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Year 10

(Making (Im)possible Chicago #26 a little less impossible. Image courtesy of United States Navy.) While blogging activity in the last two years or so has been nil (apart from the occasional Martian sunsets and sunrises), I still want to make a quick post to note that Pruned began exactly 10 years ago today. Show More Summary

Sol 587

(Sunset over Gale Crater captured by the Curiosity rover on sol 587, or April 1, 2014. Images courtesy of NASA / JPL / MSSS / Don Davis. Source.)

Another Dawn on Chryse Planitia

(Another dawn on Chryse Planitia to kick start another year. This sunrise was photographed by the Viking 1 Lander on August 25, 1977, or sol 391. Here's the sunrise on sol 379. Original images courtesy of NASA. Source.)

Sunset on Gale Crater

(Here then is my traditional capstone image to what unexpectedly turned out to be a very sparse blogging year. This particular Martian sunset was observed by the Curiosity rover from Gale Crater on sol 312, or June 6, 2013. Images courtesy of NASA. Source.)

Liberate the Horizontal and Integrate the Vertical Super-Surface

(“Stratosphere Giant” Coast Redwood, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, CA. Photo(s) by James Balog. First posted March 27, 2011.) A very quick reminder that today is the last Sunday of March. That means it's International Tree Climbing Day! Go out and find yourself a nice tree, or any tree for that matter, and shimmy on up. Show More Summary

Stormproofing Cities

(New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.) Terreform ONE has released the brief for this year's ONE Prize Competition, challenging entrants to envision urban design strategies for coping with present and future “severe climate dynamism.” How...Show More Summary

The Bismuth Stepwell

(Via Beautiful Crystals.) One of the Marvelous detritus that Tumblr occasionally spits out is this large bismuth crystal. As with most things on Tumblr, no other information is given, especially whether this sample was found naturally occurring or artificially grown. Show More Summary

The Interactive Anthrozoo

(Smart rat. Photo courtesy of Anna Flagg. Source [pdf].) “Scientists have connected the brains of a pair of animals and allowed them to share sensory information,” reports The Guardian today. This is a “major step towards what the researchers...Show More Summary


With winter weather wreaking havoc in the airspace above Pruned HQ, Chicago, I thought I'd post a small portion of a VFR map that someone digitized and then overlaid on Google Maps. The map covers the continental United States plus Alaska...Show More Summary

The Interactive Garden

(Browsing with plants. Video by Disney Reasearch.) It was only a matter of time before someone turned household plants into a multi-touch interactive device, because now we have the Botanicus Interacticus. Based on the sophisticatedShow More Summary

New Meteorwrongs

(Ryan Thompson, Dark Flight: Meteorwrongs, 2011. Photo courtesy of the artist. Source.) With the search for fragments of the meteor that streaked over Chelyabinsk continuing, I thought I'd point readers out to a project, titled DarkShow More Summary

A Cemetery for Floating Cities

(Top image: Mathilde Roussel, Lives of Grass, 2010; photo by Matthieu Raffard. Bottom image: Sasha Cisar, An Urban Canopy, 2008.) A marvelous splicing courtesy of Tumblr, pairing together Mathilde Roussel's Lives of Grass and Sasha Cisar's...Show More Summary

The (Soviet) Supersurface of Architectural Diaspora

(Administrative building in Rapla, Estonia, completed 1977. Roomas Rein, architect. Photographer unknown.) A quick note to say that Pruned has a Tumblr twin, which has recently been ticking up in activity to complement a reanimated blog, though, to my surprise, it seems to be complementing it with priapic, mammary, death and feral imagery. Show More Summary

Urban Moonlight

(“11th St. & Lydia St.,” from Andy Mattern, Moonlight Towers, 2008. Used with permission. Source.) A meme self-organized itself in my bookmarks recently, clustering together internet detritus around the subject of urban night light. It...Show More Summary

Gut Farm

I was very intrigued by a crowdfunded, citizen-scientist project to “characterize the microbial diversity of the Global Gut.” Those that have donated will receive a sampling kit and instructions on how to collect stool samples. OnceShow More Summary

The Super-Shelterbelt City

Yesterday's post about the global importation of aerosol reminded me of the Tarim Desert Highway, which crosses the great expanse of the Taklimakan (or Taklamakan) Desert in west China, the region I referred to as a Hell Mouth. I'veShow More Summary

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