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Best of Overlawyered — September 2017

22 hours agoIndustries / Law : Overlawyered

“Utterly worthless,” “no better than a racket”: Subway sandwich settlement comes in for criticism at Seventh Circuit; Defamation suit after being called patent troll; Publishing a gun design online = arms export? Drug company hands patents...Show More Summary

Save the date, Feb. 8: Lenore Skenazy on the sex offender registry

Coming to Cato in Washington, D.C. noon Feb. 8, register or watch online: You May Be a Sex Offender if… Featuring Lenore Skenazy, Author and columnist, founder of Free-Range Kids; with comments by Dara Lind, Senior Reporter, Vox; moderated by Walter Olson, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute. Show More Summary

A southern border wall: the eminent domain angle

“The federal government’s boldest land grab in a generation produced the first border wall — and a trail of abuse, mistakes and unfairness.” It happened back in 2007. [T. Christian Miller, ProPublica, and Kiah Collier and Julián Aguilar,...Show More Summary

Wage and hour roundup

Among this administration’s most notable accomplishments — hurrah for Labor Sec. Alex Acosta and team — is to ditch its predecessor’s horrible overtime rules [Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post on opinion letters and internships] DoL rollback...Show More Summary

“Split up the Ninth Circuit—but Not Because It’s Liberal”

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Ilya Shapiro on the case for breaking up the overburdened, overbusy Ninth Circuit, which can be made independently of the usual ideological concerns [Cato/WSJ] Because of the Ninth’s uniqueShow More Summary

Climate change suit roundup

Biggest recruit yet for climate recoupment suits: NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio sues blaming five oil companies for Superstorm Sandy [Seth Barron/City Journal, John Timmer/ArsTechnica, WSJ; Stephen Bainbridge on parallel divestment effort] California cities/counties suing oil companies: climate change will be our ruin. Show More Summary

German social media law: early takedowns spur outcry

“A new law meant to curtail hate speech on social media in Germany is stifling free speech and making martyrs out of anti-immigrant politicians whose posts are deleted, the top-selling Bild newspaper said on Thursday” under the headline...Show More Summary

Best of Overlawyered — August 2017

“California: ADA lawsuit mill destroys family’s restaurant dream“; “UK tourists abroad file wave of food poisoning claims“; Brady Campaign talks couple into suing gun dealer, guess who gets left high and dry; EEOC: “gentleman’s club”...Show More Summary

Challenge to Seattle law banning choice of tenants

“In Yim v. City of Seattle, PLF is challenging an anti-discrimination law that prohibits landlords from choosing their own tenants. Today, we filed our opening brief to ask the Court to invalidate this oppressive and brazen violation of fundamental rights. Show More Summary

Liability roundup

Company that advances money to claimants against New York City also donates generously to New York politicos [Shawn Cohen, Julia Marsh, Rich Calder and Bruce Golding, New York Post and followup (“LawCash execs showering Schneiderman with campaign contributions”), as well as editorial and followup] Jesner v. Show More Summary

Court rejects claim of liability for lobbying

A Florida appeals court has rejected a car-crash victim’s lawsuit against a retailer for allegedly lobbying county lawmakers for bad roadway design [Eugene Volokh] Tags: lobbyists, roads and streets Court rejects claim of liability for lobbying is a post from Overlawyered - Chronicling the high cost of our legal system

Insurer owes $200,000 after drunken game of “chicken”

The insurance policy had excluded coverage for injuries arising from “illegal use of alcohol,” but a Sixth Circuit panel ruled that since the 22-year-old’s actual consumption of the alcohol hadn’t been unlawful — though his decision to operate a dirt bike while intoxicated afterward was — the exclusion did not apply. Show More Summary

Trump’s first clemency

Under the circumstances, eight years (as opposed to 27) was long enough for Sholom Rubashkin to serve behind bars for bank fraud and other financial misconduct, especially since by interfering in his bankruptcy proceedings the U.S. government...Show More Summary

Best of Overlawyered — July 2017

“$600,000 award for not accommodating employee’s ‘Mark of the Beast’ beliefs“; “Teen steals machete and kills her Uber driver,” resulting lawsuit seeks damages from Walmart; “Maine tried to raise its minimum wage. Restaurant workersShow More Summary

The Claire’s asbestos scare

How a plaintiff’s expert consultant, working with others associated with the litigation biz, helped touch off a cosmetics panic. “Jewelry store Claire’s said [Jan. 4] that lab results certified its products as asbestos-free, following...Show More Summary

Banking and finance roundup

Big news: U.S. Department of Justice changes sides in Lucia v. SEC, challenge to constitutionality of SEC use of administrative law judges [Thaya Brook Knight, Cato; Knight and Ilya Shapiro in August; Kevin Daley, Daily Caller] Cyan v. Show More Summary

Attorney rebuffs Trump’s Fire and Fury cease-and-desist

Recommended: Attorney Elizabeth McNamara of Davis Wright Tremaine, a law firm known for its media defense practice, wrote this three-page letter on behalf of publisher Henry Holt and author Michael Wolff responding to Donald Trump’sShow More Summary

January 10 roundup

Supreme Court takes Maryland gerrymander case to go with the Wisconsin one, Gill v. Whitford, on which it’s already heard oral argument [Benisek v. Lamone] I joined Andrew Langer on WBAL Baltimore’s C4 show with Andrew Langer to discuss...Show More Summary

Virginia Postrel on harassment law

As workplace expectations change in response to the #MeToo scandal, there is no point in hoping that some new set of norms will emerge that avoids exclusionary “you don’t belong” signals to some workplace participants: “Whatever newShow More Summary

Police roundup

Attitudes on law enforcement now function as culture war rallying point and vehicle of identity politics on both sides [Dara Lind] Good news on officer safety: “Line of duty deaths this year approached a 50-year low” [Ed Krayewski] SWAT...Show More Summary

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