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Irish Hurlers Play Game In Fenway Park, Have A Big Ol' Brawl

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

Hurling is an Irish sport that is similar to field hockey, and because the people of Boston love Irish Shit, the teams from Galway and Dublin decided to have themselves a match in Fenway Park. And then they got to fightin’! Read mor...

It's Almost Thanksgiving, So Bake A Delicious Pie! 

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

If your contribution to Thanksgiving dinner is usually a bottle of wine you grabbed on your way over to your aunt’s house, it’s time to step things up a bit. Put your freeloading holiday tradition behind you, and put on your chef’s hat, because today we’re going to teach you about pride and baking a pumpkin pie. Show More Summary

With Peyton Manning seeking a second opinion on his injured foot—and Brock Osweiler once again being

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

With Peyton Manning seeking a second opinion on his injured foot—and Brock Osweiler once again being named the starter for next week against the Patriots—Manning reportedly intends to play in 2016. Read more...

It's Been A Year Since Odell Beckham's Catch

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

It was one year ago today, a Sunday night game between the Giants and Cowboys, when Odell Beckham Jr. made his one-handed catch. I have absolutely nothing to add to this commemoration, other than gifting you the blessed memory of the totally fucking awesome thing that happened. Read more...

Johnny Manziel Partied With Expensive Champagne During His Bye Week

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

Heading into his team’s bye week, Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel told reporters that he planned to use the week off as a chance to “relax” and “shut it down.” Over the weekend, a video of Manziel dancing and holding a bottle of champagne while at a party in Austin, Tex., was posted on a DJ’s Instagram page. Show More Summary

Wu-Tang Clan Album Skits, Ranked

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

Prince Paul and De La Soul popularized the hip-hop skit, and Dr. Dre turned the concept cinematic, but the nine-man Wu-Tang Clan raised it to the level of esoteric art. Mixing stream-of-blunted-consciousness talk with pulp-fiction plot...Show More Summary

Sergi Roberto's Stunning Emergence Proves Barcelona Are Firing On All Cylinders

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

Of everything that happened in this Clásico—a half-strength Barcelona waltzing into the Bernabéu and not only beating a full-strength Real Madrid team that desperately needed a win, but pummeling them in gloriously humiliating fashion;...Show More Summary

There Probably Won't Be Enough .500 Teams To Fill All The Bowl Games

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

There are either too many bowl games, or not enough good teams. (The answer is obviously “both.”) Read more...

The Rocky Movies, Ranked

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

Sylvester Stallone’s recent sit-down with Robert Rodriguez for The Director’s Chair made a pretty compelling case that the Rocky movies ought to be taken seriously as Sly’s greatest artistic achievement. Sure, most of them are exactly the same movie. Show More Summary

New Yorkers!

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

New Yorkers! Are you sad that Grantland is dead? Of course you are! The good news is that tonight’s Varsity Letters reading, presented by Gelf Magazine, is a Grantland Appreciation Night. A bunch of your favorite Grantland writers will be reading, so go say hi. If you want to go, RSVP here. Read more...

Jose Calderon Left Hanging By Ruthless Fan

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

I don’t know the full story behind this savage own, which appears to have happened before, but I do know that this man is perhaps the world’s greatest agent of chaos: Read more...

A Dead Pet Bunny, And More Of Your Grimmest Thanksgiving Disasters

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

Last year, at my family’s Thanksgiving celebration, I bestowed upon my brother the honor of carving the turkey. He stared at the bird for a solid minute, halfheartedly holding a tine and knife, before dropping the tools and tearing into it with his bare hands. Show More Summary

Why The Hell Was A Clearly Concussed Case Keenum Left In The Game?

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

The more you watch Rams quarterback Case Keenum get slammed to the ground, clutch his head, and wobble back to his feet, the harder it becomes to understand how he was allowed to continue playing. Read more...

Five Liquors For Your Friend Who's A Lush But Not A Concerning Lush (Yet)

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

Booze is good. Booze-snob culture is... less good. Don’t let that put you off buying booze for yourself and people you like and, hell, people you don’t like this holiday season! Here are some of our recommendations, none of which will...Show More Summary

How Often Do I Have To Change My Pants?

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

Hi Adequate Man/Women Advice Columnist(s): How often should I change my pants? Sincerely, Matt 28, Los Angeles Read more...

Cam Newton Might Be The Most Photogenic Athlete In The World

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

This has nothing to do with the latest controversy over Cam Newton’s dancing, which I’m sick of and would rather not get into. (This guy’s got opinions, though.) Instead, it’s just an observation: no one takes better pictures than Cam Newton. Read more...

The Cowboys Are In Over Their Heads With Greg Hardy

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

Before the start of yesterday’s NFL action,’s Ian Rapoport reported that the Cowboys’ support for defensive end and accused domestic abuser Greg Hardy was beginning to wane: Read more...

Apparently, You Can Wear A Hoodie Under An NFL Jersey

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

This is the NFL, where you will get fined for wearing the wrong cleats, or eye black, or headphones, or baseball cap. So when Packers WR James Jones played the entire 30-13 win over the Vikings with a hoodie on underneath his jersey, most everyone figured he’d have to cut a check to pay for his coziness. Not so! The NFL is full of surprises. Read more...

Bengals Blast "Ridiculous" Penalty That Set Up Cardinals Win

2 days agoSports : Deadspin

It’s a bit of a shame that a fun, close game between two of the league’s best teams came down to a crucial and obscure penalty, but there’s nothing to be done: it was almost certainly the correct call, and despite the Bengals’ protestations that it was “ridiculous,” they got caught. Read more...

The Clippers Are A Goddamn Mess

3 days agoSports : Deadspin

The ever-combustible Clippers up and combusted today. This afternoon, they dropped their third straight game (and their sixth of seven) to the Toronto Raptors. 6-7 is good for the worst start of the Chris Paul era. Given the cocktail...Show More Summary

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