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Those Regressive Scandinavians, Ctd

Mike Konczal lets the air out of Cathie Jo Martin and Alexander Hertel-Fernandez’s claim that the US has a more progressive tax system than Sweden: They are measuring how much of tax revenue comes from the top decile (or, alternatively, the concentration coefficient of tax revenue), and calling that the progressivity of taxation (“how much […]

Can Obama Seal The Iran Deal Without Congress?

Earlier this week, David Sanger reported that the administration is looking at ways to avoid a Congressional vote on a nuclear agreement with Iran, including ways to suspend sanctions via executive fiat. Jack Goldsmith takes issue with that approach, arguing that it would make any eventual deal very tenuous: The fact that the President does […]

Giving Gray Some Shade

The political philosopher John Gray is known, among other things, for his iconoclastic and often brilliant review essays (we recently featured his takedown of Richard Dawkins here). Anthony McCarthy returns the favor by panning Gray’s recent book, The Silence of Animals, quipping that it “could equally well have been called The Silence of Turnips“: Things […]

The State Of The Race In South Dakota

New South Dakota Senate Poll: Rounds 48; Weiland 24; Pressler 16 — Jon Lauck (@jlauck1941) October 23, 2014 Earlier this week a reader from Texas gave us a great rundown of midterms down there. A reader in South Dakota follows suit: Six months ago, I would tell anybody who would listen that there was […]

Walt Whitman, Shameless Self-Promoter

Although the poet’s famed 1882 meeting with Oscar Wilde is now perhaps best known for alleged sexual shenanigans, David M. Friedman, the author of Wilde in America: Oscar Wilde and the Invention of Modern Celebrity, emphasizes the role their confab played in the development of celebrity culture. Friedman writes, “the real subject of Whitman’s conversation […]

Dissents Of The Day

A reader quotes me: I still favor maximal religious liberty – even for a public accommodation like this one because requiring individuals to perform a marriage ceremony against their beliefs is just something we don’t do in a liberal society. This business had two parts, based on the descriptions you provided. The first part was […]

Losing The Opium War

A new report (pdf) from the office of John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, reveals that poppy production in Afghanistan hit a record high of 209,000 hectares last year, despite a $7.6 billion eradication effort: “In past years, surges in opium poppy cultivation have been met by a coordinated response from the […]

The Black Plague

A handy guide to use if people suspect you have #Ebola. #Ebolanoia — Infectious Chris (@InfectiousChris) October 21, 2014 While Americans remain far safer from Ebola than you’d know from watching cable news, the epidemic still presents a real crisis in the three West African countries hardest hit, with the World Health Organization reporting […]

How SpaceX Achieved Lift Off

Tim Fernholz has a lengthy profile of the aerospace company: SpaceX currently charges $61.2 million per launch. Its cost-per-kilogram of cargo to low-earth orbit, $4,653, is far less than the $14,000 to $39,000 offered by its chief American competitor, the United Launch Alliance. Other providers often charge $250 to $400 million per launch; NASA pays […]

A Warmer, More Violent Planet

Chris Mooney flags a new meta-study on “the existing research examining the relationship between climate change and violence and conflict”: [F]or a degree Celsius of temperature increase (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit), [Stanford researcher Marshall Burke] says there could be a 20 percent increase in civil conflict in Africa. The impact of warming varies by region, however; […]

A Small Bit Of Justice For Iraqis

Four Blackwater guards found guilty in Iraq shootings: — RYOT NEWS (@RYOTnews) October 23, 2014 Four former Blackwater security contractors were found guilty yesterday in the infamous...Show More Summary

The Right’s Lingering Palin Problem

I guess this was inevitable, if hilarious. After the Palin family got itself into a drunken brawl at someone else’s house, in which Bristol Palin is alleged to have punched the owner in the face multiple times – partly confirmed, by the way, by her own sister Willow (“She missed every fucking time!“) – a […]

Book Club: Does The Self Exist? Ctd

This reader liked the book, to say the least: ?I am 69, an atheist, and a retired engineer. Until I read about Waking Up on the Dish, I had never heard of Sam Harris. Because of his book, not only will I die happily, I will be happier for the rest of my life. For […]

The Most Expensive Midterms Ever

The Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) does the calculations: Almost $4 billion will be spent for this year’s midterm election, the [CRP] is projecting. That figure makes this year’s election by far the most expensive midterm ever. The candidates and parties alone will combine to spend about $2.7 billion, while outside groups will likely spend […]

A No-Drama Ebola Policy, Ctd

On top of the modest travel restrictions from the DHS, the CDC announced yesterday that anyone traveling from the epicenters of the epidemic will be monitored for 21 days after they enter the US: Tom Frieden, director of the CDC, said that anyone arriving from the three countries – Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia – […]

The Senate Map Turns Redder

That latest from Sabato’s Crystal Ball: Our present ratings leave Republicans with 49 seats and Democrats with 47 seats, with four Toss-ups: Georgia and Louisiana, which both might be heading to overtime, and Colorado and Kansas, where incumbents Udall and Roberts are in deep trouble — especially Udall — but retain a path to victory. […]

Face Of The Day

A reader submits the above screenshot: For your FOTD, might I suggest Kevin Vickers, Sergeant at Arms in the Parliament of Canada, walking the halls and making sure everything’s ok after having calmly left his office to shoot and kill a terrorist. More on the hero here. Watch him get a standing ovation entering the […]

Marijuana Doesn’t Make You Stupid

Ingraham draws attention to a new study on teen pot use and IQ: Even heavy marijuana use wasn’t associated with IQ. “In particular alcohol use was found to be strongly associated with IQ decline,” the authors write. “No other factors were found to be predictive of IQ change.” The UK study does find evidence, however, […]

“Being A Nerd Is Not Supposed To Be A Good Thing” Ctd

An “actual nerd” joins this reader in stating his case for true nerdom: Female nerds take a stand against the reader: He is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with this particular sordid corner of NerdCulture. As a woman, I earned my nerd status in exactly the same way as every other picked-on […]

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