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Scientists Reveal Death Toll Caused By Soft Drinks- And It Is Whopping

Scientists have keynoted the dangers of fizzy, sugary drinks, noting that they kill 184,000 adults every year. It further said those under 45 consume more artificially sweetened drinks and are more at risk of diabetes and obesity. The worldwide study is the first to estimate deaths and disability from diabetes, heart disease, and cancers caused [...]Show More Summary

God Bless America

click to enlagre As I work today, e-mails from abroad are filtering in wishing me a happy 4th of July. One from Moscow, one from Dublin, another from Indonesia. Why? Because they get it. And here in America, with all of our varied influences, I hope you are feeling the love as well. Nothing like [...] The post God Bless America appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

On Being Proud of Your Country (Guest Voice)

As I walked to the grocery store yesterday (July 3), I saw two American Flags on all the telephone polls on the east side of the street. I felt pride in my community for decorating the telephone polls, pride in the United States and pride in the American Flag. I neither have a “my country [...]Show More Summary

20 TV marathons for July 4th weekend

Fourth of July weekend is prime time to get some sun, take in a fireworks show or three, and barbecue all the livelong day. But in case you want to take refuge from the heat — or rain, for that matter — there’s always your friend the television. In recognition of the holiday, cable networks [...] The post 20 TV marathons for July 4th weekend appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Mike Peters Guest Cartoon: Meanwhile, in Greece…

OF RELATED INTEREST: –Greek Finance Minister Says Europe Can’t Afford To Let Greece’s Economy Crash –Greece debt crisis explainer: A history of just how the country landed itself in such a mess –Eurozone crisis: Confusion reigns in Greece on last day before referendum –Could Greece become the European Venezuela? Mike Peters is recognized as one [...]Show More Summary

In support of the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage (Guest Voice)

In support of the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage By Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal SAN DIEGO (SDONA) — While delighted and supportive of the Supreme Court’s recent decision that denying same sex couples the right to marry is unconstitutional, I disagree with the many who commented, “Love Wins.” The Supreme Court’s decision has no effect on [...]Show More Summary

Independence Day’s Importance

Independence Day’s Importance By Tom Purcell “Beer, family gatherings and fireworks! Gosh, I love the Fourth of July!” “Ah, yes, you unwittingly illustrate a growing challenge with Independence Day: too many Americans are unaware of the holiday’s real importance.” “That there are also terrific mattress sales?” “A few years ago, a Marist Poll asked Americans [...]Show More Summary

All About Love

Love has been a lot in the news lately — with our country finally acknowledging that two people in love can get married to each other — and in our hearts, as evidenced by the number of articles written about it in the last week or so. Just here at The Moderate Voice, we had [...] The post All About Love appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Stars And Stripes

I like to look for new or different versions each year and this time found this one. Well done sir. The post Stars And Stripes appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Happy 4th of July

OK, yes it is the same picture I use every year but I really don’t have a better one.  It represents the soul of this aging hippie.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this country.  I just don’t always like what it does. The post Happy 4th of July appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Reading Of The Declaration Of Independence

Worth 15 minutes of your weekend. The post Reading Of The Declaration Of Independence appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Cartoon: GOP fireworks

See great cartoons by all the top political cartoonists at To license this cartoon for your own site, visit The post Cartoon: GOP fireworks appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

No the Greeks did not invent Mathematics

Over at the normally largely fictional National Review Kevin D, Williamson brings us with some new fiction. The Greeks Invented Mathematics, and Now It’s Bankrupting Them.  As much as we not like to admit it our modern mathematics comes from the Muslims of he Ottoman Empire.  They brought a number system from India that included [...]Show More Summary

Thoughts about the Greek crisis (Reader Guest Voice)

Thoughts about the Greek crisis by Jordan Cooper The prospect of financial liberation is very tantalizing to any individual and required for the success of a person’s future extended family. Loans are good for credit growth, business expansion, and government financial solvency. However, they should not be given without good faith and a fair chance [...]Show More Summary

Greek catastrophe and Euro creditor’s rage (Grexit, Part 1/2)

Greece is on the edge of economic and social catastrophe which all the kings men may not be able to put together again for decades. Experts and historians will strive for years to apportion blame for the unfolding human tragedy in the cradle of European civilization. It is happening despite Europe’s longest ever era of [...]Show More Summary

Grexit and the stakes for Europe (Grexit, Part 2/2)

A Grexit would strike at the heart of public perceptions about Europe’s most inspiring project to finally end wars and build peace through voluntary cooperation among peoples long divided by blood-soaked mistrust. That project was the 28-nation European Union bolstered later by a 19-member Euro currency zone. It is a monument to the political will [...]Show More Summary

Jim Webb Enters Race Plus Increased Speculation That Joe Biden Will Run

While the number of Democratic candidates remains well below the number squeezed into the Republican clown car, the number is growing to the point where very soon they will no longer all fit under Donald Trump’s hair. Jim Webb has officially announced and there is increased speculation that Joe Biden plans to run. Most of [...]Show More Summary

Sights and Music for the Fourth

Want to get in the mood for the Fourth early? Watch and listen to the U.S. Air Force Academy Concert Band perform as part of an Independence Day-themed event at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota, tonight at 7:30 p.m. MDT. Please click here for the live stream. Don’t know much about the A.F. [...]Show More Summary

Greece: with referendum looming ‘Yes’ vote ahead, opinion poll suggests

Just days before Sunday’s (July 5) referendum in Greece, a new opinion poll suggest the ‘Yes’ camp has pulled 1.4 percent ahead in what has been a close-run race. A previous poll put the ‘No’ vote in the lead. In a referendum which could determine the country’s future in Europe, Greeks will be asked to [...]Show More Summary

Bobby Jindal administration will start issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples as courts back Supreme Court ruling

After all his posturing and pronouncements to try and appeal (the actual word is pander) to the Republican Party’s far right basest part of the party’s base, Lousiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration will start issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples — as his legal options have run out. New Orleans is finally allowed to [...]Show More Summary

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