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Ancient mtDNA from pre-pottery Neolithic B

Figure on the left shows Fst values between the ancient PPNB population and modern populations.PLOS Genetics DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1004401 Ancient DNA Analysis of 8000 B.C. Near Eastern Farmers Supports an Early Neolithic Pioneer...Show More Summary

Refined structure in haplogroup K-M526 (Karafet et al. 2014)

European Journal of Human Genetics, (4 June 2014) | doi:10.1038/ejhg.2014.106 Improved phylogenetic resolution and rapid diversification of Y-chromosome haplogroup K-M526 in Southeast AsiaTatiana M Karafet, Fernando L Mendez, Herawati...Show More Summary

A molecular basis for classic blond hair (Guenther et al. 2014)

Nature Genetics (2014) doi:10.1038/ng.2991A molecular basis for classic blond hair color in Europeans Catherine A Guenther et al. Hair color differences are among the most obvious examples of phenotypic variation in humans. AlthoughShow More Summary

A twist in Austronesian origins

The Taiwanese origin of Austronesians is widely accepted. A new preprint confirms this theory, but adds a new twist to the story of Austronesian dispersals, as it seems that in their western expansion, Austronesians picked up some Austroasiatic ancestry. Show More Summary

High genetic differentiation between populations often driven by classic selective sweeps

bioRxiv doi: Human genomic regions with exceptionally high or low levels of population differentiation identified from 911 whole-genome sequences Vincenza Colonna et al. Background: Population differentiation...Show More Summary

MSMC preprint (Schiffels and Durbin)

From the paper:In particular, the early beginning of the drop would be consistent with an initial formation of distinct populations prior to 150kya, while the late end of the decline would be consistent with a final split around 50kya. Show More Summary

The history of mtDNA haplogroup U6

BMC Evolutionary Biology 2014, 14:109 doi:10.1186/1471-2148-14-109 The history of the North African mitochondrial DNA haplogroup U6 gene flow into the African, Eurasian and American continents Bernard Secher et al. Abstract (provisional)...Show More Summary

mtDNA D1 from 12-13 thousand year old Paleoamerican

This is interesting both because it's a >12,000 year old skeleton from the bottom of the sea (!) and because it establishes that an individual with clear Paleoamerican morphology belonged to a common modern Amerindian mtDNA haplogroup. Show More Summary

An excess of X-chromosomal diversity in Africans

A new study provides important new data for African-Eurasian differences in the X-to-autosomal ratio of nucleotide diversity.In my opinion, an explanation for this phenomenon might be found in the back-migration into Africa of Eurasian males (belonging to Y-haplogroup E). Show More Summary

Near Eastern roots of South Asian Neolithic

The table of dates for different sites might prove useful (pdf). PLoS ONE 9(5): e95714. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0095714 The Near-Eastern Roots of the Neolithic in South Asia Kavita Gangal et al. The Fertile Crescent in the Near East...Show More Summary

Younger Dryas/Cosmic Impact synchrony questioned

Good coverage in Nature News:Supporters of the impact theory have put forth 29 sites, from North America to Europe and beyond, that contain a thin layer of sediments said to date to the start of the cosmic impact event. The latest study checked to see whether those sites were all really 12,800 years old. Show More Summary

Ancient DNA from the Balkans (Iron Age Thrace)

A new paper in PLoS Genetics presents new data from two Iron Age Thracian individuals and puts the Sardinian-ness of Oetzi in new context. The authors write:The results of the analyses including additional ancient genomes provide mounting...Show More Summary

Psychological differences in China predicted by rice/what agriculture

Science 9 May 2014: Vol. 344 no. 6184 pp. 603-608 DOI: 10.1126/science.1246850 Large-Scale Psychological Differences Within China Explained by Rice Versus Wheat Agriculture T. Talhelm et al. Cross-cultural psychologists have mostly contrasted East Asia with the West. Show More Summary

SPAMIX for spatial localization of admixed individuals

A new preprint on the bioRxiv suggests that it is possible to geographically localize the location of a person's four grandparents. This is often a problem for persons of mixed ancestry who often tend to plot in PCAs in some averageShow More Summary

Genealogical vs. Evolutionary Y-STR mutation rate

Long-time readers will remember my Y-STR series which was inspired by my desire to figure out why some papers used the directly observed mutation rate for Y-STRs while others used a 3-times slower "evolutionary" one. My conclusion was...Show More Summary

Did Men cause the demise of the Hobbits?

An interesting tidbit from an interview with Chris Stringer:There was also a population of a very small human-like species on the island of Flores in Indonesia—often called "hobbits." It had been thought they were around until aboutShow More Summary

Human STR variation (Willems et al. 2014)

bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/004671 The Landscape of Human STR Variation Thomas F. Willems et al. Short Tandem Repeats are among the most polymorphic loci in the human genome. These loci play a role in the etiology of a range of genetic diseases and have been frequently utilized in forensics, population genetics, and genetic genealogy. Show More Summary

Archaic admixture in Eurasians with hominins that diverged 0.9 and 3.5 million years ago?

One of the interesting stories of the Neandertal Genome Project is how earlier evidence of archaic introgression into Eurasians was later confirmed when the Neandertal genome was published. It is always trickier to make a case for archaic...Show More Summary

Doggerland inhabitants destroyed by tsunami (?)

I hope someone is studying ancient DNA from these two Mesolithic ladies from Brittany. The caption reads:These two young Mesolithic women from Teviec, Brittany, were brutally murdered. As sea levels rose there may have been increased...Show More Summary

In defense of Neandertals

Here is an article that could very well be included in John Hawks' impressive collection of Neandertal anti-defamation files. I am personally rather disinclined to accept the theory of Neandertal inferiority (or its correlate, that modern humans must have had some genetic adaptation that made them superior and facilitated their success). Show More Summary

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