitting patterns

I put myself on a yarn diet of sorts this year. The goal is to knit only from the stash. That shouldn’t be too difficult considering I purged two trash bags full of yarn a couple of weeks ago. It was painful but necessary. I tried to lessen the pain by only purging yarn that […] The post Top 3 places to find free knitting patterns appeared first on Chaos in the Country.

My unbiasedly biased stance on the upcoming presidential election

Dear fellow Americans, I write to you today because as you are all well aware (or maybe you’re not and in that case, I’m super thrilled to be sharing this “breaking” news!) we are on the cusp of another presidential election. For many...Show More Summary

February I hardly knew ye

February always seems to be a month that drags on, which is ironic because it has less days than any other month on the calendar. Maybe it’s because February knows it has a short life span so it tries to pack as much in as it can before succumbing to March’s lion vs. Show More Summary

What’s on the Needles? A Knitcrate Review

The other night I had, what I can only assume is the closest to a near knitting death experience as I ever want to be. With the new addition of the office chair for my desk, my room has become a little more cramped. I’ve used the chair’s...Show More Summary

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