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Weekend Link Love – Edition 429

Research of the Week Spiritual experiences trigger the reward centers of our brain. Just a single season of high school football alters the structure of the brain. High school football players really  need to watch out for head collisions. 25%...Show More Summary

Korean Tacos

Korean tacos are a culinary twist that’s been around for a while now, using a tortilla as the delivery system for the bold flavors of Korean cuisine. This Primal recipe for Korean tacos is intensely delicious and hits all the right notes: sweet, spicy, fresh, crunchy, meaty. Let’s start with the ribs. Show More Summary

This Lifestyle Taught Me That Life Can Be So Much Better!

I practice listening to my body, to what it needs. I follow paleo/Primal principles but do not obsess about my eating habits anymore. I don't care what the scale says or what I'm supposedly sensitive to—how I feel is what matters. The post This Lifestyle Taught Me That Life Can Be So Much Better! appeared first on Mark's Daily Apple.

17 Gifts That Will MOVE You

Today’s guest post is by Katy Bowman, biomechanist and author of the bestselling  Move Your DNA and a new release, Movement Matters, which examines our sedentary culture, our personal relationship to movement, and some of the global effects of outsourcing movement. Show More Summary

My 8 Favorite International Dishes to Expand Your Primal Palate

Standard Primal eating is quite simple. Meat, veggies, and perhaps some starch. That’s partly what makes it so effective and intuitive. As far as dietary lifestyles that call for making most of your food from scratch, the Primal Blueprint...Show More Summary

How to Feed, Train, and Care For Cartilage

Most health and fitness writers don’t spend a lot of time on cartilage. As tissues go, it’s fairly isolated. It doesn’t contain blood vessels, so we can’t deliver blood-borne nutrients to heal and grow it. Cartilage has no nerve cells, so we can’t “feel” what’s going on. Show More Summary

Dear Mark: Hyperthyroidism; Wim Hof and Placebo

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering two questions. The first is a really good one I’m kicking myself for never having considered before: what to do about hyperthyroidism. As the reader notes, everyone’s always talking about hypothyroidism—lack of thyroid function. Show More Summary

Weekend Link Love – Edition 428

Research of the Week Compared to Bronze Age Europeans and contemporary Northern Europeans, Southern Europeans tend to be better at converting short chain PUFAs (linoleic acid and ALA) into long chain PUFAs (arachidonic acid, EPA, DHA). The results of many clinical trials are never published. Show More Summary

Cassava Flour Crepes

These are the real deal—crepes that are almost identical to regular crepes, with one simple difference: they’re made from gluten-free cassava flour. Stuff these buttery crepes with either sweet or savory fillings, and they’re a delicious...Show More Summary

I Have Never Felt Healthier and Happier in My Life

"It's truly been a miracle. I couldn't remember the last time that I could go through a whole day without a terribly upset stomach or excruciating pains. There is basically a miracle pill out there that can make you healthier, happier, stronger, and live longer!" The post I Have Never Felt Healthier and Happier in My Life appeared first on Mark's Daily Apple.

Happy Thanksgiving

I’ve always considered Thanksgiving the most Primal of the holidays. There’s little fanfare beyond the company and food. The act of preparing and sharing a feast is about as basic, but intimately sacred, as human ceremony gets. Add to...Show More Summary

Should You Rethink Your Meal Timing for Weight Loss?

I’ve written about what to eat. I’ve written about what not to eat. I’ve even discussed the benefits of occasionally eating things you “shouldn’t eat.” I’ve written about skipping breakfast, eating a big lunch, and skipping entire days of meals altogether. Show More Summary

Gift Bundle Offer EXTENDED for The New Primal Blueprint!

Good morning, everybody. Just a quick announcement here before we return to our regular health programming… I know some folks have had problems getting Kindle or (in some countries) hardcover copies of The New Primal Blueprint. We’ve...Show More Summary

5 Common Prescriptions That Should Require Nutritional Counseling

I’m not a drug denier. For the most part, at the base level, pharmaceuticals do what they’re supposed to do. Statins lower cholesterol. Beta-blockers lower blood pressure. Antibiotics kill bacteria. Whether those changes save lives or reverse disease is another question entirely. Show More Summary

Dear Mark: New Primal Blueprint Edition Comments, and Is Healthy Living a Placebo?

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’ll first be addressing questions from the comment section of the new Primal Blueprint edition announcement, plus one from the placebo post. The first question comes from barry and concerns the omission...Show More Summary

Weekend Link Love– Edition 427

Research of the Week Wall sits reduce hypertension. Resveratrol could replace sulfites in wine-making. Teens who stay up late have less self-regulation. Blood from human teens rejuvenates aging mice. Brawn develops brain. The link between...Show More Summary

White Chicken Chili

White chili is called white chili for three reasons. One, it’s made with chicken, not beef. Two, it’s made with white beans. Three, it’s sometimes thickened with milk and flour, or cream. Does white chili have a place at the Primal table? Absolutely. Show More Summary

My Life Was Changed by MDA, and Now I Want to Help Others Create Better Health!

"Seeing how much my heath has improved by changing the way I eat and move has seeded me with an intense desire to help others realize how much better they can feel if they take better care of themselves." The post My Life Was Changed by MDA, and Now I Want to Help Others Create Better Health! appeared first on Mark's Daily Apple.

Promises and Limitations of the “Personalized Care” Movement: Where We Are Now

Several years ago, I gave my take on the “personalized care” movement : the broad push to use a person’s genetic data to design optimal therapies, treatments, interventions, and pharmaceuticals. I was supportive and hesitantly optimistic, but I also acknowledged the limitations and drawbacks. Show More Summary

Can You Harness the Placebo Effect For Yourself?

Every parent reading this has dealt extensively in placebo: the analgesic effect of the ouchie kiss. When your child bumps his head or skins her knee, the quickest way to ease the pain isn’t a Band-Aid, ice pack, or Tylenol. It’s a kiss. Show More Summary

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