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How Consumers Are Shaping the Next Gen Wellbeing Experience

BY MADHAVI VEMIREDDY, MD            SPONSORED CONTENT Our day-to-day interactions with technology are changing expectations and aspirations for almost every touch point in modern life. We want instant feedback and action at the push of a button, from the digital shopping cart to the doctor’s office. That is part of why there is a constant stream

Forget Trump. The 2020 Election Will Be About Single Payer.

By PAUL KECKLEY Last week, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee wrapped up hearings focused on stabilizing the individual insurance market leaving unresolved an issue that separates Dem’s and Rep’s on the committee: just how much freedom states should have in managing their insurance markets. At issue are the Section 1332 waivers which

Diversity in Health Tech: A Non-Negotiable

By ALYX STERNLICHT The tech industry is notoriously lacking diversity. Health tech, that needs to be representative of all individuals, also lacks diversity in both the innovators creating technology and the technology targeting diverse users. There have been article after article citing the problem, but what really, can be done to close the diversity gap? Last Fall,

The Cost of Public Reporting

ANISH KOKA MD In an age where big data is king and doctors are urged to treat populations, the journey of one man still has much to tell us. This is a tale of a man named Joe. Joseph Carrigan was a bear of a man – though his wife would say he was more

DACA Repeal is Bad for Medical Students, Healthcare, and the Public

BY SUHAS GONDI The Trump administration’s recent announcement to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has instilled fear and outrage in communities across the country. As a medical student with friends and classmates with DACA status, I am particularly disappointed in the poor and compassionless judgment of our nation’s leader. I fear

Why a Silicon Valley Approach Can’t Work for Health Tech

By AMELIA EDWARDS Imagine if I told you that there was a pool of close to 600,000 individuals in New York City who were ripe for innovative health technology integration. You probably wouldn’t believe me and say that it sounded too good to be true. This said pool does in fact exist and can be

7 Ways We’re Screwing Up AI in Healthcare

BY LEONARD D’AVOLIO The healthcare AI space is frothy.  Billions in venture capital are flowing, nearly every writer on the healthcare beat has at least an article or two on the topic, and there isn’t a medical conference that doesn’t at least have a panel if not a dedicated day to discuss. The promise and

Which of these 10 new companies will change the face of health care

The Health 2.0 Fall Conference is the perfect place for new and young companies to get a foot in the door – to generate industry buzz, obtain critical funding and pitch new partners. Our lineup includes: Our exclusive Launch! event – 10 companies will debut their solutions and have them voted on by the audience. Henk Jan Scholten, a

Dear Republicans, There Are Second Acts In Washington 

By STEVEN FINDLAY Nazis and white supremacists.  Charlottesville.  Immigration policy and DACA.  Climate change.   In the context of these issues, there’s been much discussion of late about moral and ethical principles and American values.  There is, of course, no moral equivalency between white supremacists and those who oppose and protest them.   People who

Is It time For Physicians to Unionize?

By NIRAN AL-AGBA, MD Since the birth of our nation, labor unions have existed in one form or another in the United States.  Unions are a force to protect the ‘working population’ from inequality, gaps in wages, and a political system failing to represent specific industry groups.  Historically, unions organize skilled workers in a specific

Why Doctors should read books by Nassim Taleb

By SAURABH JHA, MD     “There are some enterprises in which a careful disorderliness is the true method” Herman Melville, Moby Dick Asymmetry of Error During the Ebola epidemic calls to ban flights from Africa from some quarters were met by accusations of racism from other quarters. Experts claimed that Americans were at greater

The Decline and Fall of the Doctor-Patient Relationship

By PAUL KECKLEY The physician-patient relationship is a bedrock of the U.S. health system. Strong relationships are associated with higher ratings for physicians and better outcomes for patients but there’s a catch. In Secretary of Health and Human Services’ Tom Price Senate confirmation and many times since, he has vowed his administration will seek to

The Best Positioned Tech Giant in Healthcare Today? The Answer May Surprise You.

By DAVID SHAYWITZ, MD When you think about tech giants playing in healthcare, you think of Google and the work Verily is doing; you think of Apple and their HealthKit and ResearchKit applications, as well as their rumored plans to organize all your medical data on your iPhone; you may even think of Amazon and their potential entry into the pharmacy market. But the name

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BY THCBist — Should We Fear an Amazon Monopoly on Healthy Food? — On the Ethics of Accountable Care Research — Confessions of a Healthcare Super User — How Can I Tell If Medical News is Fake or Not? — A Mystery Mission in LA: Aetna, Apple and a Vision of Digital Health’s Future Part

BREAKING NEWS: CTO of HHS, Headspace, Google join Health 2.0 – rate goes up tomorrow!

What do most healthcare shows have in common? The same old, same old. You spend the equivalent of a mortgage payment for the same thought leaders who tell you about the problems in healthcare and the same vendors with products that don’t quite get at the core. We do things differently at the 11th Annual Health

Developers, Data Scientists, Coders – Don’t Miss Out on Dev Day @ Health 2.0!

By SABAH PERVEZ Bright ideas are nothing without those who enable action.  For every bright idea in the digital health space, developers are needed to turn that idea into a reality.  We’ll be kicking of this year’s Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference  on October 1st (1-5pm) with Dev Day, a day dedicated to the developers,

Our Guide to Pre-Approval Access to Drugs For Both Doctors & Patients

By ALISON-BATEMAN HOUSE In April 2016, I published guidance, in the form of a mock case study, on how to access a drug before it has been approved by the FDA—what’s known as pre-approval (or expanded or compassionate) access. This is an updated version of that guidance, reflecting multiple important changes in the pre-approval landscape

Hold the Mayo and Save Our Hospital

By NIRAN AL-AGBA, MD There is a grassroots movement, 4300 strong, known as “Save Our Hospital” gaining notoriety in Albert Lea, Minnesota.  This story is symptomatic of the fact that hospital consolidation has slowly become a national pastime.  With declining revenue under the Affordable Care Act, mergers increased by 70%, leaving small communities scrambling for

Until Death (or Recertification) Do Us Part

  By RICHARD DUSZAK, MD  The online membership forum of the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) blew up this week in response to an email announcement by the American Board of Radiology (ABR) that it will discard lifetime certificates...Show More Summary

The ACO Fix

By JAMES DOULGERIS, MD Kip Sullivan posted an op-ed in “The Health Care Blog,” “On the Ethics of Accountable Care Research,” on August 25, 2017. Mr. Sullivan’s questioning the ethicality of health system generated research papers touting statistically insignificant results as triumphs, while perfectly valid and well-reasoned, is like questioning the validity of a teacher’s

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