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Another Achilles’ Heel for Ted Cruz

Josh Marshall points out another one on Talking Points Memo. While there’s no doubt Cruz is a dyed in the wool conservative, he is also pretty transparently a major bullshit artist. While it is not clear that he is really more conservative than several of the other GOP presidential aspirants, his strategy has been to [...]Show More Summary

Beaver’s Breath and No Bra: Adam Sandler Film Controversy

Santa Fe — Spoiler alert: Adam Sandler’s new Netflix film “The Ridiculous Six” contains low-brow humour that many people will find offensive. Native Americans in particular may consider Sandler’s jokes demeaning. That might not be a surprise for Sandler’s fans, but as many as twelve Native American actors walked off the set of Sandler’s film [...]Show More Summary

SciFi Weekend: The Americans Season Finale; Arrow; Orphan Black; Hannibal

The season finale of The Americans felt more like a mid-season break, consistent with the earlier statements from the producers that they were carrying the plot threads from the third season into the fourth. This makes good sense as shows such as Homeland have shown how easy it might be to use up the story [...]Show More Summary

Political Limbo: Cruz warns of ‘liberal fascism’ targeting Christians

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is warning conservatives about extremism. That’s like the pot calling the pot a pot. Cruz — who believes “nuance” is a as filthy a word as the word “moderate” — is warning that “liberal fascism” is targeting Christians. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Saturday said Democrats had gone to extremes in [...]Show More Summary

Ghost sightings may be caused by mind-altering mold

Most of us know someone, or know someone who knows someone, who has ‘seen a ghost.’ Most of them are reasonably down-to-earth, level-headed people. And yet, despite all the movies, the stories and the checking the closet every night and sleeping with the light on (what? Just me?), it is difficult for the scientific mind [...]Show More Summary

More than 2,200 Dead in Nepal Earthquake: Massive Aftershock Rocks Nepal

Massive Aftershock Rocks Nepal As rescue efforts continued more than a day after a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, the death toll crossed 2,200 and was expected to rise, according to reports. Meanwhile, another aftershock hit the region Sunday afternoon, triggering panic in the devastated region, and fresh avalanches on Mount Everest. Show More Summary

President Barack Obama’s Complete Comedy Routine 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner (Video)

Here’s President Barack Obama’s compelete comedy routine at the 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner: For the full transcript of the routine GO HERE. Here’s how The Hill framed it. The post President Barack Obama’s Complete Comedy Routine 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner (Video) appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Cartoon: Koch Bulimia

See great cartoons by all the top political cartoonists at To license this cartoon for your own site, visit The post Cartoon: Koch Bulimia appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Clinton Foundation Admits Mistakes As Foreign Donation Controversy Swirls

The Clinton Foundation admits making mistakes as the foreign donation controversy, prompted by the book “Clinton Cash,” engulfs Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The foundation said, “Yes, we made mistakes, as many organizations of our size do, but we are acting quickly to remedy them, and have taken steps to ensure they don’t happen in the [...]Show More Summary

Sweet Cakes Fined $135K for Refusing to Bake Lesbian Couple’s Wedding Cake

An Oregon judge ruled that a lesbian couple turned away by baker who refused to make their wedding cake on religious grounds, should receive $135,000 for their emotional suffering, the Oregonian reports. The administrative law judge Alan McCullough for the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries said Rachel Bowman-Cryer and her wife, Laurel Bowman-Cryer, should [...]Show More Summary

Huckbee Claims Gay Marriage Leads To “Criminalization Of Christianity”

Mike Huckabee is calling legalization of same-sex marriage a move towards the “criminalization of Christianity.” “I think it’s fair to say that Christian convictions are under attack as never before,” Huckabee said Thursday, according to audio of the call obtained by Right Wing Watch, a project of the progressive advocacy group People for the American [...]Show More Summary

The Chargers’ Future in San Diego: Interview with Chargers’ Special Counsel Mark Fabiani (Guest Voice)

BOLTBLITZ.COM EDITOR’S NOTE: With all of the uncertainty regarding the stadium situation in San Diego, we here at thought it would be helpful to request and obtain an interview with Mark Fabiani, special counsel to the Chargers. Mr. Fabiani was kind enough to agree to the interview. BoltBlitz reporter Thomas Powell asked some very [...]Show More Summary

Inside the Mind of the Founding Fathers: The 2nd Amendment and Open Carry (Guest Voice)

Inside the Mind of the Founding Fathers The 2nd Amendment and Open Carry By Dale Schlundt, M.A. If you ask the typical American citizen the definition of the second amendment, their answers are invariably, “the right to bear arms.” One that does not study history would be left with the impression that those five words [...]Show More Summary

PoltiFact: Bill Maher Right About The Estate Tax

“More astronauts have been to the moon than farmers who paid the inheritance tax in 2013.” –Bill Maher Conservatives often try to make it appear that tax their tax and economic plans are for the good of others when in reality they are supporting the ultra-wealthy. Their arguments against what they call “the death tax” [...]Show More Summary

Bruce Jenner to ABC News: “I’m a Woman”

It’s one for the book: and a history making interview that’ll be played for many years to come: in an exclusive interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer on ABC’s “20/20,” legendary athlete Bruce Jenner announced: “I am a woman.” Bruce Jenner was once hailed as the greatest athlete in the world and later became a reality [...]Show More Summary

George Packer on Political Paralysis

George Packer mourns his loss of passion for our current politics in The New Yorker (h/t Kevin Drum). The reason is the stuckness of American politics. Especially in the years after 2008, the worst tendencies of American politics only hardened, while remaining in the same place. Beneath the surface froth and churn, we are paralyzed. You [...]Show More Summary

The Age of Adaline (Movie Review)

3.5/5 Adaline Bowman, played by the gorgeous and talented Blake Lively, seems to be the Platonically ideal woman — intelligent, boundlessly versed, and possessed a kind of Golden Age joie de vivre that gleams through even the most anodized of self-imposed defenses. Her face, let alone the rest of her body, appears to have never [...]Show More Summary

Clinton ‘Scandals’ Weekend Relief

The Virginia International Tattoo in Norfolk, VA. is an annual performance that brings together “military bands, massed pipes and drums, drill teams, Celtic dancers, cultural performers, choirs and more” and is considered by many to be one of the best and most patriotic of the world’s tattoos. This year’s theme is “A Tribute to Military [...]Show More Summary

Borowitz Has Good (Satirical) Advice for Republicans

Perhaps because the issue is (temporarily) overshadowed by the tragic accidental drone-strike-killing of two hostages being held by Al Qaeda in Pakistan and by Ted Cruz’ introduction of two bills to stop gay marriage, there are “only” a score or so articles listed at on allegations of inappropriate contributions to the Clinton Foundation and [...]Show More Summary

Citizen-Journalist Fined for Telling the Truth

by Walter Brasch Vera Scroggins of Susquehanna County, Pa., was found to be in contempt of court, Thursday, and fined $1,000. Her offense? She tells the truth. Truth is something that apparently has bypassed the court of Judge Kenneth W. Seamans, who retired at the end of 2014, but came out of retirement to handle [...]Show More Summary

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