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Unlike Most Awards Shows Lately, The Emmys Didn’t Suck

I would like to throw in a strong disclaimer before I continue and let you all know that I didn’t actually watch the Emmys last night because I was sick af and went to bed at 6:30pm. HOWEVER, I spent the majority of today day watching...Show More Summary

Scott Disick is Banging Another One of Kylie Jenner’s Pals

Well, I’m back from my brief hiatus, which I would apologize for, but I’ve been extremely under the weather and not much interesting shit has even happened while I was resting. The funniest bit of celeb news I’ve heard in weeks luckily...Show More Summary

Zero Pre-Teen Gang Bangs Occur: Krysta’s Review of “It”

I have been a HUGE Stephen King fan for twenty years and was naturally beyond excited when I found out that his classic novel (and my favourite of his novels) It was getting made into a big budget R-rated movie. It was obviously already...Show More Summary

John Mayer Has Been Hitting On Ladies Via Social Media

I don’t even know what to say. I feel like the title alone speaks for itself. John Mayer is, well, John Mayer. He writes stupid moody songs that apparently everyone but me likes, but he’s also kind of undercover sleazy. He’s literally...Show More Summary

Kim Kardashian’s Third Kid Should Drop in January

As I think I reported a few months back (I’m too lazy to go and check), Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got themselves a surrogate to pop out baby #3 and she was allegedly already three months along. Well, that story seems to check out...Show More Summary

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are Finally a Public Couple

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have allegedly been a top secret couple for about four years now, but you have a better chance of seeing Kendall Jenner wearing a bra than you do seeing them together. It’s been rumoured that in her divorce...Show More Summary

LOL of the Week: Kendall Jenner to be named Fashion Icon of the Decade

If you spit out your morning coffee laughing at the title of this blog, you’re not alone. At this year’s New York Fashion Week, Kendall fucking Jenner is going to be named Fashion Icon of the Decade, and we’re all wondering how much Kris Jenner paid to make this shit happen. Show More Summary

Taylor Swift’s New Song/Video Prove She’s Just as Crappy as People Said She Was.

First of all, I know this is my fourth Taylor Swift blog in a row and I promise you that later I will write about Kim Kardashian’s atrocious spray-tan in Interview magazine, but right now I have some final grievances to air and it has to be done. Show More Summary

Taylor Swift Dropped Her Stupid New Video and It’s Full of Stuff

Well, Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated shit show of a music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” premiered at the boring af MTV VMAs last night, and some people are calling it genius because of all of it’s “hidden” messages. And by “hidden” I mean blatant and obvious as Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgery. Show More Summary

Taylor Swift’s New Music is Here, and I’ve Got A LOT of Opinions

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. You know, you really had me for a second last week with those zingers at your ass-grabbing trial. I really liked you for about 30 seconds, but, as I predicted in that very blog, I knew it wouldn’t last. Well,Show More Summary

Taylor Swift’s New Music Drops Tomorrow

Very recently, Taylor Swift SHOCKED the world by deleting EVERYTHING off of her Instagram account and unfollowing the few people she followed. THEN two days ago she started posting mini videos on her Instagram account of a digital snake slithering around. Show More Summary

Jay-Z Finally Addresses Issues With Kanye West and Solange

As you may or may not remember, not long before Kanye West had a meltdown and went in hospital last year, he went on an onstage rant about his pals Beyoncé and Jay-Z, claiming that Bey wouldn’t perform at the MTV awards if she didn’t...Show More Summary

Sienna Miller and Brad Pitt Have Been Canoodling

While I’m still reeling from the shitshow that is Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, I do feel some relief to find myself blogging about two people who don’t actually make me want to throw up in my mouth. In this case, I’m referring to Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller. Brad and Sienna are both newly […]

Krysta’s Drunken Netflix Review: You Get Me

So, as you all know, I have a weird preoccupation with Queen Lot Lizard, Bella Thorne. As it turns out, Bella has a new Netflix movie “You Get Me”, which is basically a shitty sexy teen “Fatal Attraction. So, I thought: What would be...Show More Summary

Storm of the Century: Rob Kardashian vs. Blac Chyna

Holy Sweet Merciful Lord! What a day! Around lunch time, my friend Danielle messages me at work to see if I had checked out Rob Kardashian’s Instagram meltdown, which I hadn’t. However, once I did I was riddled with anxiety as I still had to work another seven fucking hours before I could blog about […] Storm of the Century: Rob Kardashian vs. Show More Summary

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Made Some Really Stupid T-Shirts

Look, I’m sure that Kendall and Kylie Jenner are perfectly nice girls, but I think it’s time we all just admit the painfully obvious: these privileged little white girls are dumb as shit. Kendall and Kylie have a clothing line for some...Show More Summary

Jay Z Serves His Own Lemonade with 4:44

Last year, Beyoncé us all life by dropping her visual album “Lemonade”; an intense story of heartbreak, adultery, and forgiveness. It basically had us all shook and I was super annoyed because I was in New York when she dropped it and couldn’t blog right away. Show More Summary

MC Lyte is Worried About Kanye West, and So Am I

I recently got around to watching the critically acclaimed movie “Get Out”, and, tbh, it has me shook for Kanye West. For almost a year now, Kanye West hasn’t exactly been Kanye West, if you get what I mean. He’s been off social media,...Show More Summary

The Top 6 Coolest Canadian Celebrities

Canada Day is just around the corner, and, in case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I just so happen to be Canadian! Canada isn’t just some liberal place Americans flee to in dystopian fiction (ok, and in real life sometimes), it’s actually...Show More Summary

Khloe Claims She Faked Trying to Get Pregnant by Lamar

Well, I went out into the internet and found some Kardashian shit, and let me just saying that the Kardashians and Jenners got me EXHAUSTED! I can’t even play with them anymore they’ve become so transparent with their shit, so get ready for some venting. Show More Summary

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