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Ontario's NDP lines up behind Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Here's an example of some pretty cynical political pandering from Ontario's NDP, as it decides to sidle up to Toronto's crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford in a misguided attempt to score political points.Back in November, when there was discussion...Show More Summary

If Chong’s Reform Act were in place in BC, would Adrian Dix be Premier today?

Lots of the debate around Michael Chong’s proposed Reform Act to, among other things, allow a federal parliamentary caucus to fire the party leader, has taken place in the abstract. We need to do something, it’s better than nothing, you're with reform or you're with the terrorists, and so forth. Show More Summary

Peter MacKay’s highs and lows on marijuana

The other day, federal justice minister Peter MacKay told reporters he’s “completely fine” with medical marijuana: “Having it regulated, having it made legally available to Nova Scotians — I’m completely fine with that as long as it’s in compliance with Health Canada and they have met the approvals. Show More Summary

Political Christmas cards, and Scarborough subways subways subways

Before I head to the West Coast tomorrow for Christmas, I thought I'd share a few of the political Christmas cards that -- for the last year ever if the Conservatives and Canada Post get their way -- the mailman has dropped through the slot of my front door.The first, and my favourite, is from my local Liberal MPP, Scarborough-Centre's Brad Duguid. Show More Summary

James Moore’s adherence to federal/provincial jurisdiction is highly selective

Federal industry minister James Moore faced harsh criticism over the weekend for choosing to mark the holiday season by channeling EbenezerScrooge when asked a question about child poverty. “Is it my job to feed my neighbour’s child? I don’t think so.”“We’ve never been wealthier as a country than we are right now. Show More Summary

My problems with Chong’s Reform Act and my own preferences for reform

Having finally gotten around to reading Michael Chong’smuch-ballyhooed Reform Act, which is being pushed by the media pundit class with a fervor that would make most partisans blush, I feel that, while well-intentioned, what the act proposes is flawed and suffers from a narrowness of view that has trouble looking south of the Queensway. Show More Summary

10 Hate is Better than Love By-Election Moments

As Liberal Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier said in 1918, love is better than hate. And as NDP leader Jack Layton very similarly wrote in his farwell letter nearly a century later, love is better than anger.But is it always? Here are...Show More Summary

By-elections give Liberals more hope – and a lot more hard work

Hope and Hard Work has become the oft-repeated Liberal mantra under Justin Trudeau. And it can also be used to describe where the Liberals find themselves after Monday’s by-elections: with a little more hope, and a lot more hard work ahead of them. Show More Summary

Ontario Liberals pick our policies: Transportation, bees and early childhood education

Ahead of the Liberal Party of Canada biennial coming up in February in Montreal, Ontario Liberals gathered in Kingston this weekend to debate over 60 policies and pick the 10 priority resolutions that our province can send on to be debated...Show More Summary

Reaction to Rob Ford at Argos game more carnival freak show than show of support

There I was, minding my own business just after halftime in a section 129 aisle seat at the Rogers Centre as the Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tigercats clashed on Sunday in the CFL’s Eastern Division final, when I ended up with a ringside seat for the circus that has enveloped the City of Toronto. Show More Summary

More hypocrisy on marijuana from the biker gang-supporting Conservatives

Yesterday, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau spoke with and answered questions from students at a high school in Brandon, Manitoba. One of the students asked him his position on marijuana, and he answered.No transcript is available, butShow More Summary

Harper’s credibility, the evening news and life outside the Commons

The mistake many politically aware and involved people make is believing everyone follows the ins and outs of every political development as much as they do. They don’t. People are busy. They have other priorities. Believing that everyone...Show More Summary

Duffy drama obscures a concerning rift on sovereignty in Harper cabinet

While yesterday's press conference by Mike Duffy's lawyer further ensnaring the Prime Minister's Office (beyond the departed Nigel Wright) into the Senate expense drama and Stephen Harper's transparent evasions in question period will...Show More Summary

What would Jack Layton say about Linda McQuaig’s push for a two-person debate?

Four federal by-elections have been called for Nov. 25 th, including in Toronto Centre. While a new poll shows the Liberals comfortably ahead, I think it’s going to be a real battle. And so does NDP candidate Linda McQuaig, judging by...Show More Summary

Jason Cherniak launches campaign for Liberal nomination in Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill

It’s always fun when a friend throws their hat in the political ring, and so it was an honour Sunday to venture up to Aurora as Jason Cherniak launched his campaign for the federal Liberal nomination in the newly created riding of Aurora-Oak...Show More Summary

10 mostly negative (but I did try) thoughts about the Speech from the Throne

I know everyone stopped caring about the Speech from the Throne on Thursday, including Prime Minister Harper, who fled to Europe right after it was read Wednesday night to bring back every Canadian a block of gouda. I’ve been busy the...Show More Summary

Dominic LeBlanc to bloggers: Will Conservatives’ throne speech be flash or substance?

On throne speech eve, I took part in a Liberal bloggers conference call with Dominic LeBlanc, MP for Beauséjour and Liberal house leader, where he discussed the party's plans for the fall session of parliament and what we're expecting...Show More Summary

Partisan isn’t a four-letter word

It has become a lazy slur, an oft-employed pundit crutch – decrying the evils of partisanship, dismissing the opinion of partisans with one brush, and apportioning a large share of the blame for what supposedly ails our nation to the partisans. Show More Summary

Cell phone packages and cable bills: Is this the real middle class agenda?

The Harper government won’t deliver its speech from the hrone until Wednesday, but the theme has been telegraphed for months, and much of the contents well-leaked over the past week. The government will appropriate he middle class theme...Show More Summary

David Axelrod talks Obamacare, Ted Cruz and political leadership in Toronto

On Tuesday I attended the Exceptional Speaker Series in Toronto; it's a fundraiser for Reena, which provides support children, adults and senior citizens with developmental disabilities. Hosted by National Post publisher Paul Godfrey...Show More Summary

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