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Pricing Your Artwork Through Your Mid-Career Phase: A Few Thoughts

Art fairs, as a model of selling (not just presenting) artwork, have taken a bit of a beating in the press lately. First there was this in a New York Time's piece titled "At Art Fairs, Keep an Open Mind, but Watch the Wallet": But Lisa...Show More Summary

"Screw it. Magic Leap is taking waaaay too long" : VR artists jump ahead into Mixed Reality with what they've got.

The promise of "mixed reality" is impressive. The promptness of it reaching the public is less so. What is "mixed reality"? How is it different from augmented reality or virtual reality?These infographics from a Wired magazine article...Show More Summary

What We're Really Doing When We Experience Art at Fairs

New York's main contemporary art fair, The Armory Show, begins next week. I had been looking forward to seeing the first fully Benjamin Genocchio rendition of the fair (out of curiosity and perhaps a bit of hoped for schadenfreude [for the record, I had been interviewed for that job, but obviously didn't get it]). Show More Summary

History Repeating : November 21, 2016

Development: A bellicose strongman emerges from the crowded political field to assure an anxious majority in a state with self-rule that their best days are still ahead of them. They bargain away their rights in exchange.Parallel: Virtually...Show More Summary

History Repeating : November 16, 2016

Development: Trump is reportedly considering appointing vicious anti-immigration attorney and Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, as his Attorney General. Parallel: Adolf Eichmann appointed head of the SS department responsible for Jewish affairs in the Third Reich. Show More Summary

History Repeating: November 15, 2016

Development: Now that he's won the election, Trump and his surrogates have begun systematic intimidation to cower the US press in earnest.Parallel: Once they seized power, Hitler and Goebbels centralized control over all the press through...Show More Summary

History Repeating : Nov 14, 2016

As enough Americans were apparently too uninformed about history to have seen in advance why electing Trump was so dangerous, I am beginning a series of posts that I'll call "History Repeating" if only to document, step by step, our national descent into fascism. Show More Summary

Breakfast at Tiffany's (the song, not the book)

Let's all take our hats off.Not in salute of anyone in particular. Let's just take them off. For a few moments at least.George Carlin once observed, "Any time you see two groups of people who really hate each other, chances are good they're wearing different kind of hats. Show More Summary

"We had it coming, we Respectables"

Andrew Sullivan is back! And I don't think it's hyperbolic to say he may have just saved the Union with his sharp ly insightful take of what's at stake if Donald Trump should win the election in November. He outlines in detail how the very point we're at in our democracy is where Plato said democracies are most susceptible to tyrants taking over. Show More Summary

Ted Cruz's Illogical War on Language

In response to yesterday's bombing in Brussels, GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz doubled down on his divisive insistence that we label our "enemy" by his chosen term, saying "Radical Islam is at war with us." First of all consider how passive that construction is: they are at war with us. Show More Summary

Adventures in Art Fair Organizing

(Note: I posted this on my Facebook page earlier, but knowing not everyone can see that, and that I've been seriously neglecting this blog, I've decided to post it here as well.) O K, so we're far enough away from it now that I can share (and laugh about it). Show More Summary

Moving Image New York 2016 / Opening Thursday, March 3, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FEBRUARY 26, 2016 Sergio Vega, Genesis According to Parrots, 2004. Courtesy the artist and IRL Institute, Miami and New York. _______________________________ Moving Image art fair returns to the Waterfront Tunnel...Show More Summary

The 21st Century Museum Model May Be Closer than Some Realize

I spent the 18 months I was interviewing dozens of people for my new book Selling Contemporary Art (yes, you can expect me to plug it wherever I can) particularly on the look out for "new models." While several trends within the primary...Show More Summary

Thoughts on the Profitability of Accessibility

Two grandmotherly women in sweatshirts with bedazzled cats on them were overheard debating whether the artwork before them truly belonged in the time-based category or should have been in the installation category instead. They were using those exact terms, and using them correctly. Show More Summary

Melva Bucksbaum

One of the greatest art patrons of our age, Melva Bucksbaum, passed away over the weekend. Her generosity was legendary, her passion for contemporary art contagious, and the tributes pouring in from all over are obviously very heartfelt. Show More Summary

Moving Image Istanbul 2015 Participating Artists / Galleries & Non-Profit Institutions

ISTANBUL September 4-6, 2015 Leo Gabin, Exit/Entry, 2015, single-channel video, 6:55 minutes. Courtesy Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York. Moving Image art fair is very pleased to announce the artists, participating galleries and non-profit institutions in our second edition in Istanbul. Show More Summary

A Critique of Schjeldahlian Reason

This week's piece in The New Yorker by the master of long-term insights (and arguably the best writer among our top art critics), Peter Schjeldahl, is causing a bit of a stir on Facebook. I began to see quotes from it popping up in my...Show More Summary

Don't Cry for Me Europa : European Galleries Have Big Advantages Over Most Others

I know the Eurozone is sweating bullets over whether the Greek drama will turn out a tragedy or comedy for them, but there was a rather surprising result to some research I conducted (for my forthcoming book: see here) on how global the contemporary art market has become. Show More Summary

Let's Really Talk about Selling Video and Film in the Commerical Art Market

The legendary art dealers Leo Castelli and Ileana Sonnabend, known for their ability to sell almost anything, once tried and essentially failed to build a viable market for video art and experimental film. The Castelli-Sonnabend Films...Show More Summary

The Cradle of Creation

There are two ways to participate in any the culture of your time: passively or actively. By "actively" I don't mean you have to actually create the work, but you do have to do some work. You can participate by supporting those who create...Show More Summary

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