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Mountain Man Linguistics

Been a brutal year here in Wisconsin, as the state and the university are being steadily and intentionally destroyed.So, some good news is welcome: Paul Reed, one of the rising stars in the fields of American dialectology and sociolinguistics, is back at blogging, here. Check it out and keep an eye on his work... you'll be glad you did.

LINGUIST list fund drive

A message from some of the Wisconsin linguists … Folks, Most of you know that LINGUIST is now doing their annual fund drive. For five years, we had the privilege of editing book reviews for LINGUIST and we know very well how much time...Show More Summary

Gothica Bononiensia

2 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

One of our contributors noted a while back the discovery of new Gothic manuscript material (here). The scholars who've done the deciphering and interpretation contacted Team Verb and offered to send us copies of a couple of their articles on the subject, which have arrived: Finazzi, Rosa Bianca & Paola Tornaghi. Show More Summary

Who Cares?

3 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

My dad has had to listen to me talk about linguistics for over 30 years now, but the other night he asked me what linguists say when people ask why it's important to maintain, revitalize, and reclaim languages. It was probably on his mind because of McWhorter's recent column on the topic. Show More Summary

LSA 'Foundation Members' from Wisconsin

3 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

Somebody just told me about looking through the lists of original members of the Linguistic Society of America — they'd talked to someone at another university who'd actually investigated this in detail for their institution. The list...Show More Summary

Chicago Dialect Project

3 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

There's a great new project on the development of English in Chicago. It's the Chicago Dialect Project. Check it out on Facebook here. And here's a link to the blog associated with it, which doesn't have much on it yet but will.Say what you will about the Bears and the Cubs, they have a pretty interesting dialect down there in that part of Flatlandia.

Sociolinguistic Events Calendar

4 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

Ever start something that becomes so successful you can't manage it at some point? Welcome to the lives of the people who started the Sociolinguistic Events Calendar. Dave Sayers just posted this to the Variationist List (go here to subscribe). Show More Summary

LSA special session on the Publishing Process

4 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

Pass the word...Next Thursday afternoon at the Portland meeting of the LSA, there will be a special session on the Publishing Process, cosponsored by the Committee of Editors of Linguistics Journals and the Committee on Student Issues and Concerns (Troy Messick, Chair). Show More Summary

Does language really matter?

5 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

People are talking today, rightly, about John McWhorter's piece in the NY Times, "Why save a language?". But a similar question is treated beautifully in a piece by Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins and colleagues (University of Victoria) in the Times Colonist, "Language a strong symbol of cultural identity". Show More Summary

Minnesota English in the news

5 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

Nice piece about Minnesota English by Andy Rathbun available here. Looks like he talked to about everybody you could on the subject, including some nice on-the-ground stories from speakers.People like to compare Minnesota and Wisconsin, it seems like. Show More Summary

Endangered Languages Fund

5 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

Happy Giving Tuesday! The Endangered LanguageFund is sending around this: GivingTuesday is today!!! What is GivingTuesday? We have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting dea ls. Now, we have GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. Show More Summary

The apostrophic War on the Holidays

5 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

I was fighting the urge to post about this piece on Slate, about how to pluralize your last name, and now officially give up. Anything that has this line is hard to resist reacting to: It’s Christmas! Celebrate by not doing violence to the laws of pluralization. Show More Summary

Stumbling over and through Drink Wisconsinbly

5 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

Earlier this year, I started noticing t-shirts and hoodies bearing the phrase 'Drink Wisconsinbly', like in the image here. (And, yeah, it comes in green and gold as well as red and white.) Clever, right? But I don't read t-shirts all that closely and I saw it a few times before I realized that it doesn't work at all for me phonologically... Show More Summary

New journal alert

5 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

The world seems to be bursting at the seams with linguistics news... Word of the Year stuff is cranking up, and the frenzy over mapping language continues (see this cool piece from WaPo) and I'm more puzzled than ever about how language works.But there's also a new journal, Ampersand, that just published its first article. Show More Summary

Big announcement from Mr. Verb -- Career change

6 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

Dear readers,You should be the first to know. After literally decades of studying how language works and changes and what it tells us about the mind, I'm moving on. From this day forward, I'll be studying ancient mating habits.Yes, linguistics...Show More Summary

Grad students take note ...

9 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

Be sure to credit xkcd when you use this approach. (And check out the roll over.)

Attack of the homophones!

9 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

Delightful story in the always delightful Wonkette about a guy who got fired for writing a blog post about homophones, because it sounded too... icky. It kind of sounded like another word, you might say. Of course they had to use the...Show More Summary

"Interested in regional and social differences in speech? We are too!"

9 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

Just got an email with that subject line for a study about how people identify speakers of different dialects:Our research team at the University of Wisconsin is recruiting subjects for research on how people perceive and identify dialects of languages people speak. Show More Summary

Wisconsin Englishes update ...

10 months agoLinguistics / Grammar : Mr. Verb

Word on the street is that Wisconsin Englishes will be on Wisconsin Public Radio in western Wisconsin tomorrow, on Spectrum West with Al Ross.And the Wisconsin Englishes Project website has been spiffed up a little... various updates and a bunch of teaching materials, etc. You can check it out here.

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