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A New Kindle Fire, Just in Time for the Holiday Season

The latest version of the Kindle Fire is still focused on its main purpose: encouraging consumers to buy more stuff from Amazon. But it's a lighter, sharper and faster pleasure than the prior model.

The iPhone 5s’s Fingerprint Scanner Was Hacked, but I’m Not Worried

Yes, Apple's Touch ID can be fooled — by a determined attacker with the time and resources to do it.

Yes, There’s a New iPhone. But That’s Not the Big News.

With iOS 7, the look of Apple's mobile operating system has been completely overhauled, and many of the iPhone's features have been improved.

How to Circumvent DVD Region Codes

A reader suggests a work-around for the DVD region codes that prevent a disc intended for a foreign market to work in a machine built for American discs.

A Loophole in a Verizon iPhone Rule

Because of a technical limitation, the Verizon iPhone will not let you talk and use the Internet at the same time -- unless you're on Wi-Fi.

Appendix: Apps for Free Calls to Regular Phones

There are indeed apps that let you make free WiFi calls to any domestic phone number from your cellphone-if you can live with a stack of footnotes.

A Happy Holidays Songfest

An update of David Pogue's holiday song parodies.

Is It Big Brother or Just an Algorithm?

When Gmail tells you you've forgotten to attach something, after saying in a message that you would, is that creepy or smart?

10 Favorite iPhone Apps

What's on David Pogue's iPhone? He lists his ten favorite apps and more than two dozen runner-ups.

A Love Letter to a Camera

David Pogue describes his affection for what he says is the best pocket camera on the market, the Canon Powershot S95.

Why Credit Cards?

Instead of credit cards, why not transfer the money directly between purchaser and provider?

Turn an iPod into an iPhone

Do you want the ability to make calls indoors and in other corners of the world where the AT&T signal doesn't reach, unlimited texting and $30 or $40 a month off your AT&T bill?

Are F.B.I. Warnings on DVDs Really Necessary?

Why does the F.B.I. warning have to appear for so long on every movie we watch?

Released Too Soon

Why do companies bring products to market that they know and even admit aren't ready?

More on the Virgin MiFi

The Virgin MiFi review got a lot of reaction--including complaints from readers on what I didn't mention.

Another Way to Look at the iPad vs. Kindle Debate

The small size of Apple's bookstore really shouldn't be a factor in your decision whether to buy a Kindle or an iPad.

Three Unknown Features of the iPhone 4

A critical mass of tricks and tips for the iPhone 4 have started to pile up. Here's a look at three cool iOS 4 features that nobody, including Apple, seems to be talking about.

Loosening the iPhone Death Grip

Predictably, Steve Jobs's gesture did nothing to satisfy the most vocal Apple bashers, but it seems to be a decent good-faith move on Apple's part.

Line2 Phone App Gets Even Better

Line2, iPhone app that makes and receive calls either using the AT&T airwaves or the Internet, now takes calls automatically over Wi-Fi so you don't use any AT&T minutes at all.

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