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All I Wanted was a Recipe

6 months agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

Have you ever started to do something simple, something that should only take a minute or so, only to have it consume hours of your time? Oh, and while it’s consuming your time, it’s also testing your threshold for frustration? I bet you can relate. All I wanted was a recipe. That’s easy, right? I […] The post All I Wanted was a Recipe appeared first on An ADD Woman.

Do You Have a Voice?

9 months agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

Note: this is not a political post. I try to respect everyone’s opinion. I am only using this because I feel it is a powerful example of finding your voice. On January 21, 2017, women and their supporters gathered to march for women’s rights here in the United States. They were joined by others all across […] The post Do You Have a Voice? appeared first on An ADD Woman.

How to Supplement Your Treatment for Depression

A funny thing relating to my depression just happened about an hour ago. Even though it was Sunday and I had slept in, and the weather was sunny and beautiful, and it was only 1:30, I decided to take a nap, which was pretty convenient, since I still had my pajamas on. But the minute […] The post How to Supplement Your Treatment for Depression appeared first on An ADD Woman.

Are Women with ADHD Confident?

What does it mean to be confident? Confidence comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of your body and mind (self-esteem), and belief in your own ability, skills and experience. Those of us with ADHD are often lacking in confidence, for a number of reasons. Show More Summary

Let’s Rock 2017!

I have had so many people say that they are looking forward to 2017 – or more precisely – they are looking to be done with 2016. Do you feel that way? Was 2016 a bad year for you? It’s certainly ending in a bad way, what with all of the celebrity deaths in the […] The post Let’s Rock 2017! appeared first on An ADD Woman.

How Do You Get Things Done?

Today is October 11, 2016. I have things on my to do list today from January 1, 2016. OK. Maybe that’s an exaggeration. Or maybe it’s not. See, my youngest daughter got engaged on New Years Eve 2015/16. That’s my excuse. I was the mother of the bride. I had to help plan a wedding […]

What Do You Need?

2 years agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

My mission here at An ADD Woman has always been to serve you. Sometimes I succeed; sometimes I fail. i base my ideas about what you need on what I need or needed at one time, but that might not always be accurate. I need to hear from you because I need to know what […]

Like Herding Cats

2 years agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

Doesn’t that just describe much of our lives perfectly? Herding cats.   Lately that’s how my life has felt. Chaotic and out of control. Like I have too many things to do and don’t know where to begin. Overwhelmed? Oh yeah. So how do you get out of this mode? How do you create order […]

What Works? High Tech or Paper and Pencil?

2 years agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

  When you are trying to stay organized and on top of things, what works best for you: high tech or paper and pencil? If you’re like me, you probably use a combination of both. Or to be more accurate – you’re constantly looking for the perfect planner or app that will finally work for […]

5 Minutes or Less

2 years agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

Do you know how many things could be done around our house that take 5 minutes or less? Here’s a quick list of some things around my house: Dust the return air vent that’s all dusty and gross Wipe down any sink Throw those blankets at the bottom of the basement stairs into the wash […]

An Epiphany in the Microwave

2 years agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

Today my husband and I spent a good part of our afternoon cleaning the house and just generally straightening up. We had let things go for a while  (do you ever do that?) and it was past time to get our act together. Now I know that in the past I’ve written about keeping up […]

Why Your House is Still a Mess

2 years agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

As women with ADHD, we struggle to keep a clean home that’s neat and organized. To this day, many years after meeting my neighbor Wendy, I am still amazed at what she did one day shortly after we met. Wendy lives across the street from me and I can see the lights in her living […]

Colored Pencils, Markers, and ADHD

2 years agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

Have you noticed the recent popularity of adult coloring books? They’re everywhere, at all kinds of prices. Including free, if you do a search on the internet or Pinterest. I actually considered buying some for my daughters for Christmas, but ended up deciding against it. The topic came up, however, over the holidays, and we […]

Teepees and ADHD

2 years agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

We spend a lot of time talking about the negative aspects of having ADHD. We’re forgetful, can’t focus or pay attention, can’t get organized or manage our time effectively. But there are some good things about having ADHD. We are right brained thinkers. That means that we think outside the box. We see connections where […]

Do You Believe in the Hereafter?

2 years agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

Now before you scoot away, this is not a religious post.  It’s just my attempt to put a little interest and humor into my headline. I have a really hard time writing interesting headlines. So my dad had quite the sense of humor, but it was the dad kind. You know, not so funny. He […]

Cupcakes and Potato Chips

2 years agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

Did you know that your eating habits could be influenced by your ADHD? And that it can be harder to lose weight if you have ADHD? Not only that, but binge eating, bulimia, and obesity are more common among women with ADHD. Pretty depressing, right? There are a number of reasons why these things are […]

25 Days of Chaos

2 years agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

  Hi there! If you’re looking for today’s post, head on over to my friend Vicky’s blog, Living the Diagnosis, where you can read about the most disastrous ADHD Christmas I ever had, plus tips for making yours merrier and less chaotic. See you there!  

Feeling A Little Cloudy?

2 years agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

As ADDers, we have poor working memory. Fuzzy thinking – or in this case – cloudy thinking. We’re forgetful and we always have about a thousand things going on in our head at once. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a sort of USB drive like you have for your computer so you […]

Procrastinate Now, Panic Later

2 years agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

Once upon a time, 28 years ago, I was completely ready for Christmas by Dec 1st. You see, I had a baby due on the 31st who was scheduled for a C section on the 17th. Everything had to be done ahead of time. Her brother – also scheduled for a C section – had […]

Brain Drain: Learn to Make Fewer Decisions

2 years agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

Decision making is not our strong point. As people with ADHD, we have lots of experience with making mistakes. So when we have an opportunity to make a decision about something – cake or pie – we tend to give it a lot of thought. We want to make the right decision and we end […]

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