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Why Science Matters: March For Science 2017

A bank robber can make a lot of arguments about why he or she should be allowed to rob a bank. "The money in the bank is just sitting there, it's not aiding the economy by being circulated", or "By taking this money and spending it, I'll be creating jobs", or "But I'll give some of the money to charities". Show More Summary

We'll Pretend I Saw the Superbloom the Same Way I Hiked the Pacific Crest Trail Today

I showed up late and at the wrong address for the party. There have been so many reports of the "superbloom" of wildflowers around Southern California this winter and spring that I was anxious to do some traveling and see the sights....Show More Summary

Kelvin-Helmoltz Clouds Over the Sierra Nevada?

I defer to those who know more about such things, so are these Kelvin-Helmoltz clouds I saw today over the Sierra Nevada east of Madera? We were driving home on Highway 99 in the Great Valley when we saw these clouds forming on the eastern horizon in the Sierra between Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Parks. Show More Summary

Work as a Biology Instructor at Modesto Junior College!

It's true it's not geology, but this is really a natural history blog, and I want to make you aware that Modesto Junior College is currently seeking an instructor of biology (tenure-track). If you are seeking employment as a biologist, Modesto Junior College is a marvelous place to teach. Show More Summary

Pygmy Mammoths? An Oxymoron Maybe, But Here's the Story, and a Great Opportunity for Exploration of the Channel Islands

For me, one of the most intriguing stories of California geology was the adventure of the mammoths of the Channel Islands. The islands lie offshore of Ventura and Santa Barbara in southern California, and are mostly protected as Channel Islands National Park. Show More Summary

The Way it Was Today: There's Nowhere on Earth Like the Ahwahnee

Yes it is true that I am privileged. I live just ninety beautiful miles from this place, Yosemite Valley in the middle of Yosemite National Park in the Sierra Nevada of California. Everyone should be this lucky. It is a treasure beyond the dreams of avarice because its value doesn't lie in money. Show More Summary

From the Archives: The Other California- A Wandering Volcano and a Floral Outburst

I don't expect to be able to visit the Southern California "Superbloom", this year, but I have seen it in the past, and thought you might enjoy some geological perspectives on why the poppies do so well in the western Mojave Desert. I found it an interesting story. Show More Summary

Liveblogging the Deluge, April Edition: Seeing Half Dome Reminded Me of Something

It's easy to get distracted by life at times. After four months of well-above average rainfall and snowfall caused by a series of atmospheric river storms, we here in California were left in a rather precarious situation where our reservoirs...Show More Summary

Explore the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rocky Mountains with Geotripper! June 17-July 1, 2017

Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming Be forewarned. This post is a TRAP! It is designed to draw you in, weaken your defenses, and cause you to do something different than everyday life. Warning given...Have you ever dreamed of hitting...Show More Summary

Rock and Light: The Primal Elements of Death Valley, Monochrome Edition

Sorry for going all pseudo-Ansel Adams on you all. I was playing with the photo-editing program with the pictures that I used in yesterday's post, and at one point I switched to black and white. I'm enchanted by the colors of our planet, but it is easy to forget that features can often be better discerned in monochrome photos. Show More Summary

Rock and Light, the Primal Elements of Death Valley

When one has been under gloomy overcast conditions punctuated by periods of rain for days, the novelty can run short, even in a place where rain is scarce. We had been on the road for three days and in that time we saw no sunshine, and in fact had lived through a night of record rainfall and localized flooding. Show More Summary

Stepping From a Valley Floor into a Mountain Range: Travels in Death Valley

To me, one of the most stunning things about exploring Death Valley is the abruptness of the landscape. There are no gentle transitions. You are either on the valley floor, or you are on a mountain. There is no in-between. I'm hard put...Show More Summary

Travels in Death Valley: the Strange Story Told By a "Rock"...

A beautiful collection of colorful rocks lie scattered across the surface of an alluvial fan in Death Valley National Park a few miles south of Furnace Creek. There is a piece of vesicular (full of holes) basalt on the lower right, next to a piece of gray limestone. Show More Summary

Two Death Valleys in One: Travels in Death Valley Version 1.0

It's certainly not the first time I've talked about Death Valley, Version 1.0 (see this post, for instance), but it's also a story of unending fascination. The deep and very long fault graben that forms the main axis of Death Valley National Park is only the latest in a series of fault valleys that have formed here over millions of years. Show More Summary

Spring is Coming, and Flowers are Awakening in the Sierra Nevada Mother Lode

It's still a bit early to see the awesomeness to come, but the spring wildflowers are beginning to make a splash of color in the Sierra Mother Lode. With the record and near record amounts of rain in Northern California, the slopes are...Show More Summary

New Exhibit at the Great Valley Museum: Homo Naledi and MJC's Dr. Debi Bolter

If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I work in a wonderful Science Community Center, which has a the marvelous Great Valley Museum (the GVM) taking up most of the bottom floor. The museum has existed for more than thirty years, but spent most of that time in a cramped 1930's vintage house. Show More Summary

Liveblogging the Deluge: It Ain't Over 'til the Fat River Drains...A Six Month Flood is in Process

The flooding in California hasn't been in the news all that much of late, but that doesn't mean the threat is over. The atmospheric river storms that have been hitting the state like an out-of-control fire hose have been turned off for...Show More Summary

A Place Where Water Once Was But Was No Longer, But Once Again Was (sort of) - Travels in Death Valley

2 months agoAcademics / Geology : Geotripper

Yes, I used that silly title a few weeks ago, but today it is in a very different context. We were continuing our exploration of the Death Valley region, and we were still dealing with the effects of the Bombogenesis storm that dropped so much precipitation across Southern California. Show More Summary

Travels in Death Valley: An Island of a Different Kind in Ash Meadows

2 months agoAcademics / Geology : Geotripper

Welcome to one of the most remarkable places in the United States. It's a large island in the middle of the hottest and driest desert in the country. I freely admit that the unprepossessing photograph above is one of the least likely...Show More Summary

So You Were in Death Valley During Bombogenesis...Did You Get Any Rain?

2 months agoAcademics / Geology : Geotripper

Explosive cyclogenesis (also referred to as a weather bomb, meteorological bomb, explosive development, or bombogenesis) refers in a strict sense to a rapidly deepening extratropical cyclonic low-pressure area. One of those things hit Southern California a few weeks back, at the very moment that we were exploring Death Valley National Park. Show More Summary

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