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New Type of Dinosaur Egg Described from Eastern China

Umbellaoolithus xiuningensis "Eggciting" Fossil Egg Discovery Chinese scientists have announced that a new type of fossilised dinosaur egg has been found.  A single nest, discovered in 2011, contains the remains of at least nine dinosaur eggs.  Their unique shape and surface structure makes them distinguishable from all other known dinosaur eggs, this has led to the

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Eofauna Steppe Mammoth

A Video Review of the Eofauna Steppe Mammoth Those clever people at JurassicCollectables have produced a video review of the debut model in a new range from Eofauna Scientific Research.  The video provides viewers with an up-close and detailed view of the superb Eofauna Steppe Mammoth replica.  A model created from 3-D scans of Steppe

Iron Oxide and Iron Deposits

Banded Iron Formation Whilst in Frankfurt a few days ago, a team member from Everything Dinosaur took the opportunity to photograph some of the amazing outdoor exhibits on display opposite the Senckenberg Naturmuseum (Frankfurt Natural History Museum).  Amongst the stunning replicas of prehistoric plants and of course, the iconic, life-size model of Tyrannosaurus rex, our

“Rediscovering T. rex” Television Documentary

T. rex to Appear in a New Television Documentary Everything Dinosaur has received the first preview picture for the television documentary that attempts to bust a few myths when it comes to the most iconic of the Dinosauria - Tyrannosaurus rex.  The one-hour documentary is a joint production between Talesmith and the leading North American

Frankfurt Book Fair 2017

Education and Life-long Learning at the Frankfurter Buchmesse Everything Dinosaur team members found lots of inspiring ideas at the 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair.  This huge event, showcasing the world of publishing, attracted some 286,000 visitors over the course of the five days that it was held.  Exhibitors from over one hundred countries took part, it

Everything Dinosaur Prepares for TetZooCon 2017

Slides Prepared for TetZooCon 2017 Not long to go now until the fourth, annual Tetrapod zoology conference (TetZooCon), opens its doors.  The conference is on Saturday, October 21st and once again the organisers have put on an amazing and varied agenda.  Everything Dinosaur is proud to be associated with this fantastic event and team members

Ankylosaurus Not Your Typical Ankylosaur

Ankylosaurus magniventris - Not Your Archetypal Ankylosaur A newly-published study has provided fresh insights on Ankylosaurus.  This Ornithischian dinosaur, a contemporary of Tyrannosaurus rex in the Late Cretaceous of North America, is perhaps, one of the best-known of all the armoured dinosaurs in the minds of the public, however, this dinosaur star of stage and screen with

Dinosaur Artwork – Palaeoart

Dinosaur Artwork - Palaeoart Illustrating prehistoric life, whether it is drawing Devonian landscapes, colouring in Cambrian scenes, painting Pterosaurs or sketching Silurian fishes is extremely important as these artworks help to inform, educate and fire the imagination of the public.  At Everything Dinosaur, we are very lucky as we get to meet so many talented

Reaffirming Protoichthyosaurus as a Valid Genus

The Muddy Water Surrounding Protoichthyosaurus and Ichthyosaurus Just Got a Little Clearer A type of British Ichthyosaur, first identified nearly forty years ago, but then dismissed as a distinct genus, has been re-examined and found to be a new type of marine reptile after all.  British palaeontologist Dr Robert Appleby, in 1979, conducted a review

Education a “Hot Spot” at the Frankfurter Buchmesse

"Hot Spot Education" at the Frankfurter Buchmesse Today, sees the start of the annual Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair), regarded by many teachers and educationalists as the most important trade fair for books, publishing and digital media.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur will be attending and we are excited to see (and hear about), the

Papo Dimorphodon and the Papo Roaring Smilodon are in Stock

Papo Roaring Smilodon and Papo Dimorphodon in Stock at Everything Dinosaur The last of the new for 2017, individual model releases from Papo are in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  The eagerly awaited Papo Dimorphodon along with the Papo Roaring Smilodon have arrived at our warehouse.  All those model fans and collectors who wanted to be

Fused Bones in Primitive Birds Earlier than Previously Thought

The Evolution of the Light but Strong Skeleton for Powered Flight It is widely accepted that birds evolved from dinosaurs.  The Order Dinosauria is now classified into two parts, the non-avian dinosaurs, which are extinct and the avian dinosaurs (the birds), which are very much still with us.  However, the evolution of the specialised anatomy

Everything Dinosaur and Proposed Royal Mail Strike Action

Contingency Planning in Place if Royal Mail Strike Goes Ahead On Thursday (5th October), it was announced that Royal Mail workers in the UK are set to go on strike for 48-hours from the 19th October in a dispute over pensions, job status and pay.  The Communication Workers Union (CWU), has informed the management at

Rebor Wind Hunter in Newsletter Spotlight

The Rebor Utahraptor Replica Features in the Everything Dinosaur Newsletter A lot of Rebor replicas have come back into stock at Everything Dinosaur, so it was fitting that a number of these fabulous scale models were featured in the latest Everything Dinosaur newsletter that came out earlier this week.  The headline highlighted the 1:35 scale

New Prehistoric Crocodile with a Tough Skull

Ieldraan melkshamensis - The Monster of Melksham A new species of prehistoric marine crocodile has been described after an amazing effort by the preparators at the Natural History Museum (London), to separate this crocodile's partial skull and fragmentary jaw bones from an extremely hard concretion, in which the fossils were entombed.  Although in very poor

Thailand’s Biggest Dinosaur Discovery Reported

Fossils of Biggest Dinosaur Found to Date in Thailand Reported Everything Dinosaur has received reports that news sources are stating that fossils of a very big dinosaur, a Sauropod, have been found in Thailand.  The first dinosaur bone from Thailand was discovered back in 1976, since then, as the country's geology has been mapped and

Squid the Last Meal of a Baby Ichthyosaurus

Baby Ichthyosaurus communis Dined on Squid A team of UK-based scientists have identified the youngest and therefore the smallest specimen of Ichthyosaurus communis known to science and, just for good measure, they have found what could have been the marine reptile's last meal.  Inside the body cavity of the seventy-centimetre-long fossil, the researchers found tiny

The Eofauna Steppe Mammoth is in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

The Eofauna Steppe Mammoth is in Stock at Everything Dinosaur The eagerly awaited Eofauna Scientific Research Steppe Mammoth replica is in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  Team members have spent most of the day contacting all those customers and model fans who asked us to reserve one for them.  We have been so busy sorting out

Pterosaur Study Sheds New Light on Jidapterus

Jidapterus edentus Gets Grounded A team of researchers, writing in the on-line, academic, open access journal PLOS One, have published a reassessment of the Early Cretaceous Pterosaur Jidapterus (J. edentus).  This flying reptile, with a wingspan estimated to be between 1.6 and 1.7 metres, is one of a number of flying reptiles known from the

Strong-armed Sabre-Tooth Kittens

Sabre-Toothed Kittens and Their Strong Arms A new study undertaken by scientists from California State Polytechnic University, the University of Wisconsin and colleagues at Bristol University, has concluded that Smilodon (S. fatalis),...Show More Summary

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