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Demographic trends favor Democrats, but GOP could still win in 2016

It is hard to say when it will come, but our democracy faces a tipping point in the not-to-distant future when a fearful, ticked-off generation of conservative white voters will have passed on and a multiracial, socially liberal generation finally gets the voting habit. When that happens, the Republican...

The Civil War did not end at Appomattox

The American Civil War ended with the notorious assassination of a great man, but was that man Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King Jr.?

Latino voters may be wary of the Republicans' 'three amigos'

Republicans should be in better shape than ever before to make an appeal to Latino voters. Two of their announced candidates for president, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, are sons of Latino immigrant parents and another soon-to-be-announced candidate, Jeb Bush, speaks fluent Spanish and has a Mexican-born...

Despite vicious attacks awaiting her, Hillary Clinton is running

I have a friend who is one of the top political consultants in the country. He was a major player in the Clinton campaigns in the 1990s and had a significant role in Barack Obama’s two runs for president. He is such a seasoned veteran that he doesn’t bother to jockey for a slot on the Sunday political...

Cop's killing of Walter Scott is stark proof of policing crisis

With the death of Walter Scott, the 50-year-old black man shot in the back by a white police officer in North Charleston, S.C., there are fewer Americans who will argue that we do not have a policing problem in America.

GOP hawks reflexively prefer war with Iran over Obama plan

Many of the jingoistic yahoos who have managed to get themselves elected to Congress in recent years would struggle to find Iran on a map, but they have no trouble declaring their willingness to start a war there. They are not waiting for the Obama administration to actually reach an agreement...

Formula E racing opens a road to a world without oil

Remember not so long ago when hybrid and electric cars were all stumpy little vehicles with tiny wheels? Designers seemed to be saying, “If you hate cars, hug trees and feel guilty about not being on a city bus, this is the vehicle for you!”

Relentless drought is turning California into Nevada

A couple of weeks ago, I was flying to a conference in Sun Valley. The passenger next to me was looking out the window, down at the dry, barren landscape below. He asked me if I knew where we were and I said, “I think it’s Nevada, but it could be the moon.”

Indiana's Christian conservatives collide with a changing America

In Indiana, social change often lags behind like an Amish buggy, and lots of folks there do not mind at all. Count among them the Republican majorities in the Indiana Legislature who just approved the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a measure that the state’s governor, Mike Pence,...

Ted Cruz is Sarah Palin with a high IQ

If I were to mirror the example of the delusional right-wing folks who have spent seven years creating apocalyptic fantasies about how Barack Obama is a communistic, Muslim Antichrist, I could probably manufacture some scary characterizations of the first announced candidate for the 2016...

Republicans debate whether to cut or borrow to boost military spending

Republican presidential hopefuls are at war with each other over the budget for war.

Beyond dreary politics: Denting the future in Sun Valley

For the last couple of days, I've been in Sun Valley, Idaho, at Dent the Future 2015, a conference devoted to exploring "the magic and science of visionary leadership and groundbreaking success." What that exploration involves is shared presentations and conversations with about 200...

Hillary Clinton presidency would be a dreary, endless battle

This may sound harsh, but the thought of another Clinton presidency is just plain dreary. Certainly there are far worse fates for the country (can you say “President Huckabee?”) and some scenarios scary enough to set off a stampede to Canada (can you say “President Ted...

Starbucks offers a shot of race with every cappuccino

Starbucks is now offering a conversation about race along with the coffee drinks. Some people think this is a noble, commendable idea. Even more folks seem to think it’s about the dumbest move any business has come up with in a long time. Whatever the judgment may be, it is no surprise...

Youngest senator, Tom Cotton, shows his immaturity with Iran letter

On Monday in Lausanne, Switzerland, Iranian negotiators demanded that their American counterparts explain to them the meaning of the open letter sent to Iranian leaders by 47 Republican U.S. senators. In the letter, the senators declared that any agreement with the current resident of the White...

Voters not likely to remember Hillary Clinton's email habits

I am envious of Hillary Clinton. She had a team of assistants available to her to dump 30,000 old email messages into the trash. I must have at least 30,000 messages languishing in four email accounts, including an old one on AOL that I can’t even remember how to access. I would love to...

The road to Selma: Where do we go from here?

The 50th anniversary marches and speeches are over. The celebrities and crowds have gone, and Selma is left to sink back into the neglect that keeps its citizens among the poorest in the nation. So, where do we go from here?

The Road to Selma: Bob Zellner and the war for justice

Tomorrow, Selma will greet the president, the dignitaries, the Civil Rights Movement survivors and various politicians hoping to grab a little notoriety in the midst of the 50th anniversary commemoration of Bloody Sunday. As they all gather and speechify, they will extol the heroism and...

The road to Selma: Mississippi Delta locked in poverty of the past

Mississippi has been called “the South of the South” -- a place even more poor, more racially segregated and more violent than the rest of the region -- and the Mississippi Delta has been called “the Mississippi of Mississippi.” 

The road to Selma: Crime scenes all over the map

The itinerary of a civil rights tour is essentially a long list of crime scenes.

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