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A New Kindle Fire, Just in Time for the Holiday Season

The latest version of the Kindle Fire is still focused on its main purpose: encouraging consumers to buy more stuff from Amazon. But it's a lighter, sharper and faster pleasure than the prior model.

The iPhone 5s’s Fingerprint Scanner Was Hacked, but I’m Not Worried

Yes, Apple's Touch ID can be fooled — by a determined attacker with the time and resources to do it.

Yes, There’s a New iPhone. But That’s Not the Big News.

With iOS 7, the look of Apple's mobile operating system has been completely overhauled, and many of the iPhone's features have been improved.

More on Over Exposing Photos

More thoughts from a professional photographer on over exposure and details in photos.

How to Circumvent DVD Region Codes

A reader suggests a work-around for the DVD region codes that prevent a disc intended for a foreign market to work in a machine built for American discs.

Verizon Clarifies iPad Activation Fes

Verizon confirms there is NO re-activation charge for the month-to-month iPad 2 cell service. There is an activation charge for those with Verizon's MiFi.

3 Software Programs That Add to the iPad 2's Appeal

In the end, software is why we buy hardware, and there are a few iPad programs worth mentioning.

The Fading Sounds of Analog Technology

As digital technology takes over, we're losing the sounds of analog technologies. And sometimes that's a real loss. A dial tone can serve a useful purpose, at least on TV.

A Parent's Struggle With a Child's iPad Addiction

Is a gadget automatically bad for our kids just because it's electronic? What if it's fostering a love of music, or expertise in strategy and problem-solving?

What Is President Obama Asking Tech Leaders?

David Pogue's Twitter followers imagine what is being discussed among President Obama and Silicon Valley's tech leaders.

The Ethics of Free Cellphone Calls

Google Voice offers another way to avoid paying for phone calls.

Page Numbers for Kindle Books an Imperfect Solution

With electronic books, neither page numbers or "location numbers" are the perfect solution.

A Loophole in a Verizon iPhone Rule

Because of a technical limitation, the Verizon iPhone will not let you talk and use the Internet at the same time -- unless you're on Wi-Fi.

The Commuter Bike Redesigned and Electrified

It's no Segway, but the new YikeBike has been designed for safety, ease of riding and it's foldable. The biggest problem: The price.

On Google's Bing Sting

Google says it caught Microsoft copying its search results and incorporating them into its own Bing service, in a move reminiscent of some earlier Microsoft tactics.

Quora Raises Questions

Here is a question for Quora: Why not make this thing easier for normal people to figure out?

A Conclusion on Occlusion

David Pogue gets a lesson on word usage.

Appendix: Apps for Free Calls to Regular Phones

There are indeed apps that let you make free WiFi calls to any domestic phone number from your cellphone-if you can live with a stack of footnotes.

First, the Bad News

Two announcements this week. Two big bummers. Two good things gone.

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