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Improving access to endogenous DNA in ancient bones and teeth

A new technical paper on the bioRxiv. Of interest is the group of samples, which includes some nice additions, including Bronze Age Hungary, Iron Age Denmark, and Post-1200AD Easter Island. Hopefully, we'll see genomes from these regions...Show More Summary

Strong (?) linguistic and archaeological evidence for steppe Indo-Europeans

In a new paper in Annual Review of Linguistics, David Anthony and Don Ringe make the archaeological and linguistic case for the steppe IE homeland hypothesis. It is very useful to see the evidence presented concisely in this way. OfShow More Summary

~55 thousand year old modern human from Manot cave in Israel

It seems that this abstract came online one day early on my news feed and will probably appear in Nature tomorrow. I will update this entry when the paper properly appears. This is of course very important because it directly provesShow More Summary

Les origines de la beauté

This seems like a very interesting project that has an associated Youtube channel. Old works of physical anthropology often included galleries of physical types of different ethnic and racial groups, and for many people this would have been one of the few opportunities to see people much different than themselves. Show More Summary

DNA & the Origins of Peoples: The Armenians

An excellent lecture from last summer: Hovann Simonian and Peter Hrechdakian delivered the 18th Annual Vardanants Day Armenian lecture on their work using social media to expand the nonprofit Armenian DNA Project, a Facebook group of more than 1,000 members around the world involved in researching Armenian family history through genetic testing.

Ancient mtDNA from collective burials in Germany

Journal of Archaeological ScienceVolume 51, November 2014, Pages 174–180Collective burials among agro-pastoral societies in later Neolithic Germany: perspectives from ancient DNA Esther J. Lee et al. Ancient DNA research has focusedShow More Summary

Bronze Age warrior from Poland

Google translation of original article:Skull warrior was in such good condition that the museum was tempted by an experiment - a reconstruction of his face. Tasks undertaken by the research team of Dr. Dorothy Lorkiewicz-Muszy?ska of the Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Medical Sciences. Show More Summary

Five people were buried in Amphipolis tomb

Bones found in Magnificent Amphipolis Tomb belong to Five People, Ministry Announced The Greek Ministry of Culture has announced the long-awaited results of the analysis on the bones found inside the 4th century BC tomb uncovered inShow More Summary

Expectation of brilliance and gender distribution in academic disciplines

This is an interesting thesis which could be further examined if the researchers could undertake an examination of whether the under-represented groups do not have a deficiency of brilliance, but rather an over-abundance of modesty.Show More Summary

Kennewick Man was Native American

First DNA tests say Kennewick Man was Native AmericanGenetic analysis is still under way in Denmark, but documents obtained through the federal Freedom of Information Act say preliminary results point to a Native-American heritage. The...Show More Summary

Y chromosome super-fathers

This is a very exciting paper. Most of these lineages are so young that there are good chances that their founders were figures from history or mythology.The most interesting one is DC2 which was also found in south Siberian Kurgans,...Show More Summary

SpaceMix preprint

bioRxiv Spatial Framework for Understanding Population Structure and Admixture. Gideon Bradburd, Peter L. Ralph, Graham Coop Geographic patterns of genetic variation within modern populations, produced by complex histories of migration, can be difficult to infer and visually summarize. Show More Summary

Y-chromosome tree bursts to leaf (Hallast, Batini, Zadik et al. 2014)

This is an extremely important study of Y-chromosome variation, the most intriguing part of which are the copious references to a yet to come manuscript:Elsewhere (Batini C, Hallast P, Zadik D, Maisano Delser P, Benazzo A, Ghirotto S,...Show More Summary

Y Chromosome of Aisin Gioro: C3b2b1

Apart from the historical interest, this study might be useful to further calibrate the Y-chromosome molecular clock. The Y-SNP mutation rate was previously calibrated with a Chinese pedigree that went down to ~1800AD, and this is potentially...Show More Summary

Western Eurasian mtDNA in modern Siberians

The eastern European mtDNA discussed in this article might be a remnant of the population of Proto-Europeoids that occupied Siberia even in Upper Paleolithic times (as the genome of the Mal'ta Upper Paleolithic Siberian has shown). However,...Show More Summary

Ancient DNA from Di-qiang populations in the Xinjiang

American Journal of Physical Anthropology DOI: 10.1002/ajpa.22690 Ancient DNA reveals a migration of the ancient Di-qiang populations into Xinjiang as early as the early Bronze AgeShi-Zhu Gao et al. Xinjiang is at the crossroads between East and West Eurasia, and it harbors a relatively complex genetic history. Show More Summary

Bias in estimators of archaic admixture

arXiv:1412.6691 [q-bio.PE] Bias in Estimators of Archaic Admixture Alan R. Rogers, Ryan J. Bohlender(Submitted on 20 Dec 2014)This article evaluates bias in one class of methods used to estimate archaic admixture in modern humans. These methods study the pattern of allele sharing among modern and archaic genomes. Show More Summary

Happy New Year 2015

Since I didn't get my wish for any ancient African DNA last year, I repeat it for this year as well.

"Ancient DNA: the first three decades" meeting papers

A bucketload of papers here. Some titles of interest: Where are the Caribs? Ancient DNA from ceramic period human remains in the Lesser Antilles Identification of kinship and occupant status in Mongolian noble burials of the Yuan Dynasty...Show More Summary

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