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The Way Americans Die

It’s getting worse: The number of Americans experiencing pain in the last year of life actually increased by nearly 12 percent between 1998 and 2010, according to a study released Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine. In addition, depression in the last year of life increased by more than 26 percent. That’s the case […]

The View From Your Window Contest: Winner #241

This, of course, is our final Window View contest. In some ways, I think of this feature as pure Dishness. It began with my desire to let readers know just how amazing and global the full readership is – something that is crystal clear in the in-tray but not necessarily to every Dish reader. I […]

“A Memorable Form Of Love”: An Interview With Spencer Reece, Ctd

Dish literary editor Matthew Sitman writes: Last Sunday we featured my long interview with the poet and priest Spencer Reece, “A Memorable Form of Love,” about his time teaching poetry to the girls of Our Little Roses orphanage in Honduras. One of the projects that emerged from his experiences there is a book manuscript, Las […]

The View From Your Window

Fargo, North Dakota, 10.08 am. Our reader writes: I’ve been meaning to send you a version of this view for awhile now. It’s looking south from the second-floor windows of the studio where I have been a stained glass apprentice for about three years now. (We all check in from work, don’t we?) The building […]

Captain Ahab Strikes Gold At Last?

The timing couldn’t be more perfect (or frustrating): a new, fascinating factoid shedding light on Sarah Palin’s fantasies.

A Note To My Readers, Ctd.

It’s been a highly emotional and tough week for the Dish team, especially given the outpouring of love from the in-tray. We’re so grateful and not a little moved by your insistence that the Dish somehow go on, post-Sully. But the truth is: we’ve been grappling with that question now for months, and this is […]

Cheap Gas Won’t Kill The Electric Car

Daniel Gross theorizes that, with regard to cars, “hybrids and electric markets are actually two distinct markets”: Nobody needs a $60,000 car to get around town. But plenty of people buy BMWs, Audis, and Porsches precisely because they are status symbols. And that’s the thing with all-electric cars. The people who buy them—and especially those […]

Actually, Someone Is Arguing That

Freddie has grown tired of one tactic for shutting down debate: There are all kinds of arguments in the world — right ones, wrong ones, constructive ones, destructive ones, sincere ones, disingenuous ones, funny ones, serious ones. But at this stage in my life as an arguer, none is as consistently, exhaustingly unhelpful as “no […]

Should Christians Say The Pledge Of Allegiance? Ctd

Readers rightly push back on this post: Putting aside the question of the specific language of the Pledge and whether or not it’s kind of silly to even have one, it seems that the real question raised by Korey and Cupp is whether a Christian can have an allegiance to the U.S. To suggest that […]

Shady Supplements

Don’t believe the labels: Many pills and capsules sold as herbal “supplements” contain little more than powdered rice and house plants, according to a report released Monday by the office of New York state attorney general Eric Schneiderman. An investigation found that nearly four of five herbal supplements do not contain the ingredients listed on […]

Face Of The Day

#tbt to @sullydish and i inventing the Barack Obama who, for a moment, emerged as a truly unifying national figure — Rob Dubbin (@robdubbin) January 29, 2015

A Reader And Me

Here’s a little blast of Dishness over the years. A reader just emailed me her latest missive in a correspondence between us that goes back to 2008. Here’s the eight-year exchange: I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and I have to thank you. It gives me something more intelligent to do […]

Suicide Leaves Behind Nothing, Ctd

A reader revives the debate over whether suicide is selfish: I don’t really understand it. I guess people are motivated by loyalty or empathy to stick up for the deceased. But if we try to think of any reasonable definition of selfishness, say “putting one’s own needs and desires before those of everyone else,” we […]

Mental Health Break

Just because it’s a classic and it’s still my blog and it says something about how I feel right now:

Clearly A Cult, Ctd

A reader is on to us: Charismatic, bearded, and sometimes hysterical leader? Check. Devoted followers hanging on his every word and begging him to take their money? Check. An unaccountable leadership cadre controlling all communications among the group? A hefty dose of religious mumbo-jumbo? A whole coded in-group language? Check, check, check. The Dish is […]

Busted With An Eggcorn, Ctd

For the seemingly never-ending thread, a reader sends the above hathetic spelling for colitas – Mexican slang for marijuana buds: I happen to be karaoking tonight in Korea Town for a friend’s birthday and we happened on what I think is a brilliant new subgenre: the karaoke eggcorn! Of course, we couldn’t let that go […]

The Arc Of The Dish 2000 – 2015

One of the minor reasons I decided to stop blogging is that, it seems to me, there is an arc to the story of the Dish and the world this past decade and a half; and there is something about this moment that seems as close to closure as history will ever get. I began […]

Sunday’s Televised Brain Damage

Adam Chandler describes the latest incident in the concussion crisis plaguing the NFL: During the fourth quarter of the [Super Bowl], Patriots receiver Julian Edelman took a vicious hit from Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor that rendered him dazed. As the replays spun, a former league official tweeted that Chancellor should have been flagged for a […]

Beards Of The Week

A reader: And his ancestor: This is a photo of my great-great-grandfather Louis Doiron circa 1904, perhaps the burliest Cajun in Parks, Louisiana at the turn of the twentieth century (and of picture of my not-even-worthy beard this morning). I’ve been wanting to send this photo to you for a while. Now that the end […]

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