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Can Republicans Avoid The Trap Obama Set?

Noam Scheiber highly doubts it: [T]he conservative message machine has gone on at length about the “constitutional crisis” the president is instigating. The right has compared Obama to a monarch (see here and here), a Latin American caudillo, even a conspirator against the Roman Republic. (Ever melodrama much?) The rhetoric gets a little thick. But […]

Obama’s Legal Footing Is Sound

That’s Walter Dellinger’s determination: The idea that the immigration plan just announced by President Obama is a lawless power grab is absurd. As the Justice Department legal analysis that was just released amply demonstrates, much of the advance criticism of the president’s action has been uninformed and unwarranted. The opinion is well-reasoned and at times […]

What Happens To The Iran Talks Now?

No nuclear deal in sight as US and Iran both leave talks in Vienna just days before deadline — AJE News (@AJENews) November 21, 2014 Monday is the deadline for reaching a comprehensive agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program. Despite some hopeful signs in recent weeks, it is not likely to be met: not […]

Republicans Take Obama To Court

House Republicans just filed their lawsuit against Obama “over unilateral actions on the health care law that they say are abuses of the president’s executive authority.” Michael Lynch and Rachel Surminsky list reasons the lawsuit is likely to fail. Among them: The courts have made it evident through precedent that they do not want to […]

What Is The GOP’s Immigration Policy?

Here’s what Obama did last night: Ezra requests that Republicans formulate a real response: Republicans need to decide what to do with the 11 million unauthorized immigrants living in the country now. They need to take away Obama’s single strongest argument — that this is a crisis, and that congressional Republicans don’t have an answer […]

America Is A Good Place To Be Undocumented

Relatively speaking: Illegal immigrants do not cause exploitative employers to put Americans out of a job. Rather, the toleration of exploitative employers is what creates the demand for illegal immigrants. To illustrate this, look to Europe. In August, your correspondent was standing on the seafront in Calais, France, asking young penniless Africans why they were […]

Making Yourself Legal Isn’t So Easy

I can now have temporary status, a work permit–and see my Mama in Philippines after 21yr separation @DefineAmerican #ImmigrationAction — Jose Antonio Vargas (@joseiswriting) November 21, 2014 For Jose Antonio Vargas, the executive action Obama took last night was personal: Of all the questions I get asked as an undocumented immigrant in the United States, […]

Obamacare’s Numbers Were Inflated

The administration “erroneously” over-counted Obamacare enrollments by “incorrectly adding 380,000 dental subscribers to raise the total above 7 million.” Jonathan Cohn calls the error “inexcusable.” McArdle face palms: Adding in a bunch of unrelated plans, with all the attendant risk of being exposed and embarrassed, seems flatly insane. Show More Summary

The Generation Gap On Global Warming

It’s significant: The key question, though, is whether even within the GOP, there is a split between younger and older voters on climate change. Sure enough, our poll suggests that this is the case … What this shows is that age matters above and beyond partisanship in how people think about the climate issue. Roughly […]

Obama’s Immigration Speech: Reader Reax

One writes: Watching Obama last night, I really felt that the quotation from scripture was the most powerful part of his speech. For too long the GOP base has wanted to have it both ways on immigration and Christianity. On the one hand, they consider themselves the true guardians of Christian orthodoxy and scriptural truth. […]

Obama’s Immigration Speech: Blog Reax

The speech in full (transcript here): Chris Cillizza thought the speech “fit more neatly into the Obama of the 2008 campaign and the first term of his presidency — heavy on inspiration and imagery, relatively light on details and depth”: It’s the sort of address Obama is both best at and most comfortable giving. The […]

Live-Blogging Obama’s Immigration Speech

Well, I should confess something up-front. I found the president’s peroration deeply moving as an immigrant myself who has experienced a little of the fear and insecurity that being in some way on the wrong side of the immigration services can incur. The paradox of living somewhere and building a life and knowing that it […]

Why Is Obamacare Unpopular?

Bill Gardner reviews research on the question: Jon Krosnick, Wendy Gross, and colleagues at Stanford and Kaiser ran large surveys to measure public understanding of the ACA and how it was associated with approval of the law. They found that accurate knowledge about what’s in the bill varied with party identification: Democrats understood the most […]

Face Of The Day

Ben Guefrache Fatma of Tunisia, a contestant of the Miss World Muslimah 2014, during a practice session before the final round at Prambanan temple in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on November 20, 2014. Around 25 finalists take a part in the 4th Muslim World contest. By Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images.

How Seriously Should We Take Christie?

Compared to most other GOP presidential contenders, Christie isn’t well liked by Republicans: Despite such numbers, Mark Leibovich sees the logic of a Christie run: There is a theory in presidential politics that electorates will gravitate to the candidate who represents the biggest departure from the incumbent, especially if they have grown weary of that […]

The Best Judge Of SCOTUS

He has no formal legal training: Jacob Berlove, 30, of Queens, is the best human Supreme Court predictor in the world. Actually, forget the qualifier. He’s the best Supreme Court predictor in the world. He won FantasySCOTUS three years running. He correctly predicts cases more than 80 percent of the time. … I told [law […]

We Might Be Over Ebola, But Ebola Isn’t Over, Ctd

The latest YouGov poll illustrates how quickly Americans have moved on from freaking out about the disease and the government’s response to it, indicating that media sensationalism and partisan politics infected far more Americans than Ebola ever will: Republicans have exhibited the greatest change. At the end of October, 67% of Republicans said the government […]

Quotes For The Day

“The framers of our Constitution, wary of the dangers of monarchy, gave the Congress tools to rein in abuses of power. They believed if the president wants to change the law, he cannot act alone; he must work with Congress. He may not get everything he wants, but the Constitution requires compromise between the branches. […]

Yglesias Award Nominee

“The reasons for rethinking the intervention go beyond Libya itself. I had placed a great deal of emphasis on the demonstration effects of an intervention. My hope had been that the intervention would act to restrain other autocrats from unleashing deadly force against protesters and encourage wavering activists to push forward in their demands for […]

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