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Closing time

The other day I found out my only freelance client had decided to take her business offline. That was sad news to be sure but it more of a rude wake-up call to me. The kind that punches you square in your gut with no real explanation. “This isn’t working.” The gut punch wake-up call […] The post Closing time appeared first on Chaos in the Country.

Suicide and Depression: A topic for every day and not just once a year

Note: I had planned this post for last week but for whatever reason, I held off. I almost trashed this post. But then it hit me, the very reason I was so upset last week was because of the calendar and this post needed to be seen noShow More Summary

A year is long. This is all I’ve got to show for it.

What I’m listening to, Taking the Long Way by the Dixie Chicks Facebook is an ass and Zuckerberg can bite me. There I said it. AAAAAAAAHHHHH! As good as that felt it, it doesn’t fix my need to let out a REAL scream or punch something. Show More Summary

Releasing personal obstacles – guest post by Author Francie Healey

Today I’m turning the blog over to cookbook author Francie Healey who recently launched her virtual book tour for Eat to Beat Alzheimer’s  with WOW! Women on Writing (a publication for women for women writers that I’ve been a part of for years). Show More Summary

Don’t drive and Pokémon Go (and other things parents should know)

By now you know that kids (grown and young) have lost their minds over Pokémon Go, a Pokémon gaming app for smartphones and other devices. My oldest is one of those “lost his mind” people. Even though he’s 20 and living on his own, I’ve...Show More Summary

A New Twist on Memory Charms: KEEP Collective by Stella & Dot

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. Any jewelry I have isn’t for looks or fashion, it’s always about memories and people. This makes it hard sometimes to find the right kind of jewelry to pair with my day to day style. I like earrings and...Show More Summary

Why Not Me by the laugh out loud funny Mindy Kaling (a review)

Full disclosure: I’m a huge Mindy Kaling fan. I could be her. Maybe. I mean, I want to. I wish I was. I at least wish I was as funny as she is. And so here is my conundrum: To tell you how much I loved this book and try to be as hilarious as […] The post Why Not Me by the laugh out loud funny Mindy Kaling (a review) appeared first on Chaos in the Country.

We Are Knitters Udon Blanket Kit Giveaway

I’ve not done nearly as much knitting as I’d like to of late and it shows. I’m on edge and cranky. No one likes me when I’m cranky. I know without a doubt that it’s stress but right now I’m not sure I can change it. Sigh, what’s a knitter to do? I’ve kept up […] The post We Are Knitters Udon Blanket Kit Giveaway appeared first on Chaos in the Country.

An Unofficial history, evolution (and slow death) of “mom” blogs (In my opinion).

When things strike a chord with me, I tend to be incapable of dropping it. This is one of those things. I’m not intending to offend – but if it happens then I have to think that the offended parties are such because what I say may strike...Show More Summary

Things I Never Thought I’d Hear Myself Say

Change is inevitable it seems. The only thing we are told is constant is death and taxes. These past nine months have been nothing short of stressful and heart wrenching. I still have passing moments where I want to throw in the towel. Show More Summary

We are the reason we can’t have nice things

What I have to say may or may not ruin some relationships here. Regardless, I’m about to take the road less traveled. What I’m hoping to accomplish is to offer another view point but not to insight more drama, hatred or fuel the fires that are already burning. Show More Summary


My parents always told me that when you break something you either fix it or pay for it. There was never a “you have to fix AND pay for it,” there was always just one or the other. I’m trying to do the fixing but I’m afraid that Peanut is the one paying. Two months into […] The post Broken appeared first on Chaos in the Country.

When you’re all about that yarn (bout that yarn…), a Yarnbox review

Sorry for that title. I was listening to Meghan Trainor’s “All about that Bass” and for some reason yarn just got stuck in my head (as it typically does). In my never-ending quest to find new and awesome yarns, designers and notionsShow More Summary

Some Q & A about living in Alaska

When I first announced that we were moving to Alaska, I got a ton of questions. At that time, I rounded up the most popular ones up and tried to answer all of those burning questions. But the questions haven’t really stopped; especially now that we’re here. Show More Summary

From throwing laundry to becoming responsible kids

I remember when the kids were small – as soon as they could walk about, they were on the move! That new found mobility was a chance to get into everything. Corralling them became a challenge. (Especially when Bebe and Shorty were small;...Show More Summary

A book lover’s guide to creating a book journal

I have a lot of books ya’ll. Moving across the country hasn’t stopped me from buying, borrowing, or hoarding books (it’s an art form, don’t judge me). But my earlier confessed plans requires I actually do something with those plans.Show More Summary

Sweet and Tangy Pork Roast

Have you ever felt just really blah about cooking pork roast in the crockpot (or any kind of roast really)? To me it sometimes feels so very… been there, done that, own the coffee mug. I love my crockpot but sometimes I just feel like I’ve cooked just about everything I can in it. Recipes like […] The post Sweet and Tangy Pork Roast appeared first on Chaos in the Country.

Adulthood is a Myth by Sarah Anderson

You’ve probably read Sarah Anderson’s comics online and found yourself head nodding in agreement or giggling one minute and feeling all the feels the next over her too true to everyday life illustrations. If that’s the case then you’ll love Sarah Anderson’s first book, Adulthood is a Myth. Show More Summary

My plan making involves monkeys but it’s better than nothing

January is always a busy month for me; two boys, two birthdays, 20 days apart so I tend to let those “new year, new you” posts slip by the wayside until I get past the calamity that is January. It’s really a month of recovery and introspection and I use it to the fullest. Show More Summary

Non Compliance and Conversation Pieces

Today is the day you all get to kick me. I’ve fielded all the questions of “why” and the only thing I can tell you (which will make sense later on) is that I wasn’t thinking of myself. Monday did not turn out at all the way I wanted it to. I had a very […] The post Non Compliance and Conversation Pieces appeared first on Chaos in the Country.

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