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Why pseudonymity matters

A while back, someone on Twitter shared a link to an article in an Anthopology blog that mused about the reasons why people are more comfortable sharing personal information on line than they are in person. But as I read the article,...Show More Summary

How big was that EQ? Magnitude vs intensity in Chile and Haiti

My intro class is covering earthquake size on Monday. I talked to them about the Haiti earthquake at the beginning of the semester, and now an even larger earthquake has struck the subduction zone off the west coast of Chile. I put together...Show More Summary


I'm looking at my blogrolls in preparation for some changes, and I realized that I haven't listed a lot of blogs I read. (Chris Rowan's geoblogosphere feed is great for me, but not so great for people who are chasing links from blog to blog.)Anyway, if you want me to link to you, and you don't see your blog name on my sidebar, please leave a comment. Show More Summary

Panel discussion on women in science - ideas?

I've got a great new dean who's an active supporter of women in science (and a woman scientist, as well). When the call went out for ideas for Women's History Month, she suggested that the scientists do something. So... we're bringing in Dr. Show More Summary

There's No Place Like Home

I'm a day late for this month's Accretionary Wedge - somehow I got it in my head that we had until the last day of the month. I should have known that the due date was approaching when everyone else started posting!I got into geology because I wanted to go places. Show More Summary

Friends of volcano monitoring on Facebook

I forgot my Facebook password the day after I signed up, so I can't join this. But the rest of you technologically hip people can!Facebook friends of Volcano MonitoringI think Maria is responsible for the creation of this group.Edit: Maria says she wasn't responsible for setting it up - they just referred to her post to explain the group.

A Google Earth explosion!

I'm only teaching a writing class this semester, so I haven't been hunting down Google Earth files as much as I do when I'm teaching my intro class. So I hadn't realized what a fantastic collection San Diego State has put together!- The geologic map of the Grand Canyon- Grids showing all of the USGS's 7.5 minute, 30x60, and 1X2 degree map boundaries. Show More Summary

What makes a great paper?

'Tis the season for nominating papers for awards (at least if you're a member of the GSA Structure/Tectonics Division, like I am). The division's rules are that the nominees must still be alive, but there isn't any restriction on the publication year. Show More Summary

High metal concentrations in fluid inclusions?

I've got a question for any readers with expertise in ore deposits. There's a paper in the Feb. 6 issue of Science (Wilkinson et al; discussion of paper here; warning: paywall) about anomalously high concentrations of metals found in fluid inclusions in ore minerals. Show More Summary

Surveys, succeeding in Earth Science classes, and playing outside

I'm still thinking about the ACT survey about what students should know before coming into a college Earth Science class. The survey listed all sorts of important Earth Science topics, things that I cover in my class, and I wasn't sure what to say about them. Show More Summary

Artistic response to Redoubt and Asama alerts

Kindergarten art, that is.My five-year-old was looking on while I read the geology blog feed this morning, and was impressed by the images of Redoubt and Asama on Eruptions and The Volcanism Blog. So he responded with his own volcano...Show More Summary

No, misrepresentations about the process of science don't help prepare Earth Science students

I filled out a survey for ACT (the group that does one of the college admissions tests, I think) yesterday, and it's been bugging me ever since. The purpose of the survey was to find out what people who teach college-level Earth Science...Show More Summary

High points

It's morph-the-meme time! Callan started it by asking people to tell which of the US state high points they had visited. ReBecca, Geology Happens, and Silver Fox responded. Hypocentre adapted it to the UK. And then Geotripper changed...Show More Summary

The dam and the Sichuan Earthquake

I get Science via Pony Express plowing through snow over the Continental Divide, I suspect, so I didn't see this news article until a couple of days ago:A Human Trigger for the Great Quake of Sichuan?The article is behind a paywall,Show More Summary

Wayne Ranney speaking at Four Corners Geological Society

Wayne Ranney, co-author of Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau and blogger at Earthly Musings, will be speaking at the Four Corners Geological Society meeting in Durango on Friday.Place: Fort Lewis College College Union Building,...Show More Summary

Feb to-read list from Geology

Has Geology become open access? I've just set up RSS feed for it, and when I clicked links to several interesting articles, I discovered I could read them from home. (Cool.) Perhaps my school's subscription works from home now, which...Show More Summary

Titles and respect

A couple of days ago, I was introduced as "Dr. Hannula" to a class of kindergarteners. Doesn't that sound pompous?Let me back up a bit. Because I'm part-time this semester, I had time to go to my son's 100 Days of Kindergarten celebration and help out in class. Show More Summary

Arm-waving in class is good

I wave my arms a lot. Maybe too much, given how often chalk flies out of my hands. Fortunately, that might be a good thing pedagogically, according to a recent column in the Journal of Geoscience Education (Kastens et al., 2008).Because...Show More Summary

Seeking tech advice: smartphones for geologists

I currently have what I fondly refer to as a "stupidphone." It makes calls. It receives text messages. It stores phone numbers from some of my contacts. I can set it to "silent" mode during class. And... well, that's about all I do with it. But that's going to change soon. I'm thinking hard about getting a smartphone. Show More Summary

Job opportunity: director of STEM student support services

Hello world, and sorry for the blog silence. I'm still not back to regular posting, but I would like some help spreading the word about a job opportunity here at Fort Lewis College. We recently received a grant from the Department of...Show More Summary

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