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You've been warned, interwebs ...

8 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

What you thought was the cold lifeless corpus of Mr. Verb may be twitching again... stay tuned.Bwahahaha.

Ignorance, appropriation, and exoticization

... all wrapped up in one nice package in this morning's New York Times!It's a little hard to know where to start. Well, let's start with ignorance. The media never gets stuff about language right, so that's no surprise. And in someShow More Summary

Language Capital Project

Some of the Wisconsin Englishes folks have talked off and on about doing maps of 'linguistic resources' in communities, figuring out where different languages are used in businesses and community organizations, for instance. Turns out that Tucson is ahead of Wisconsin... Show More Summary

UW: Should I stay or should I go?

There’s a lot of talk now about UW faculty being poached or just looking to flee the state. The following is a real letter from a senior faculty member at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. I have been saying that the first real question for faculty now is whether to run or to fight. Show More Summary

Open attack on academic freedom and free speech

Look at this clip of an interview with Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. The host, Mike Gousha, asks specifically about tenure, "why do changes need to be made?" Starting around 2:00, Fitzgerald responds with this:The idea that...Show More Summary

Zapf and linguistics

Hermann Zapf has passed away. The NYT obit has a good sketch of his life and work, including designing Palatino and Optima fonts. In linguistics, he has a special place because his Dingbats font provided a face, so to speak, for Optimality Theory (along with Wingdings). Show More Summary

The real misperception about the politics surrounding the University of Wisconsin

This blog has been silent about recent developments aimed at destroying the University of Wisconsin by more rapid defunding, by dismantling tenure and by forbidding shared governance.We've seen the Board of Regents decline to step up and urge the state not to do these things. Show More Summary

Workshop on Immigrant Languages in the Americas 6: Uppala, Sweden

Various UW folks have attended this workshop and recommend it highly. Besides, it's Sweden in September. The 6th Annual Workshop on Immigrant Languages in the Americas (WILA6) will take place on September 24–26, 2015, at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden. Show More Summary

David Brooks: English draws immigrants

I do not read David Brooks. Bad for my health. But when I saw the headline "Talent loves English" this morning, I hadn't had much coffee and didn't do what I knew was the right thing. I actually read the piece. Big mistake.Wherever the...Show More Summary

Yooper English in the news

Nice article about Wil Rankinen's research on English in the UP … here.

Video slang dictionary: Say what

Some readers of this little corner of the cyberverse may be interested in SayWhat: The people's video dictionary. Its founder describes it as a video version of the Urban Dictionary, which seems true enough.Would be nice to have a little info about who the speakers are, e.g. where they're from and date of the recording.


Does anybody besides me remember Lexical Morphology? I guess I'm thinking about it because I just finished teaching intro to morphology. Just heard this on the radio yesterday: "... a very high uninsurance rate" - !!! Classic bracketing paradox: -ance has to be level 1 (luxury ~ luxuriance; predominate ~ predominance); un- is level 2. Show More Summary

DARE fights on!!! And mangoes

Need some good news? Then check out this story. The Dictionary of American Regional English is STILL surviving for now. I mean, it's to the point of funding for a few months driven by a GoFundMe campaign, but as our University is being...Show More Summary

Mountain Man Linguistics

Been a brutal year here in Wisconsin, as the state and the university are being steadily and intentionally destroyed.So, some good news is welcome: Paul Reed, one of the rising stars in the fields of American dialectology and sociolinguistics, is back at blogging, here. Check it out and keep an eye on his work... you'll be glad you did.

LINGUIST list fund drive

A message from some of the Wisconsin linguists … Folks, Most of you know that LINGUIST is now doing their annual fund drive. For five years, we had the privilege of editing book reviews for LINGUIST and we know very well how much time...Show More Summary

Gothica Bononiensia

One of our contributors noted a while back the discovery of new Gothic manuscript material (here). The scholars who've done the deciphering and interpretation contacted Team Verb and offered to send us copies of a couple of their articles on the subject, which have arrived: Finazzi, Rosa Bianca & Paola Tornaghi. Show More Summary

Who Cares?

My dad has had to listen to me talk about linguistics for over 30 years now, but the other night he asked me what linguists say when people ask why it's important to maintain, revitalize, and reclaim languages. It was probably on his mind because of McWhorter's recent column on the topic. Show More Summary

LSA 'Foundation Members' from Wisconsin

Somebody just told me about looking through the lists of original members of the Linguistic Society of America — they'd talked to someone at another university who'd actually investigated this in detail for their institution. The list...Show More Summary

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