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Patrick Brown urges ‘greater market access’ for

On all levels, this is wrong. The CEO of a major news media organization, like Paul Godfrey, who runs Postmedia Network Inc. which includes the National Post, should not be endorsing political leadership candidates or parties. This is...Show More Summary

Trans Day of Visibility!

On this 'Trans Day of Visibility,' I give you Laverne Cox. And a link to this nice story about Yasir Naqvi and Cheri DiNovo working together to fight federal Tory anti-trans shenanigans.

Stephen Harper is a deeply immoral and dangerous man

After watching this sobering, fascinating interview with famed political philosopher Charles Taylor on yesterday's Power & Politics, I'm more convinced than ever that my headline is true.Taylor was commenting on Stephen Harper's recent...Show More Summary

Conservative yuck factor goes up...

PM Harper, another Tory and evolution-hater MP James Lunney. Yuck and yuck and yuck. It seems the thinly-veiled, socially conservative extremist face of the Conservative movement in this country is showing itself more honestly lately.Smart politics? Nope. Show More Summary

Tory Plett's bullying of trans people continues in Ottawa

Wednesday was Pink Shirt Day in Canada, a day to stand up against bullying.But in Ottawa, where Tories act like bullies most of the time, attacking anyone who can't fight back easily, they ignored the day and continued their old tricks. Show More Summary

Tory leadership candidate caught catering to homophobia during sex-ed curriculum debate

A few hundred social conservatives reportedly gathered outside the Ontario legislature Tuesday to protest the province's revised sex-education curriculum, claiming ignorance is a virtue when it comes to their kids' health and knowledge of their own bodies, I guess. Show More Summary

'Matt Shepard Is A Friend of Mine' opens in Toronto

Director Michele Josue, father Dennis Shepard and mother Judy Shepardaddress crowd at gala event in Toronto last night. I attended the gala screening last night of the documentary feature 'Matt Shepard Is A Friend of Mine' by director...Show More Summary

OPEN LETTER to Senator Don Plett re: Bill C-279, An Act to Amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (Gender Identity)

OPEN LETTER to Senator Don Plett, I understand from this Hill Times article that you are planning to introduce amendments in the Canadian Senate to this democratically-passed private member's bill, Bill C-279, An Act to Amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (Gender Identity). Show More Summary

Unelected Conservative senators threaten to kill democratically-passed Trans Rights Bill

Due to parliamentary rules that few Canadians understand, the Senate is threatening to kill an NDP MP’s democratically-passed Transgender Rights private member’s bill when it’s amended in the Senate’s Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee next week. Show More Summary

Ontario PCs now must choose between moderate mainstream or Tea Party takeover

Tea Party Ontario PC leadership candidate Monte McNaughton I love Kathleen Wynne dearly and greatly appreciate her style of leadership. I find that I agree with her on most issues. I think she brings a smart balance between pragmatism and progressive politics and has the listening and consensus-building skills that make her a great leader. Show More Summary

Feature film 'Tru Love' a delight

I want to give a quick shout-out for a feature film I saw last weekend: 'Tru Love,' by co-directors Kate Johnston and Shauna MacDonald, which is playing for a second week until Feb 5th at Toronto's Carlton Cinema.Like most queer Canadian indie flicks, this delightful lesbian romance was shot on a small budget by some very talented people. Show More Summary

Harper Government spent $7 million of your tax dollars to attack Justin Trudeau's position on marijuana

In yet another disgusting abuse of power and waste of taxpayers' hard-earned dollars by Stephen Harper and his government, it's now been confirmed that a laughable "Health Canada" ad campaign last fall - which featured dubious claims about non-existent science and a lot of misinformation - cost we taxpayers $7 million. Show More Summary

HuffPost's Michelson: "Yes, Billy Crystal DID Just Make A Homophobic Statement (And Here's Why It Matters)"

This story about Billy Crystal has been making the internet rounds this week. I thought I'd comment, mostly to post a link to this great article by Noah Michelson, executive editor of the HuffPost's Gay Voices section, who beautifully sums up the issue and articulates many of my own thoughts in reaction to Crystal's homophobia. Show More Summary

Sudbury Liberal opponents grasp at straws with OPP's help

When you tell someone they're not going to be your party's candidate in an upcoming byelection, that you're going to appoint someone else if they even try to run, but let's look at the bigger picture and consider not only what's best...Show More Summary

Two great films up for Golden Globes tonight: 'Selma' and 'Pride'

I have been busy lately catching some 2014 films I missed last year. Scene from 'Selma' The most recent viewing was director Ava DuVernay's superb 'Selma,' (pictured on the right) which chronicles the efforts of many led by the late Martin Luther King Jr. Show More Summary

Wouldn't be nice to have a Prime Minister who didn't try to take political advantage of terrorist tragedies?

The events this week in Paris were horrifying. It's true that the West is currently being targeted by Jihadist militants, some isolated and deranged, some well-funded and trained. Our values of freedom of expression and equality are incredibly important and our support for those values cannot waiver in the face of these evil threats. Show More Summary

Tuesday round-up: Harper finally meets with Wynne; Sudbury byelection looms

It's about time! After months of dumb stubbornness, Prime Minister Stephen Harper finally relented and met yesterday with Ontario's duly elected premier, Kathleen Wynne.She only got less than an hour with him to discuss the many important issues facing the province and the country. Show More Summary

My favourite 2014 films...

Scene from 'Boyhood' My Top Ten Films of 2014: 1) Boyhood (One of my favourite directors, Richard Linklater, finally looks poised to win big at the Oscars with this gem of a film, shot with the same actors over 12 years, showing theShow More Summary

2nd openly LGBT Canadian premier on the horizon in 2015

University of Prince Edward Island President Wade MacLauchlan in his Charlottetown office.(Nina Linton For The Globe and Mail) 2015 may also bring a second openly LGBT premier in Canada: Prince Edward Island's Liberal Party seems poised...Show More Summary

My early 2015 federal election prediction

I'm extremely proud that I was able to predict way back in the fall of 2013 that Kathleen Wynne would win re-election with a majority government in Ontario. Good friends can attest to my accuracy. At the time, the main elements thatShow More Summary

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