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Selena Gomez Could Instagram Your Product for Half a Million Dollars

Selena “Kill Em With Kindness” Gomez, is, er, killing the social media advertising game. As the most popular person on Instagram (90.5 million followers), Adweek reports that she could charge about $550,000 to post just one photo of her hawking a product. Read more...

Rita Ora Will Groom Future Rita Oras As Host of America's Next Top Model

Well, don’t we all look foolish ... The answer to the question “What if Rita Ora was the new host of the revived version of America’s Next Top Model on Vh1? lol” has been answered. Read more...

A Wave of Drunk Teens Will Crash into Chicago Hospitals Over Lollapalooza Weekend

The busiest time at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago isn’t Halloween or the Fourth of July. It’s the weekend of Lollapalooza, when teen festival goers—rather than chilling out to some Radiohead—are getting so fucked up on drugs or booze that they’re brought to the hospital in droves. Read more...

Illinois Republicans Expel Trump Delegate After Racist Facebook Post

A Trump delegate has had her credentials revoked by the Illinois Republican Party for posting racist remarks on Facebook encouraging police officers to shoot black people—though she phrased it slightly less delicately. Read more...

Former Bachelor Ben Higgins Will Indeed Televise His Run for Office

Last season’s Bachelor Ben Higgins has announced that, as predicted, he will make his foray into public service, running as a Republican in the race for the 4th district of Colorado’s House. Higgins joins a lofty list of reality stars...Show More Summary

Meet the 'WellieWishers,' American Girl's Attempt at a Less Expensive Doll 

In June, American Girl launched its first wholly new collection in a decade: WellieWishers, which are slightly smaller and targeted to a younger demo, specifically girls five to seven. Read more...

You Can't Unsee or Unhear This Kiss From TLC's New Love at First Kiss Dating Show

Love at First Kiss is a reality dating show in which contestants kiss each other and then decide if they want more. Here’s a clip you can’t un-see. Read more...

Heroic Woman Somehow Gives Birth to 3 Sets of Twins in Under 3 Years

A woman in Kansas City, Kansas has given birth to three sets of fraternal twins in around two years. Yes, you read that correctly: Six children, two years, one woman, and what we can assume is zero sleep, and all without fertility drugs. Read more...

Jalopnik The Grand Tour’s Latest Promo Is Just What We Want To See From Top Gear | Lifehacker The Po

Jalopnik The Grand Tour’s Latest Promo Is Just What We Want To See From Top Gear | Lifehacker The Pokémon Go Trainer’s Advanced Tactics Handbook | io9 Our First Look at Amazon’s Reboot of The Tick | Kotaku The Rare Pokémon Go Monsters That No One Has Caught Yet | Read more...

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Both Got Exactly What They Wanted

CLEVELAND — Two southern delegates discussed Ted Cruz’s speech last night in the slow-moving cattle drive toward the security perimeter exit outside Quicken Loans Arena last night. Read more...

Roger Ailes Out at Fox News, Will Be Replaced by Rupert Murdoch

After a week of speculation and false reports, it seems that Roger Ailes is finally out at Fox News. According to a press release at 21st Century Fox, the former Chair and CEO resigned earlier today amid a sexual harassment scandal that...Show More Summary

Here Is the Juiciest Thing You'll Read About the RNC So Far

Harper’s Bazaar got the scoop of a lifetime when it landed an interview with Jason Kelly, the Democrat who’s doing all the stage make-up on speakers for the RNC. With the actual substance (or “substance”) of the event resembling theShow More Summary

Ding Dong Governor Does Good Thing

We finally tricked the government into tax-free ‘pons.

Stock Up on SmartWool With This Extremely Rare Deal

Moosejaw is running a big sale right now on several brands of outdoor apparel, but Smartwool is the one you really want to pay attention to. Smartwool socks and jackets are incredibly popular, but hardly ever see significant discounts. Read more...

Chipotle Employee Calls Job a 'Nightmare,' Starts Petition Asking for Better Conditions 

Despite their best efforts to win back the public with free burritos and loyalty cards, Chipotle just can’t seem to catch a break these days. The international chain of salt distributors are back in the headlines this week, but not due to another outbreak. This time it’s more of a mutiny. Read more...

Sex Tape of Congressional Delegate Posted Online After Hack

On Wednesday evening, a sex tape containing footage of U.S. Virgin Islands Rep. Stacey Plaskett and her husband as well as several photographs were posted online after her computer was hacked. The video and the images have since been taken down. Read more...

Say Goodbye to the VCR 

The last (known) maker of VCRs—that’s videocassette recorders, for the children out there—is throwing in the towel. Here ends an era. Not that anybody could ever program the goddamn things even at the height of their popularity, anyway. Read more...

Thanks to This Kotex Commercial From 1983, I Now Know What Periods Feel Like

As a man without a functioning uterus (I believe this is the second time I’ve begun a post on with those words), I couldn’t possibly begin to imagine what the monthly process of menstruation does to one’s psyche. Though my...Show More Summary

Paula Faris Might Be The View's Latest Casualty 

In the never-ending parade of hosts on ABC’s The View, another one might be biting the dust. According to Page Six, Paula Faris will be the next to be fired from the struggling morning talk show. Who knew we’d miss Elisabeth Hasselbeck, if only to keep the hosts we dislike recognizable? Read more...

Pro-Tip For Selling Your Home: Put Parker Posey In the Listing Photos

There’s an entire industry dedicated to staging homes for real estate listings. These people (dare I call them con artists?) come into your home and decide how to arrange either your furniture, their furniture, or fake furniture in a way that will make any prospective buyer have multiple orgasms upon entering, ultimately leading to a purchase. Read more...

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