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Anime Caption Contest -- 12/26/14

Welcome back to the Anime Vice Caption Contest! You know the drill; we have three new images that need some funny captions! See who won the previous contest below! Rules! You can caption any or all of the images! You can caption theShow More Summary

BLEACH Ch. 610 Review

Ichibe has had it with these mothereffin' Vandenreich on this mothereffin' plane (of existence). Ichibe is not one to falter in the face of overwhelming odds. He'll face Yhwach, The Almighty, at the cost of his own life to stop this villain's incursion of the Reiokyu. Show More Summary


This episode begins with supply-side Santa Claus (who apparently was not content to merely insult Hayate in flashbacks and fantasy sequences the way he did in episode 1) returning to harass Hayate in his dreams. He reminds Hayate that,...Show More Summary

AH! MY GODDESS! #2 -- Retro Review

Picking up essentially where Episode 1 left off, “Ah My Goddess” Episode 2 begins with the beautiful and kind-hearted Goddess Belldandy explaining to the chronically unlucky human Keiichi that, due to his pure heart, the heavens have...Show More Summary

ONE PIECE Ch. 771 Review

There is such a thing as being too helpful. Sai faces off with Lao G and his own grandfather to prevent Baby 5 from doing something reckless that they'd both regret. The Good I've never been the slightest bit shy about my irritation with Baby 5's codependency issues. Show More Summary


Hayate the Combat Butler (or “Hayate No Gotoku” as it’s known in the original Japanese) has got to be one of the most bizarre mad-cap off-the-wall anime series I’ve seen in a long time. And yet, despite all its irreverent zaniness (or perhaps because of it) I was surprised to find myself belly-laughing all hroughout the first episode of this series. Show More Summary

PSYCHO-PASS #33 -- Watch & Learn

Wait - - this season’s done already? With the movie coming out next month, this is some diabolic cross-platform synergy, right on level of WINTER SOLDIER and the AGENTS OF SHIELD -- cruelly baiting shippers who’ve been waiting to see Kogami reunite with Akane this whole season. Show More Summary

Community Spotlight -- 12/19/2014

Greetings, Anime Vice Community! We had a movie review of THE TALE OF PRINCESS KAGUYA, we talked about Gohan's redesign for the latest DBZ film, and took a look back to see how SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL is getting some much needed polish for the home market release. Show More Summary

BLEACH Ch. 609 Review

He could answer Goser's question without lying. There is power in the name of Yhwach. One that Ichibe can not strip away so easily. The Good The origin of Bankai. Ichibe has put on a pretty good show for us, but it looks as if this battle has come to the inevitable conclusion. Show More Summary


This can best be classified as a “Breather Episode.” Not wanting to drown its audience with an overload of violence, destruction and explosive action, Unlimited Blade Works decided to take a short break after the pulse-pounding events...Show More Summary

AH! MY GODDESS! #1 -- Retro Review

“Ah! My Goddess!” began as a manga series that was brought into being by acclaimed artist Kousuke Fujishima in 1988. Due to its popularity, (and the fact that Fujishima-sensei clearly enjoyed the world, the characters and the stories...Show More Summary


CRYSTAL was distinguished among SAILOR MOON iterations, and magical girl shows in general, for the more… expressionistic approach its art team took to rendering anatomy. Indeed, the show was so distinguished for this that a website actually popped up with the expressed purpose of… documenting he show’s style on a regular basis. Show More Summary

Gohan Gets A New Look in the Next DRAGON BALL Z Movie

Personalities can be cyclical, no? Perhaps it shouldn't be too surprising that Gohan would return to the nerdiness of his childhood now that he's a married family man. The forthcoming issue of V JUMP magazine, as relayed by ANN, has revealed a few more details about the new DBZ feature film, F IS FOR RESURRECTION (translation still pending). Show More Summary


It’s a shame that a large portion of Ghibli’s American fanbase views any non-Miyazaki film as a seat-filler. Isao Takahata directed THE TALE OF PRINCESS KAGUYA, and it’s better than THE WIND RISES by a wide margin. Depending on how WHEN MARNIE WAS THERE plays, of course, it may yet prove to be the studio’s most fitting final statement. Show More Summary

PARASYTE -- What if it Were More Like the Manga?

You'd expect visual sensibilities to change a smidge over 20 odd years, no? Like JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE, PARASYTE THE MAXIM is a contemporary anime that's based on manga that's over a couple decades old, now. However, while StudioShow More Summary

ONE PIECE Ch. 770 Review

Giving up his arm to lend a hand. While Luffy is forced to face an enemy that he doesn't want to hurt, the battles across Dressrosa wage on. Zoro faces the mountain manPica, and is saved from a sneak attack from a surprising ally. The Good Zoro vs. Show More Summary

DRAGON BALL -- Revisiting the Red Ribbon Army

Gosh, the scramble for the Dragon Balls feels like an absurdist version of the war for the One Ring, now. Or maybe the Infinity Gems. Whatever analogous treasure hunt suits you. It’s fun to guess at Toriyama’s thought process when he was plotting these early adventures, because it’s only barely hidden beneath the surface. Show More Summary

RAGE OF BAHAMUT #9+10 -- Watch & Learn

Yeah, this mumbo jumbo with all the angels and demons has gotten really boring, really fast. Much as it’s been with PARASTYE, my initial enthusiasm for this series has cooled some now that certain “demerits” have proven they won’t be going away any time soon. Show More Summary

Anime Caption Contest -- 12/15/14

Welcome back to the Anime Vice Caption Contest! You know the drill; we have three new images that need some funny captions! See who won the previous contest below! Thanks to Dekken and BigHeart711 for the Santa theme this week. Rules!...Show More Summary

PSYCHO-PASS #32 -- Watch & Learn

This show seems to be suffering a little from the unreasonable demands of simulcast scheduling. If you can imagine how tough it is to ranslate dialog for a half-hour episode (factoring in for grammar, context, idioms, etc.) when there’s...Show More Summary

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