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Solo But Not Single

Maureen O’Connor wonders about the role masturbation plays in relationships: Most studies find that a big majority of married Americans report masturbating (and since it’s self-reporting, that probably undersells it). “Even if I had all the men in the world that I wanted in my bed, even if I had Ryan Gosling, I would still […]

Face Of The Day

From the in-tray: As a long-time reader, subscriber and rare participant, I wanted to share a photo for the View From Your Window segment: this afternoon at the Korean DMZ, North Korean guards looking into the conference room where meetings between the UN and North Koreans are periodically held.

Tuning In To Diversity

Chenjerai Kumanyika feels that “few of the hosts of popular narrative non-fiction podcasts and public radio programs like This American Life, Invisibilia, RadioLab, Startup, and Strangers are non-white.” He wonders how greater diversity in narrators and hosts would affect the “public voice” of radio: In August and then again in November 2014, my wife and […]

A Poem For Saturday

“On the Grasshopper and Cricket” by John Keats (1795-1821): The poetry of earth is never dead: When all the birds are faint with the hot sun, And hide in cooling trees, a voice will run From hedge to hedge about the new-mown mead; That is the Grasshopper’s—he takes the lead In summer luxury,–he has never […]

A Short Story For Saturday

Given this week’s weather, Tobias Wolff’s “Hunters in the Snow” seemed like a timely selection – though of course the story isn’t really about snow. Here’s how it begins: Tub had been waiting for an hour in the falling snow. He paced the sidewalk to keep warm and stuck his head out over the curb […]

A History Divided

The Pakistani novelist Kamila Shamsie tours the National Museum of her native country, noting that “it’s the pre-Islamic parts that most interest me”: In the centre of the [Late Harappan (or Indus Valley Civilisation) Room], on a podium of his own, is that most iconic of the Indus Valley Civilisation’s artefacts: the priest-king. Unlike many […]

Recording The Ordinary

Cody Delistraty finds value in it: Why write down routine conversations, ones we’ve had a million times and will have a million times more? Isn’t it more important to remember extraordinary moments: first steps, graduations, jobs, awards, marriage, retirement, vacations? Yet people seldom realize how fondly they will look back on days spent mundanely: a […]

Making Contact With Students

Jessica Lahey is an advocate for it: Society’s well-intentioned attempts to shelter children from the possibility of inappropriate touching have deprived teachers of an important teaching tool and children of an essential sensory, educational, and developmental experience. Show More Summary

Busted With An Eggcorn, Ctd

We could all use some more of these right now: In case the Dish doesn’t go ahead, I have an eggcorn to share. My wife and I both work, so we have a nanny for our two kids. We live in SE Asia, and our nanny speaks English fairly well, but it’s her second language. […]

A Note To My Readers

[Re-posted from earlier this week.] One of the things I’ve always tried to do at the Dish is to be up-front with readers. This sometimes means grotesque over-sharing; sometimes it means I write imprudent arguments I have to withdraw; sometimes it just means a monthly update on our revenues and subscriptions; and sometimes I stumble […]

The View From Your Window

Patagonia, Arizona, 12.23 pm. The reader is arguably our best VFYW contributor ever, given all of her great submissions over the years, stretching back to the beginning of the feature. We got her permission to print her full name below (given the Dish’s default anonymity policy): Andrew, you have become a HUGE part of my […]

Could The Dish Continue Without Me?

Many, many readers have asked that core question since Wednesday’s post: You’re just done? Everyone? Chris and Patrick and the gang aren’t holding down the domain? We could learn to love them; they seem like smart, dedicated folks. They lack your endearingly fallible, sometimes hysterical, always entertaining voice, but give them a shot, a trial […]

Tweet Of The Day

@sullydish Andrew leaving The Dish is pretty much like this all the way around: — Tony (@WheelsRI) January 28, 2015

A Blogger Breaks Free: Your Thoughts, Unfiltered

area man quits blogging due to creeping misandry — Jessica Roy (@JessicaKRoy) January 28, 2015 @sullydish quits blogging. Mohels everywhere breathe a sigh of relief. #AndrewSullivan — iolantherosa (@iolantherosa) January 28, 2015 Just a reminder that the Dish has a Facebook page where you can leave any comment you like – the good, the bad, […]

Beard Of The Week, Ctd

Our long-time hirsute reader sends an update: I kept going back to The Dish all day on Wednesday hoping there would be at least one more post after “A Note To My Readers“. It’s been ten years since I started visiting your blog on a daily or sometimes hourly basis, depending on what was happening […]

A Poem For Thursday

Dish poetry editor Alice Quinn writes: If we replace the word “today” in the title of the poem below with “yesterday,” perhaps we have an apt valedictory poem to Andrew following his note of Wednesday about his sad (but for him also liberating) retreat from blogging for the time being. The poet is a certified […]

How It Happened

Over a year ago, I did an interview with John Huey who was engaged in a long project at the Nieman Foundation of documenting how the Internet changed journalism. He sat me down and asked me to spell out the various stages of the Dish experiment and what I thought I was doing at the […]

Face Of The Day

Stumbled upon The Dish in ’07, & it’s been a constant companion. Even named my dog Sully. Thx @sullydish @dishfeed — Ryan McCostlin (@rmccost) January 29, 2015

A Blogger Breaks Free: Blog Reax

Joe Jervis completely understands my decision to stop blogging: Man, do I get this. Anybody who does live news blogging knows all too well the havoc this kind of work can wreak upon your personal life. Sure, there’s great freedom to be able to work wherever you are and any time. But you also have […]

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