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Will Vaccination Become Partisan?

Sarah Despres hopes not. She notes that, currently, “support for immunizations is largely bipartisan”: According to a recently released survey from the Pew Research Center, the public opinion on vaccine requirements, for example, divides much more by age than by political affiliation. This may be a function of the fact that younger people are less […]

Should Even Heroin Be Legal? Ctd

A reader writes: I am enjoying Johann Hari’s Chasing the Scream very much. For the most part I find that the author backs up his views with solid evidence and logic. However, the suggestion in Chapter 13 that a chaotic, abusive home and the parents’ failure to bond (attach) with the child is what causes […]

The View From Your Window

Oxford, England, 11.15 am. And my old classmate from Oxford who sent this photo yesterday follows up with three more, after the jump:

The Genetics Of Fucking Around

The Economist unpacks new research suggesting that humans are not born equally promiscuous: As with many biological phenomena—height, for example—propensity for promiscuity in either sex might be expected to be normally distributed; that is, to follow what are known colloquially as “bell curves”. The peaks of these curves would have different values between the sexes, […]

The Fight For Independent Journalism

A CBC camera crew led by the wonderful Michelle Gagnon visited the Dish “offices” recently: The CBC’s Neil Macdonald takes on native advertizing sponsored content branded content ads disguised as journalism. Money quote: Sullivan’s case against native advertisement is powerful and succinct. “It is advertising that is portraying itself as journalism, simple as that,” he […]

A Final Bleg

What was your favorite moment of Dishness over the years? Email your reply under the subject heading “Moment of Dishness” to and we’ll post some. Please keep your response under 100 words (about twice the length of this post) so we can read as many as we can. Points for esoteric or embarrassing moments.

The Latest On Those Gitmo “Suicides”

It’s a story we have long covered, even as many MSM outlets pooh-poohed the idea of accidental-homicide-through-torture. So we’re glad to be able to the recent Newsweek piece as the definitive latest word on the affair. It contains the following key paragraph: A highly placed source in the Department of Defense who deals with detainees’ […]

The Long Game Of Barack Obama

Perhaps the prevailing theme of this blog these past seven years has been the hope and promise of the Obama presidency. I’ve long insisted that his record will only be fully understood after eight years, that his role as the liberal Reagan of our time could not be glimpsed fully in real time – the […]

The Blogger Uniform Exposed

This is a disgusting picture, but an actual one we took today of my blogger poitrine every morning. It’s so foul it’s going after the jump: The brown Jackson Pollock is created from little droplets of coffee that migrate from my beard and moustache to adorn my bathrobe and, yes, laptop, as I blog through […]

Why Do We Read?

Joshua Rothman searches for an answer in Deidre Shauna Lynch’s Loving Literature: A Cultural History. How reading has changed: For a long time, people didn’t love literature. They read with their heads, not their hearts (or at least they thought they did), and they were unnerved by the idea of readers becoming emotionally attached to […]

The Promise Of Psilocybin

Michael Pollan’s New Yorker piece on the medical benefits of psychedelics is well worth a read: As I chatted with Tony Bossis and Stephen Ross in the treatment room at N.Y.U., their excitement about the results was evident. According to Ross, cancer patients receiving just a single dose of psilocybin experienced immediate and dramatic reductions […]

Letters From Gitmo

Christian Lorentzen reviews Guantánamo Diary, the recently unclassified (and heavily redacted) 2005 memoir by Mohamedou Ould Slahi, a former detainee: Guantánamo Diary is no masterpiece: inevitably, it’s repetitive (Slahi likens his interrogations to Groundhog Day), and often banal when what it recounts isn’t revolting. Show More Summary

A Book Cover That Judges You

Alison Flood explains: Thijs Biersteker of digital entrepreneurs Moore has created a book jacket that will open only when a reader shows no judgment. An integrated camera and facial recognition system scans the reader’s face, only unlocking the book – in the prototype, filled with creative work for the Art Directors Club Netherlands annual – […]

Why Can’t Vaccination Be Voluntary?

Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig observes that, in “a variety of European countries, including the United Kingdom, Sweden, The Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, high vaccination coverage (up to 99 percent in Finland, for example) has been achieved without the use of mandates.” But this won’t work in America: Insofar as we detest mandates because they are […]

Email Of The Day

Mostly for the bottom part: Hi Andrew, I know you’ll be receiving hundreds, likely thousands, of tributes and thank-yous this week, notes of appreciation long and short from your readers around the world. I hope you find time in your transition to read and absorb these messages of love and support. I hope too that […]

Face Of The Day

Yep, this is me, at Oxford, in 1981. Sent in by an old classmate and Dishhead as a parting gift. As the world turns …

Quote For The Day

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.” – T. S. Eliot, Little Gidding.

The Generation Gap On MGM

It’s significant: You know we couldn’t end the blog without at least one more post defending foreskin. Read a ton of our previous coverage here.

A Note To My Readers, Ctd

In response to our Dish RIP post, a reader titles her email “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Ctd”: Ugh. I had a sliver of hope and now it’s gone. I understand, but man, this sucks bad. I knew there was a chance you’d go through with leaving, so I’ve been looking around at other places to look for this […]

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