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7 Cara Paling Efektif untuk Memutihkan Gigi

Pada dasarnya, gigi kita tidak berwarna putih, melainkan warnanya adalah kekuning-kuningan. Itu adalah warna asli gigi menurut para ahli medis. Namun sayangnya, gigi yang kekuning-kuningan diidentikkan dengan gigi yang tidak sehat, tidak menarik dan kotor. Show More Summary

7 Cara Efektif Berhenti Ngorok Saat Tidur

Ngorok atau mendengkur adalah kebiasaan pada saat tidur siang boleh dikatakan sangat mengganggu, terutama apabila kita tidur bersama pasangan atau orang lain. Tidur ngorok tersebut dialami oleh rata-rata orang dewasa dan sekitar 25% diantaranya mendengkur setiap mereka tidur. Show More Summary

Gejala Sakit Lambung dan Cara Mengatasinya

Sakit lambung adalah penyakit yang biasanya ada pada sistem pencernaan, bisa ditandai dengan beberapa gejala seperti sensasi terbakar di dada, menyebabkan rasa perih di perut, menyebabkan kembung, dan lain-lain. Macam-macam Masalah Lambung...Show More Summary

All Future Blog Posts will be at

Hello!Thanks for reading my blog for the past several years.I would love to have you continue as a reader, but you will need to go toDrMirkin.comIf you would like to receive weekly emails with a digest of that week's news, please sign up for my free weekly newsletter ("Dr. Show More Summary

Most Running Shoes Slow You Down and Increase Risk of Injuries

Research presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (March 19, 2013) and to be published next month (Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, April 2013) shows that running shoes with thick heels can slow you down. Show More Summary

Who Gets High Blood Pressure from Salt?

Not everyone gets high blood pressure from taking in too much salt. The people who are most likely to get high blood pressure from taking in too much salt are those whose cells do not respond well to insulin (Hypertension, Jan 2013)....Show More Summary

Being Overweight Does Not Prolong Lives

A recent meta-analysis of a hundred large studies showed hat being a little bit overweight offers slight protection (a six percent decrease) from premature death (Journal of the American Medical Association, January 2, 2013). This study...Show More Summary

Coconut Water Is Not a Special Sports Drink

The headline reads: "Coconut Water Is an Excellent Sports Drink" (Science Daily, August 20, 2012; presented at the 244th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in Philadelphia). The author states: "Coconut water is a natural drink that has everything your average sports drink has and more. Show More Summary

Calcium Pills May Increase Heart Attack Risk

A German study followed 24,000 men and women, ages 35 to 64, for 11 years and found that those who took calcium supplements were 86 percent more likely to suffer heart attacks than those who do not (Heart, published online May 23, 2012). Show More Summary

How to Recover from Muscle Soreness Caused by Intense Exercise

Muscle soreness should be part of every exercise program. If you don't exercise intensely enough on one day to have sore muscles on the next, you will not gain maximum fitness and you are also losing out on many of the health benefits of exercise. Show More Summary

Lack of Exercise, Not Aging, Causes Weakness and Loss of Muscle in Older People

Aging does not cause you to lose muscles. Loss of muscle is caused by lack of exercise. You can preserve both muscle size and strength by continuing to exercise a long as you live. Compare the MRIs...Show More Summary

Exercise Makes You Smarter

People who exercise regularly are far less likely to suffer dementia and had less than half the risk of death during the 17-year study period, compared to those who do not exercise ( Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, February,...Show More Summary

Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Benefit from Cortisone Injections

Cortisone-type injections into joints control painful rheumatoid arthritis by blocking protein changes that damage joints ( Arthritis Research & Therapy, published online Feb. 2012).REACTIONS THAT CAUSE RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS: Rheumatoid...Show More Summary

Fasting Slows You Down

Fasting for just a few hours slows an athlete down and the longer he fasts, the slower he moves. A recent study from Denmark shows that after 72 hours of fasting, a person's muscles accumulate far more fat and glycogen (stored sugar) than after 10 hours of fasting ( American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism, January 2012). Show More Summary

Cancer Cells Need More Sugar

Cancer cells are different from normal cells. Every normal cell in your body has programmed into its genetic material, a process called APOPTOSIS, that lets it live and multiply only so long and then it dies. For example, skin cells live 28 days and die; cells lining your mouth live 24-48 hours and die; and red blood cells live up to 120 days. Show More Summary

Environmental Factors Associated with Breast Cancer

A recent report says that " Lifestyle Changes Prevent One-Third of Cancers ", and that fewer than 10 percent of breast cancer cases are inherited (33rd Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, 12/7/2011).Anything that increases aShow More Summary

Why Three out of Four Athletes Take Caffeine Before Competition

In January 2004, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed caffeine from its prohibited drug list to allow athletes to take coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, guarana, cola drinks, energy drinks and so forth. Researchers have now measured the caffeine concentration in 20,686 urine samples obtained for doping control from 2004 to 2008. Show More Summary

Sarcopenia: Muscle Loss with Aging

Competitive masters athletes, 40 to 81 years old, who trained four to five times per week did not lose any muscle size or significant strength with aging ( The Physician and Sportsmedicine, October 2011;39(3):172-8). This shows that loss of muscle size and strength in older people is caused by lack of exercise, not just with aging. Show More Summary

The Only Mineral Needed by Exercisers

People who are serious exercisers can be harmed by the broad recommendations for all Americans to restrict salt intake. It is true that excess salt intake can cause high blood pressure, but heavy exercise usually helps to protect people from salt causing high blood pressure. Show More Summary

Exercise Increases Mitochondria in Brain Cells

Exercise increases the size and number of mitochondria in the brains of mice ( American Journal of Physiology, September 2011). The mice ran on a treadmill for an hour a day, six days a week, for eight weeks.This could explain how exercise improves memory, treats depression, and makes people feel better and helps them to think more clearly. Show More Summary

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