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Tom Hanks Offers His Services to the Women's National Soccer Team

In today’s Tweet Beat, Tom Hanks wants to help out, Mandy Moore should get a room and Caitlyn Jenner hangs with her squad. Read more...

The Supreme Court has announced it will re-hear the case of Abigail Fisher, the woman who claims she

The Supreme Court has announced it will re-hear the case of Abigail Fisher, the woman who claims she was denied entry to the University of Texas because she is white. Several lower courts have ruled that wasn’t the case. Fisher’s lawsuit has the potential to permanently wreck affirmative action for all American colleges and universities. Read more...

Reminder: Donald Trump Is a Tremendous Idiot

In a recent interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, presidential hopeful Donald Trump totally showed his ass when asked for his stances on trade, gay marriage, global warning, and global politics. Read more...

Here's How That New Sex Pill for Women Actually Works

Sometime in the next two months, the FDA will vote on whether to approve flibanserin, a new drug to treat women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or lack of desire for sex. The drug has been touted as “female Viagra,” in the sense that it helps bring sex back into these women’s lives. But Flibanserin doesn’t actually work like Viagra. Read more...

Very Chill Seal Pup Spends the Day in Queens

A seal pup spent the day on a boat slip in Queens, and I will never forgive myself for not thieving it and forcing it to live in my bathtub. Read more...

Diner's 'Scalia Is a Douche' Breakfast Delicacy Sells Out On Arrival

Antonin Scalia may act like he doesn’t care, but it must hurt at least a little bit to know that a brunch dish named after his horribleness was sold out so quickly that it made heads spin. Read more...

So Many Dating Sites Are Owned by the Same Company

Quick reminder if you’re deliberating between Tinder and OK Cupid and Match: They’re all owned by the same corporate parent, anyway! Read more...

Everyone Drowns in Semen in the Jizzy NSFW Trailer for Love 

Gaspar Noé’s forthcoming film Love, which premiered at Cannes last month, has already been hailed as “the most sexually explicit film of the year,” featuring a boatload of graphic, unsimulated sex in 3D. Which is especially potent, apparently, when one of the actors ejaculates directly at the camera. Read more...

SCOTUS Stops Horrid Texas Abortion Restrictions, For Now

The Supreme Court has issued a temporary stay on HB 2, Texas’ disastrous anti-abortion law, which would have closed most clinics in the state. That means the state will be temporarily unable to enforce the law; the Supreme Court will likely hear the case next term. This is good news, for now, possibly followed next year by extremely bad news. Read more...

Bree Newsome Releases Statement: 'I Refuse to Be Ruled By Fear'

Bree Newsome, the heroic woman who climbed a flagpole in Charleston, South Carolina and briefly removed the Confederate flag that still waves over the capitol building, has spoken out about her actions. Read more...

Summer Whites and Glittery Glamour at the BET Awards

Last night’s 35-hour-long BET Awards performance featured a reunion performance by Puff Daddy and the Family, which could have served as an overarching theme for the dress code: summer whites are so hot right now, and half the attendees could have headed straight to the Hamptons after the ceremony for a Diddy White Party. Read more...

E.L. James Inexplicably Did a Twitter Q&A 

Serious question: Why are celebrities still doing Twitter Q&As? Especially controversial celebrities? Well, you can hop on #AskELJames and ask her, but she probably won’t answer, because she’s busy ignoring all the other questions she got today. Read more...

Fine Dining in the Land of Fire and Ice

I’ve never been an adventurous eater. For example, the most daring I’ve ever gotten with seafood is tuna from a can, and even then I drowned it in mayonnaise (like a true American). So when I decided to go on a solo trip to Iceland,Show More Summary

Iggy Azalea: I Don't Have To Suck Britney Spears's Asshole 24/7

If, like many people, you believe former rapper Iggy Azalea must suck Britney Spears’s asshole 24/7 to be her friend, you’re wrong. I don’t wanna hear your argument, either, so don’t even try! Iggy Azalea does not have to suck Britney...Show More Summary

What's the Best Blow Dryer?

A better blow dryer can save you a ton of time, save you from going out or going to bed with wet hair, and also just dry your hair consistently, safely, more quietly, and with less electricity. Which blow dryer deserves to blast you with hot air on a regular basis? Tell us in the comments. Read more...

Man Thinks NBC Changed Logo For Gay Marriage, Will Have None Of It

Poor, poor Don Stair. All this Little Rock resident wanted was to live in a world where the media doesn’t cater to the views of one tiny and perverted sexual minority. That’s why he was livid when his NBC affiliate changed the colors...Show More Summary

Zadie Smith Is Co-Writing a New Claire Denis Film Set In Outer Space

Claire Denis, the French filmmaker known for mesmerizing works like Beau Travail and White Material, has hired Zadie Smith to co-write her first English-language film. Her stories generally take place in France or Africa, but this one, mon dieu, is going to be set in outer space. ScreenDaily reports: Read more...

Why Don't Rich People Talk to Their Children About Money?

Nearly everyone agrees that children need to learn the value of a dollar, but how many parents are willing to tell their children the exact dollar figure of their own income? Turns out, not that many—and the more affluent the parent, the less likely they are to disclose their income to their offspring. The reasons for this are telling. Read more...

NBC Cuts Ties With Donald Trump, For Obvious Reasons 

CNN media reporter Brian Stelter is reporting that NBC won’t be airing the upcoming Miss USA pageant, one part of the three-headed lipsticked hydra that is Donald Trump’s Miss Universe Organization. NBC’s statement says that the decision not to air the pageant is directly due to Donald Trump being Donald Trump all the time. Show More Summary

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