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Congress should investigate Trump’s alleged sexual misconduct

WASHINGTON — Powerful men with long histories of alleged sexual harassment or assault are finally being held accountable — except one. That would be President Trump. From movie mogul Harvey Weinstein to television host Charlie Rose to Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore to veteran Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., prominent men are accused of using their [...]Show More Summary

It looks like Mueller may have flipped Michael Flynn

In the immortal words of Benjamin Wittes, Twitter’s founder of the baby cannon movement, ” BOOM!” Lawyers for Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, notified the president’s legal team in recent days that they could no longer discuss the special counsel’s investigation, according to four people involved in the case, a n [...]Show More Summary

Ingrate Gobbler (Cartoon and column)

The Idiot-in-Chief couldn’t stop tweeting dumb things this weekend. What else is new, right? He attacked Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake, and tweeted, “was caught (purposely) on “mike” saying bad things about your favorite President.” My first thought was, what did Flake say about Teddy Roosevelt? By the way, Mr. Cheeto…it’s “mic,” not “mike,” unless [...]Show More Summary

‘Lady Bird’ Is An Honest Portrayal of Family

Lady Bird is an excellent coming of age story following Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, played by Saoirse Ronan. We see the relationship with her parents, especially her mother, and how she tries to figure out the person she is and where she wants to be after high school. Laurie Metcalf, who plays Lady Bird’s mother, [...]Show More Summary

State Department’s Hollow Statement on Violence Against Women

"The United States will never waver in its support for women’s equality...we will continue to work to end violence against women and girls globally and to ensure that women and girls have equal rights and opportunities." - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The post State Department’s Hollow Statement on Violence Against Women appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Trump’s Historic Histrionics

"Some things are more historic than others. When Congress missed its 'historic' chance to repeal Obamacare, Trump’s executive order to undermine Obamacare was 'truly historic.'" - Dana Milbank The post Trump’s Historic Histrionics appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Cartoon: Santa Allegations copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved The post Cartoon: Santa Allegations appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

New York Daily News Front Page on Trumps’ Moore Endorsement

Once again the New York Daily News has produced a blunt front page on a breaking story. The story: President Donald Trump’s virtual endorsement of former Judge Roy Moore in the race for the Alabama Senate seat vacated by now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Moore has had several women come forward and accuse him of sexual [...]Show More Summary

Stranger Danger (Cartoon and Column)

The three largest newspapers in Alabama are pleading with the state’s voters not to send Roy Moore to the United States Senate. The Birmingham News, The Mobile Press-Register, and The Huntsville Times (all owned by Alabama Media Group) don’t want the voters to embarrass Alabama. While we’re wondering how so many people can defend and [...]Show More Summary

Thank you, George W. Bush and Sally Yates

WASHINGTON — “So this is how it’s going to work today,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders informed the press corps Monday. She told reporters that “if you want to ask a question,” you should “start off with what you’re thankful for.” Like good little girls and boys, several obliged. The reporters were grateful [...]Show More Summary

When JFK was killed, a Holocaust survivor fearfully clung to his rye bread

Now he held on to his rye bread as if someone terrible was coming back again to take it away from him The post When JFK was killed, a Holocaust survivor fearfully clung to his rye bread appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Tiresias Notes, or, My Life as a Woman

And still he persisted.  You women will know what I mean, and you men will never know, so I won't describe his creepy, boorish behavior further, except to say that when a woman says a man was like an octopus, hands everywhere, I now know EXACTLY what they mean. The post Tiresias Notes, or, My Life as a Woman appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

(Updated) Father and Daughter: A Contrast in Moral Values

Update: Perhaps seeing parallels between Roy Moore’s predicament and his own during the presidential campaign, Trump has now come out full blast in support of Moore’s candidacy, unabashedly stating that he believes Moore’s denials of the many credible sexual harassment and misconduct accusations against him. In doing so, Trump has stirred up the lurid hornet’s [...]Show More Summary

Breaking Update – The Twelve Days of Trump

“Part of being a president is at moments being pastor in chief, dispensing grace and understanding and giving voice to sorrow, tragedy and loss...But [Trump is] a person who’s missing an empathy gene.” - Peter Wehner The post Breaking Update – The Twelve Days of Trump appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Cartoon: Trump Thanksgiving

The post Cartoon: Trump Thanksgiving appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Frum: GOP Blowing Tax Reform

David Frum points out the latest example (tax reform) of Republicans’ inabilty to govern in The Atlantic. From the point of view of future U.S. growth and prosperity, the broad outline of tax reform seems obvious. Lower corporate rates to somewhere between 25 and 30 percent, the developed-world norm. Tighten collection so that the rate [...]Show More Summary

The Case For Trump’s Russia Collusion Is Made; We’re Just Filling In The Details

There is a glimmer of hope even as Donald Trump destroys the government, undermines our core values, tries to divide us with hate and fear mongering, further isolates America from the world community and becomes increasingly unhinged. This is because we are at the point in the movie known as the Russia scandal where the [...]Show More Summary

5 Minutes = 26+ Hours

Hackers. The name term is the rage these days. But for those of us in information technology hackers are old, new, and future destructive news that didn’t start with Russia. The Moderate Voice got hit with it’s worst hacking attempt in the 14 years this site has been up. We were breached, design elements deleted, [...]Show More Summary

STRATCOM Commander Would Push Back on a Trump ‘Illegal’ Nuke Order

“We don’t swear allegiance to a colonel, we don’t swear allegiance to any individual. We swear an oath to an ideal as written in the Constitution and the people of this Command take that very seriously…” STRATCOM Commander, Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten The post STRATCOM Commander Would Push Back on a Trump ‘Illegal’ Nuke Order appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Last Week’s Election Portends A Gold Mine For House Democrats In 2018

In case nobody noticed, last week elections were held throughout the United States. The major races were mostly confined to the eastern part of the country, and they included the governorships of both New Jersey and Virginia. Yet it was the legislative elections, particularly in the Commonwealth that stole the show. Not only did the [...]Show More Summary

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