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When Prosecutors Parade, Criminal Justice Becomes a Circus

When Prosecutors Parade, Criminal Justice Becomes a Circus Stephen Cooper and Donnie W. Bethel Call us ‘old school’, but like the Honorable Scott Milne Matheson, Jr., “lawyers, especially prosecutors, should not in [our] judgment, ‘try their cases in the press.'” In 1990, Judge Matheson, then a distinguished law professor (who would later serve as the [...]Show More Summary

Attorney general defends meeting with Bill Clinton amid email probe

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Loretta Lynch has spent the past two days fending off questions about her private meeting on a government jet with former President Bill Clinton, whose wife’s use of a personal email server while serving as secretary of state is being investigated by the Justice Department. The 30-minute conversation Monday night, Lynch [...]Show More Summary on Trump v. Clinton

Non-partisan fact-check website compares presumptive nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Trump has more statements rated Pants on Fire, 30, than the 21 other candidates for president we’ve fact-checked this cycle combined. Ninety-five of the 158 fact-checks of claims made by Trump have been rated False or Pants on Fire. Add in Mostly False [...]Show More Summary

Trump: The 1040 you’ll never see (Guest Voice)

Trump: The 1040 You’ll Never See By Andrew Feinberg Filing Status—Huge Agriculture—My golf courses receive tax breaks for agricultural use. If a goat poops on your New Jersey property you can be designated a working farm. Hey, we’re real farmers at Trump Golf. We raise greens fees. Ha! Our government is so stupid. Health savings [...]Show More Summary

#EndorseThis: To Fix Terrorism, Trump Wants To ‘Fight Fire With Fire’

Yesterday, Donald Trump responded to a terrorist attack by once again implying the unthinkable: America is losing the War on Terror because we haven’t stooped to the terrorists’ level. “We have to fight so viciously and violently, because we’re dealing with violent people,” Trump said “We can’t do waterboarding – which may not be the [...]Show More Summary

Thoughts on Independence Day (Guest Voice)

Thoughts on Independence Day by Jordan Cooper President Thomas Jefferson once said blacks like sex, but love less deeply. He said they have inferior reasoning to whites. He said that black people are less healthy than whites. Let’s stop proving him correct based on the statistics presented today. When I tell people I wrote speeches [...]Show More Summary

GOP leaders: Put your country before your party

WASHINGTON — He can’t do it, Republicans. It’s time for you to admit that Donald Trump is incapable of even pretending to be an acceptable candidate for president. The question is which side of history you want to be on. Are you going to stand with him as the balloons drop on the last night [...]Show More Summary

Benghazi conspiracy theorists turn on Trey Gowdy

WASHINGTON — Et tu, Trey? A day after the House Benghazi committee released a final report that left Hillary Clinton relatively unscathed, conservative activists — the conspiracy-minded ones who pressured House leaders to appoint the committee in the first place — rounded on Chairman Trey Gowdy for failing to deliver the goods. “To say I [...]Show More Summary

Want a Brighter Future? Teach Financial Literacy.

Want a Brighter Future? Teach Financial Literacy by Brian Goebel If we want social mobility and effective government, we need our kids to be financially literate. Financial Illiteracy is a huge problem. “No way,” you say, as you charge another $6 coffee and add it to the credit card balance you carried over from last [...]Show More Summary

Surprise! Poconos’ Leading Newspaper Takes A Powder On Big Nestlé Water Story

The daily newspaper still serves as a kind of town square even in an age of social networking and 24/7 cable news coverage, and that is especially true in smaller communities. The Pocono Record is the sole media outlet of consequence in one such community — Northeastern Pennsylvania — but it failed its responsibility in [...]Show More Summary


Benghzai Brouhahahaha by Clay Jones For a bunch of people who like to complain about government spending, taxes and even the collection of taxes, Republicans don’t have any inhibitions toward spending it on wasteful partisan politics, goose chases, manufactured scandals, and witch hunts. Republicans have spent over two years and $7 million of taxpayer money [...]Show More Summary

‘Stop whitewashing history!’ Thousands sign petition to stop Leonardo DiCaprio from playing Rumi

A petition to stop Leonardo DiCaprio from playing Persian poet Rumi in an upcoming biopic is gaining traction online, as thousands of supporters urge the Islamic scholar be played by a Middle Eastern actor. The petition calls the casting choice proposed by the film’s screenwriter and producer “both ludicrous and offensive,” and says by starring [...]Show More Summary

Goodbye, Benghazi Sleuths. Take Your Tinfoil Hats.

To quote poet T. S. Eliot, the House Select Committee on Benghazi finally folded its tent Tuesday – “not with a bang, but a whimper.” Most of us —- with the exception of paranoid conspiracy theorists and fact-impaired trolls —- have long assumed that this partisan Republican concoction would fail to nail Hillary Clinton for [...]Show More Summary

NEW POLL: World Absolutely Despises Donald Trump — Who They Love Will Turn His Cheeto-Face Blood-Red

Polling Shows Republican Donald Trump Hated, Obama And Hillary Clinton Loved Republican presidential nominee and GOP standard-bearer Donald Trump loves to brag about…well, everything. He really loves to boast about how much he loves particular groups of people and they allegedly love him back. The problem, of course, is polls show this is typically not [...]Show More Summary

Another Refugee Who Lives the American Dream

"Lock your doors, folks." "You can't come here..." Donald Trump The post Another Refugee Who Lives the American Dream appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Global warming is greening the Northern Hemisphere

An international collaboration spanning more than a dozen scientific institutions across the world found the Northern hemisphere is largely getting greener. The main culprit has been identified as man-made greenhouse emissions. Rapidly increasing temperatures in the Arctic have led to longer growing seasons and changing soils for the plants. Show More Summary

Trump is the new Reagan? The debate rages on

Among political pundits, strategists and Republican insiders, a debate has emerged over similarities between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan. Those who idolize the deceased president scoff at such comparisons. But others have noted numerous connections between the two, particularly their rise to the pedestal of GOP presidential nominee. Show More Summary

Two years, $7 million, no smoking gun

WASHINGTON — The House Select Committee on Benghazi released its long-awaited findings Tuesday and concluded that … well, it looks as though they’re going to have to empanel another select committee to iron out the dueling conclusions reached by various members of the committee. The panel members spent two years and $7 million to come [...]Show More Summary

New Poll shows Clinton Trump deadlock

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows billionaire Republican Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deadlocked in the race for the White House: Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump are deadlocked less than a month before the Democratic and Republican presidential conventions, according to a new national poll of registered voters that shows [...]Show More Summary

A Senator’s Blind Stupidity

One would think that one of the most important jobs of the House and the Senate is to enhance the American economy and improve employment. However, there is one senator who single-handedly is doing what he can to damage the economy and see to it that jobs are sent abroad. The senator is Richard Shelby [...]

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