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Looking Good For Governors

As Lindsay Graham continues to make Droopy noises about entering the ’16 fray, Harry Enten notes a trend among GOP voters: According to a Pew Research Center poll conducted last year, 51 percent of Republicans would rather their 2016 nominee to be a governor than a member of Congress. That’s up from 2007, when just […]

The View From Your Aviary

The regularly scheduled contest is coming a bit late today, so in the meantime: Upper West Side. Manhattan. Yes, that’s a hawk. Though not of the sea variety.

The Budget Obama Wanted

Check out President Obama’s comprehensive budget plan, and see how he’s investing in middle-class families: — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) February 2, 2015 Yglesias looks at what isn’t in Obama’s budget: There’s no entitlement reform. Show More Summary

How Big An Asshole Is Chris Christie?

The question is a truly difficult one. I used to find Christie’s bluntness and boldness refreshing. I don’t mind his aggressive manner – it’s entertaining at least, and we can all use some personality in our politics at times. I’m in favor of standing up to public sector union mediocrity. I like his relative social […]

A Definition Of Sponsored Content

The NYT came up with one today: Mark Thompson, the company’s chief executive, highlighted digital advertising numbers, specifically noting growth in mobile and video ad sales, as well as native advertising, which are ads that resemble news articles. I can live with that definition. I just don’t know how the NYT lives with the reality […]

Where Comedy Crackles

Last week, Louis C.K. emailed his fans a manifesto on the importance of comedy clubs: Nightclubs, comedy clubs, is where comedy is born and where comedy, standup comedy, truly lives. Going back to Abraham Lincoln, who was probably America’s first comedian, Americans have enjoyed gathering at night in small packed (and once smokey) rooms, drinking […]

It Makes Cents

Bouree Lamjan revisits a topic the Dish discussed at some length after we set the minimum price for a Dish subscription: The “undercover” economist Tim Harford (he has a book and writes column at the Financial Times by that title) has explained the theories for why prices in our world end in “9.” First is […]

Don’t Count The GOP Out

John Judis fears “a resurgent Republican coalition”: Republicans are gaining dramatically among a group that had tilted toward Democrats in 2006 and 2008: Call them middle-class Americans. These are voters who generally work in what economist Stephen Rose has called “the office economy.” In exit polling, they can roughly be identified as those who have […]

The ISIS Cancer Spreads

ISIS-affiliated group claims responsibility for Tripoli hotel attack — CBC News (@CBCNews) January 29, 2015 Jon Lee Anderson describes how the group made its way to Libya: The Libyan ISIS affiliate had been developing for some time. Show More Summary

The Online Conversation That’s Dying Out

Ezra Klein acknowledges it: Blogging encourages interjections into conversations, and it thrives off of familiarity. Social media encourages content that can travel all on its own. … The incentives of the social web make it a threat to the conversational web. The need to create content that “travels” is at war with the fact that […]

A Measly Epidemic

Measles Day at Disney! #WorstDayIn4Words @HashtagShenani — Joe Messina (@joemessin) February 1, 2015 Thanks in part to anti-vaxxer hysteria, now getting a boost from Christie, the measles are making a comeback this year: Between Jan. 1 to 30, 102 cases of the measles were reported to the CDC from 14 different states. The majority […]

Face Of The Day

A reader does his best impression of a Dishhead:

Reading My Own Obits

That’s how the past week has felt. Tyler Cowen went so far as to call me “the most influential public intellectual of the last 20 years.” Here’s how you make a blogger blush: I thought long and hard before selecting Andrew for the designation of most influential public intellectual. Perhaps Paul Krugman has changed more […]

Mental Health Break

A reader digs up Colbert’s priceless take on blogging – from February 2005:

The GOP And The Anti-Vaxxers

Chris Christie’s endorsement of parental choice over public health while we have a measles epidemic strikes me as yet another disqualifying aspect of his judgment, character and personality in his bid for the presidency. Here’s some important context for his remarks: “Michael, what I said was that there has to be a balance and it […]

The View From Your Window

Changsha, China, 8.13 am. Our reader adds: I have never been sure if this was your “personal” email or the blanket inbox for the Dish. I got very excited when I saw that the VFYW contest was still happening this week. Any crumb gives me hope things will go on.

Looking At Looking Again

I wrote a review of the breakthrough gay drama about a year ago. I loved it. It spawned quite a thread here at the Dish. Money quote: Along with Michael Lannan, Haigh is the first director and writer to actually bring no apparent cultural or ideological baggage to the subject matter. There is no shame […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane

“There’s not much money in the me-zine so far. In February, began a voluntary payment system that allows readers to put their money where their mouse is. By early April, Sullivan had taken in nearly $9,000 through the Amazon system and direct contributions. Kaus had just over $1,000 through Amazon; Postrel netted $630 through […]

Tweet Of The Day

I asked @dinamartina if she’d had a chance to watch the #Seahawks and she responded, “Oh was their an aviary show? So sad I missed that.” — stevenblum (@stevenblum) February 2, 2015

Cool Ad Watch

If someone had told me when I started this blog after a decade of campaigning for marriage equality in the 1990s, that the above ad would be playing in Alabama in 2015, I would have thought them nuts. And yet here we are.

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