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Pope Francis is a far better voice for Christianity than Kim Davis

Thanks to a small-town county clerk from Kentucky, Christianity has become an issue in the presidential campaign. Republican candidates Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz rushed to share the media attention with Kim Davis when she was let out of jail after spending six days in confinement for refusing...

Refugees flee Mideast's perpetual 'gang wars'

I kicked off my 1999 book of political cartoons, “One Man Show,” with a satirical illustrated account of the previous thousand years, titled, "A Brief History of the Millennium." In one passage, I wrote of those distant centuries:

Congress fiddles while the West burns

Imagine a 55-mile-long lake that starts in the Sierras and ends in the wine country of Paso Robles, or, for an even more precise description, picture a lake with the Alps at one end and Tuscany at the other. That would be Lake Chelan, a glacial fjord that carves its way out of the Cascade Mountains...

Cougars and other creatures need an overpass to ease their commute

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I drove up to the Griffith Observatory to take a look at Saturn through the big old telescope and to look down at the lights of Los Angeles spread across the basin below. On a sunset walk guided by a park ranger, we also got a glimpse of another side of L.A. -...

Europe's migrant crisis dwarfs U.S. problems on the Mexican border

What would Donald Trump do about the immigration crisis in Europe? If his actions matched his rhetoric, he would react much like the Hungarian governmental leaders who have barred Germany-bound Syrian refugees from the Budapest railway station, strung razor wire along the border and threatened...

In Alaska, Obama warns against climate change but OKs drilling

President Obama is doing God's work in Alaska by highlighting the ominous shifts in the Arctic environment being caused by climate change, but his administration has made a deal with the devil by approving Royal Dutch Shell's plans to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean.

Donald Trump's fans long for an uncomplicated alpha male to lead them

Whether he is fielding questions from the press or talking to voters, Donald Trump is consistently comfortable in his own florid skin and flamboyant hair. To the amazement of veteran journalists, political operatives and the other Republican candidates, that is making him a very formidable contender...

Three boyhood friends heroically face down terror on a French train

Hero is a word that is bestowed all too lightly these days. Pandering politicians are prone to describe the entire roster of the armed forces of the United States as heroes when, in fact, most of them are just trying to do their job and stay alive, while a sad few are failures who should have never...

After 23 years, scandalmongers still torment Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton does not look as if she is having fun. No matter what message she wants to deliver, reporters insist on peppering her with questions about her email server and, if not her email, then what she thinks of Donald Trump.

Trump's immigration scheme kills Republican chances with Latinos

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker fell for Donald Trump's evil scheme. Trump came up with an immigration plan that is so preposterous it proves he must be an undercover Democratic Party saboteur tasked with ruining any chance for a Republican victory in the 2016 presidential race.

Amazon's brutal workplace is an indicator of an inhumane economy

Is Amazon just a grueling 21st century sweatshop or the model for tomorrow's high-powered workplace? And is there any difference between the two?

Democrats would be fools to divorce themselves from Thomas Jefferson

My sister has despised Andrew Jackson ever since she was 9 years old and witnessed a reenactment of the Trail of Tears somewhere along the route of a cross-country family excursion. I was not quite 3 then and do not remember much about the journey, except for the sunburn and blisters I got in Florida,...

The Carly Fiorina/Donald Trump grudge match gets hot

Can Carly Fiorina be the Republican presidential candidate who takes down Donald Trump?

What are Donald Trump's angry voters so angry about?

It seems to be widely accepted that Donald Trump's presidential candidacy is being buoyed by "angry voters." In the Fox News debate last week, Ohio Gov. John Kasich said, whatever one thinks of Trump, it is important to respect the concerns of all those upset folks who support him.

Fox News is the winner in the first Republican debate

The big winner emerging from Thursday night's first Republican presidential debate? Fox News.

Hillary Rodham Clinton slips from inevitable to probable

Tonight, 10 Republican presidential candidates will maul each other in the much ballyhooed Fox News debate in Cleveland, the city where, in just over 11 months, the GOP's nominating convention will anoint the person who comes out on top after all of the year's debates, caucuses and primaries have...

Big game hunters should spare animals and go after poachers

If American big game hunters are desperate for a boost to their testosterone-driven egos, they should stop shooting lions and elephants and rhinos and start stalking a species that the world has in abundance: venal human beings.

Democracy goes trivial with the Donald Trump/Lindsey Graham feud

Apparently, the six months leading up to the first presidential primary can now be aptly christened as the Silly Season. Four years ago, it seemed as if the nuttiness could not be topped, with Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain setting a high mark for unintentional comedy, but that mark has now been...

The Internet universe contains both marvels and monsters

Imagine a world without North Koreans hacking Sony, without Russian cyber-crooks raking in personal financial data, without terrorists recruiting on social media, without pedophiles making online hookups with children, without brutal pornography seeping out of Eastern Europe and into your teenager's...

Trump gets away with insulting Mexicans, but not dissing McCain

One of the least appealing aspects of modern presidential candidates is that, to avoid saying anything that might prove to be an embarrassing, costly blunder, they cling to a rigid set of talking points that reveal as little as possible about what they really think and who they really are. What...

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