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What in the larval world is this?

No one at Duke seems to know what this is. Southern Fried Scientist has allowed me to copy verbatim his post in the hopes that maybe someone out there in TO95's world knows what this is! ------------------------------------------ The following photo was taken near the Yadkin River in Davie, North Carolina. Show More Summary

Circus of the Spineless #49 is up!

Xenogere has the latest edition of the Circus of the Spineless up! Its nicely written and has lots of excellent links to invertagoodness in it!

Circus of the Spineless #47 is up at Beetles in the Bush!

Beetles in the Bush has the 47th edition of the Circus of the Spineless up! A nicely laid out post with 16 fabulous submissions spanning a wide range of terrestrial, marine and aquatic critters.Matthew Sarver from the Modern Naturalist is hosting edition #48! You can submit entries via his contact page.

Circus of the Spineless #46 is up!

Great job to Kate who posted the latest installment of the Circus of the Spineless (#46!) up at Adventures of a Free Range Urban Primate. A fantastic edition, I'm glad to see new faces in there.I'm looking for hosts for May and beyond. Show More Summary

Cephalopod Inspired

Looking for something invertebrate inspired to give for Christmas, Cephalopodmas or Chanukah?Noadi may very well have you covered. In her etsy store she has a variety of primarily cephalopod themed earrings and necklaces. A small sampling can be seen in the photo below:

Work with an Invert! - Amphipod Pop Gen

From EvolDir:M.Sc. position: Marine invertebrate population genetics.I seek a highly motivated and enthusiastic candidate to fill a fully funded MSc position in the Department of Biology at University of New Brunswick (Fredericton).Show More Summary

An Awesome Ocean Community

Just a quick note, a note of thanks!The ocean blogging and ocean twitter communities really came through in a huge way today for Donors Choose. HP had an offer to put $2000 into the Oceans in the Classroom Initiative but only if the community could raise $2000 by midnight on Sunday the 25th. Show More Summary

Crepidula Fornicata

We've got two new Ocean Inspired Donors Choose projects that have been funded in the Oceans in the Classroom Challenge! The first one that was funded on Thursday was the awesome Invertebrates in my Tank project that will provide lots...Show More Summary

Wading in with Urosalpinx cinerea

As we pull into NYC on the Amtrack for a science filled weekend, Mrs. S's class in Rhode Island have gotten fully funded for their new waders as part of the Oceans in the Classroom Challenge. Hopefully they are thinking about getting...Show More Summary

Iceland Scallop

Time to celebrate the funding of Mrs. M.'s project, Coral Reef Flip Books, part of the Ocean Bloggers Oceans in the Classroom Initiative. Yesterday I asked for input on which card to feature, and the results are in: with 33.33% of the "vote" the Scallop of Hearts gets the next preview here. Show More Summary

Pick a Card, Any Card

Another of the Ocean Challenge in the Classroom projects has been fully funded! So... Pick a card any card, leave your pick in a comment or as a tweet to @eclecticechoes. The card with the most choices (or in a tie a random choice among the tied) will be featured here tomorrow.

Nautilus Night - Cephalopod of Diamonds

Ok. I said for each of the Ocean in the Classroom projects fully funded I would put up a post about one invert from the deck of cards I have been working on, along with a sneak peak at a card. So, since the Making Waves, Oceans and Landforms...Show More Summary

Ocean in the Classroom Challenge

Today's a big outreach day! First up, an outreach project I that has been part of my life for the past year is finally coming to be. This afternoon I will finally see the professionally printed version of my deck of cards that will be used to help teach molluscan diversity. Show More Summary

Channeled Whelk with Egg Cases

Channeled Whelk with Egg Cases, originally uploaded by eclectic echoes. Family friends bought us passes for Project Oceanology's Enviro Lab cruises at an auction this summer, and finally, as the summer draws to a close, we were able to take advantage of them. Show More Summary

A Cool New Backyard Visitor!

One of the joys about moving, and there are but few, is discovering the new critters inhabiting your property! My wife found this Spinybacked Orbweaver hard at work in our yard yesterday.

Hoverfly Closeup

Syrphid hoverfly on cornflower #4 by Lord V @Flickr

Wear your Invert

We made our annual pilgrimage to a shopping mall the other day to visit the Apple Store (Closed for renovations!) and the tea store. On our way out Tammy spied some cool earings hanging in a small shop. What caught her eye from outside the store was the blue heron Cloisonné earrings. Show More Summary

The Deepest Cuke

A WHOI summer student fellow, holding one of the deepest sea cucumbers ever found, recovered from the Mariana Trench. Stunning to think of this little echinoderm living 9,000-11,000m down with pressures of 16,000psi or more. Image copyright WHOI. Show More Summary

Circus of the Spineless #39 Is Up!

Bug Girl's Blog is the host of this months Circus of the Spineless! Marine inverts represent with bivalves, crayfish and jellies. Also plenty of insects and arachnids for your viewing pleasure as well. Enjoy some fine nature writing and photography!

JSLs: Deep Diving Invert Friends in Need!

In case you haven't heard form Deep Sea News or Pharyngula (or my own post at Eclectic Echoes), the Johanson Sea Link manned submersibles have been slated for retirement and their tender ship the R/V Seward Johnson put up for sale. Kevin...Show More Summary

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