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Premiered This Day (1970): Trog!

"A sympathetic anthropologist (Joan Crawford!) uses drugs and surgery to try to communicate with a primitive troglodyte found living in a local cave."Directed in 1970 by Hammer Films veteran, Freddie Francis, this was Crawford's last film. Show More Summary

Deinocheirus Decoded

Resolving the long-standing enigmas of a giant ornithomimosaur Deinocheirus mirificus. 2014. Lee, Y.-N., et al. Science. a, MPC-D 100/127. b, MPC-D 100/128. c, Composite reconstruction of MPC-D 100/127 with a simple proportional enlargement of MPC-D 100/128. Show More Summary

Died This Day: Sir Roderick Impey Murchison

Murchison (Feb. 19, 1792 - Oct. 22, 1871) was a Scottish geologist who first differentiated the Silurian strata in the geologic sequence of Early Paleozoic strata (408-540 million years old). He believed in fossils as primary criteria. Show More Summary

Bob Bakker: Kung Fu Stegosaurs

Stegosaurian Martial Arts: A Jurassic Carnivore Stabbed by a Tail Spike, Evidence for Dynamic Interactions between a Live Herbivore and a Live Predator. Robert Bakker, et al. GSA, 2014 Stegosaurs might be portrayed as lumbering plant...Show More Summary

Died This Day: John Scopes

Image Scopes (Oct. 21, 1970 - Aug. 4, 1900) was an American teacher and geologist who was the defendent in the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial. The trial was to challenge the constitutionality of the Butler Act, a Tennesee law signed on March 21, 1925 to prohibit the teaching of evolution in the state's schools. Show More Summary

Born This Day: Julie Adams

. Julie starred as Kay Lawrence in The Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954). Adams has had a long career in films and TV, recently appearing on ' Lost '.

Tachiraptor admirabilis, early dinosaur from Venezuela

New dinosaur (Theropoda, stem-Averostra) from the earliest Jurassic of the La Quinta formation, Venezuelan Andes. 2014. Langer, M.C., et al. Royal Society Open Science Tachiraptor, a 1.5-meter-long theropod dinosaur (center) that lived...Show More Summary

On This Day (1827): Darwin Accepted into Cambridge

In 1827, Charles Darwin was accepted into Christ's College at Cambridge, but did not start until winter term because he needed to catch up on some of his studies. He had entered the University of Edinburgh in 1825 to study medicine, however, Darwin found himself unenthusiastic about his studies. Show More Summary

Died This Day: Thomas Davidson

May 17, 1817 – Oct. 14, 1885 Davison was a Scottish naturalist and paleontologist who became known as an authority on brachiopods. His major work, Monograph of British Fossil Brachiopoda, was published by the Palaeontographical Society. Show More Summary

Born This Day: Sir John William Dawson

Dawson (Oct. 13, 1820 - Nov. 20, 1899>) was a Canadian geologist who made numerous contributions to paleobotany and extended the knowledge of Canadian geology. Dawson was born and raised in Pictou, Nova Scotia, where the many sandstone...Show More Summary

Born This Day: E.O. Wilson

Wilson is an American biologist noted for founding the science of sociobiology. In his book Sociobiology: The New Synthesis (1975) he argued that all human behavior, including altruism, is genetically based, and therefore “selfish.”Wilson's...Show More Summary

A Lower Cretaceous Ichthyosaur Bone Bed from Chile

A Lower Cretaceous ichthyosaur graveyard in deep marine slope channel deposits at Torres del Paine National Park, Southern Chile. 2014. W. Stinnesbeck et al., GSA Bulletin. Published online 22 May 2014 image by Amadare90 Forty-six ophthalmosaurid...Show More Summary

The Evolution of Living Dinosaurs

Rates of Dinosaur Body Mass Evolution Indicate 170 Million Years of Sustained Ecological Innovation on the Avian Stem Lineage. 2014. Benson, et al. PLoS Biol 12(5): e1001853. An international team estimated the body mass of 426 dinosaur species based on the thickness of their leg bones. Show More Summary

Died This Day: Julie Ege

Nov. 12, 1943 – April 29, 2008 The late Julie Ege had the lead role as Nala in the 1971 Hammer film, “Creatures The World Forgot”.

CMNH DinoFest at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History April 25 &26

This Friday and Saturday DinoFest runs at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. There will be lots of kid and family-friendly dino-related events plus talks by: David Evans Steve Bissette Mark Goodwin Jack Horner Ray Rogers Michael Ryan Tyrant TM Stephen R. Show More Summary

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