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These Sping-Loaded Skate Trucks Make Me Wish I Knew How To Skateboard 

2 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Skateboard suspension is an idea that sounds long overdue—modern skateboarding is a lot rougher than it was when my parents were young. Professional riders fly through the air, grind across metal rails and land on hard concrete after jumping down enormous flights of stairs. Show More Summary

Medical Robots Can Be Hacked During Surgery, Researchers Find

2 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle have just hijacked a teleoperated surgical robot, demonstrating major security weaknesses in the machines that may eventually replace a surgeon’s hands in hospitals worldwide. Yikes. Read more...

The M7.8 Earthquake In Nepal Is Going To Be Really, Really Nasty

2 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

A major shallow earthquake hit near Kathmandu in Nepal just before noon on Saturday local time. Between high population densities, intense prolonged shaking, unstable slopes, and inadequate buildings, this has the makings of a very nasty disaster. Read more...

Artist's Trash Exhibitions Depict A Planet Colonized By Plastic

2 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Landfills, E-waste piles, and ocean garbage patches are a part of our world we’d rather not see, but these eyesores aren’t going away. Rather than simply accept that our planet is being swallowed by garbage, one artist has started turning this discarded junk into something beautiful. Read more...

The Life of an Ex-Hacker Who Is Now Banned from Using the Internet 

2 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

When programmer Higinio Ochoa wants to share some a batch of new code with his boss, he has to mail it in on paper. Why the roundabout process? Ochoa is a convicted hacker, and his punishment is that he is not allowed to use the internet. Read more...

Sorry Trekkies, Tau Ceti Probably Doesn't Harbor Alien Life

2 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

The number of exoplanets that might harbor alien life grows every year. But now, astronomers now think we can check one of science fiction’s most beloved staples off the list: Tau Ceti. Read more...

Starbucks Computers Are Down Nationwide, And You Might Get Free Coffee

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Think you’re going to pay for Starbucks with your shiny new Apple Watch this evening? Think again. Starbucks computers are down across the United States, and some stores are giving out free coffee in the meanwhile. I certainly enjoyed mine! Read more...

Paratroopers fill the sky in awesome photo

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Here’s a really cool photo showing US Army and British paratroopers jumping out of C-130J Super Hercules airplanes in a line at Fort Bragg. It was the largest jump exercise in 20 years at Fort Bragg and there are so many paratroopers filling the sky that it looks like a floating human wall (okay, a fence?) has been created. Read more...

Simple robot arm is hilariously efficient at packing up bolts in a box

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

This robot is so dumb and goofy but also very, very decent at its very, very simple job: it packs up bolts in such perfect alternating orientation that it would make any factory worker jealous. In fact, with the soundtrack that the video is set to, I almost wish that I will come back as this robot arm in my next life. Read more...

The Best of Gizmodo This Week

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

What I really want to point out this week is two original Gizmodo videos, both awesome. We time-warped to the lair of badass swordsmith and watched him forge swords. And we created a totally bizarre yet oddly soothing video of Jony Ive crooning adjectives about the Apple Watch. Speaking of Apple Watch... Read more...

This Japanese Gymnast Game Is the Laziest Way To Train For the Olympics

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

You can do everything from fly fighters jets, to steal cars, to fight wars in a video game, but there will always still be something appealing about games like this gymnastics challenge that test your timing and reflexes in real life. Plus, it just might give you the skills you need to try out for the Olympic games one day—try out, not make the team. Read more...

Madame Tussauds Names 10 Nominees for Next Tech Icon to be Wax-ified

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

The Madame Tussauds in San Francisco already has a waxy Jobs and a waxy Zuck. But now they want you to decide who they should do next. They’ve wittled the nominees down to ten. Who would you choose? You can vote here! Read more...

Drink Beer Cocktails If You Don't Want to Get Hammered Tonight 

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Getting drunk is very fun! This is a truth known to both human and island-dwelling monkey for centuries. But some nights, ALAS, are no good for chasing a Long Island Iced Tea with seven watermelon vodka shots and regret. Read more.....

Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

We could talk about the Apple Watch. We could also talk about nothing related to the damned watch. Happy Friday, Gizmodo. What’s on your mind? Read more...

Save 10% on Everything Monoprice Sells

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Monoprice is already known for bargain basement prices, but they’re currently taking an extra 10% off sitewide with promo code SPRING10, which opens up a whole world of deal possibilities. Read more...

Lost YouTube: 7 Videos From the Internet's Weirdest, Darkest Depths

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

YouTube is, for the most part, the place where everything Right and Good goes to die. But move those lifeless cat and listicle corpses aside, and you’ll find a dark, fascinating world that’s all too easy to get lost in for hours. So instead of losing part of your own life to YouTube’s depths, we’ve brought the underbelly to you. Read more...

Riding Motorcycles And Ostriches In Vietnam's Mountains

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Want to see the mountains, forests and farms of the “real” Vietnam? Get away from the tourist hoards, get on a motorcycle and go. I just did that, and even got to ride an ostrich. Here’s how you can too. Read more...

The Minority Report Of Famine Prediction Knows Where To Send Aid

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

On a day spent dodging Periscope unboxings of Apple Watches on the other side of the country, it’s difficult to believe that there’s too little information in the world. But when it comes to life-and-death predictions of agriculture in Africa, our system is woefully inadequate, and the only hope is space. Read more...

The Ultimate Guide To This Summer's Science Fiction And Supernatural TV 

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Avoid the hot, hot burning sun of the summer by staying indoors with all this great new supernatural and science fiction TV — including The Whispers which had better be the best new thing ever or we’re flipping tables, plus spaceship shows! Read more...

I Now Have a Robot Editing All My Emails to Avoid Snafus

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Gizmodo Reviews Editor Sean Hollister and I have a problem: we’re long time friends but we totally suck at communicating over email. We misunderstand each other and fight a lot. It’s terrible. Today I found a web app called “Crystal” that promises to fix that. It’s editing this post right now. Read more...

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