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Clinton, Trump clash over who is better for minorities

By Amanda Becker and Steve Holland RENO, Nev./MANCHESTER, N.H. (Reuters) – Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump on Thursday of fuelling America’s “radical fringe” with racist rhetoric, even as her Republican rival sought to soften his image with an appeal to minorities. Clinton needs to retain support from black and Latino voters to [...]Show More Summary

‘No one will ever believe you': Photo evidence of ultimate troll Bill Murray stealing French fries finally surfaces

“No one will ever believe you.” Six simple words. And yet there’s an entire corner of the Internet dedicated to the phrase – well, as uttered by the legendary Bill Murray, anyway. From crashing weddings to participating in city-wide party hopping, Murray has a habit of showing up in random places, and then disappearing as [...]Show More Summary

Cartoon: Trumpen Hooker

Trumpen Hooker by Clay Jones Donald Trump LOOOOVES fake news. He loves conspiracy theories, gossip, rumors, and dirty lies. He peddles them, he tweets them, he finances them, and he bases his entire campaign off them. The liberal website Think Progress has an article describing 12 conspiracy theories Trump has embraced. The site Alternet went [...]Show More Summary

Donald Trump’s new loose cannon

WASHINGTON — In choosing Stephen Bannon to be the CEO of his campaign, Donald Trump has accomplished the extraordinary: He has found somebody as outrageous as he is. Bannon, who had been publisher of the far-right website Breitbart, has called the pope a “commie” and said Catholics are trying to boost Hispanic immigration because their [...]Show More Summary

As an American Muslim

As an American Muslim I can keep my eyes closed and report that all is hunky-dory, that all is well just because nothing untoward has happened to me yet. Or I can be honest. The war has come home and in a bad way, for such is the nature of this beast and the price [...] The post As an American Muslim appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Athletic suspensions illustrate the uneven hand of “justice”

White, male privilege on display. Hope Solo is fired for being mouthy; Ryan Lochte has faced no disciplinary action after filing a false police report and starting an international incident. The post Athletic suspensions illustrate the uneven hand of “justice” appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Should Ds Focus On Securing 270 Or An Electoral Landslide

A recent Politico story revealed an ongoing debate within the Democratic Party on the dynamics of the Presidential race. Entitled, “Democrats Debate the Size of Clinton’s Victory,” the article portrays two schools of thought. One involves Democrats who want to expand the playing field and resources to every state that polls show are remotely within [...]Show More Summary

Cartoon: Hillary’s Health Scare

The current arguments against Hillary Clinton must not be good enough reasons for people to vote against her. The GOP is pushing the narrative that she’s a liar despite the fact they have a nominee that only tells the truth about 10% of the time. They’re still pushing the email server issue and the Clinton [...]Show More Summary

The Clinton Rules on Reporting … Again

And, lest you worry that it's not working, both Berniebots and GOPs on Facebook were instantly hostile to the notion that there WASN'T a big Clinton Foundation scandal, because, well, "the MSM lies!" The post The Clinton Rules on Reporting … Again appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

I’m With Her

Copyright 2016 David Donar. All rights reserved.Copyright Donar, Political Graffiti The post I’m With Her appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

New Studies Claims Men Who Eat More Fruits And Vegetables Smell Better, Attract More Women

Samantha Cole Popular Science August 22nd, 2016 Smell plays a large evolutionary part in picking potential mates. Our noses know how to diversify our gene pools, when fertility is at its height – and also detect who will agree with our political stance. Sense of smell even correlates with social circle size. Researchers set out [...]Show More Summary

Cartoon: Trump the early years

Mike Slosberg is a cartoonist and novelist. He lives with his wife and hundreds of drawing pens on the Upper Westside of Manhattan, New York. You can see more of his cartoons and learn about his books by going to: The post Cartoon: Trump the early years appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Trump supporters are from Mars, Clinton backers from Venus

For voters, 2016 is about more than a personality clash between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. New research shows that the gaping divide in the presidential race derives from much more than voters’ distaste for one candidate or the other. Supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump see America in very different ways. This pertains [...]Show More Summary

Why We Should Invest in More PTSD Research

Quite a few medical conditions elude our attempts at curing them. In some cases, they also elude our attempts to treat them effectively. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one such condition. Sometimes it’s treated with success, using a variety of cognitive and behavioral therapies, medications or both. We know little about how the disorder progresses [...]Show More Summary

Politix Update: A Pivot On Immigrants — Or Anything Else — Won’t Save The Donald

Trump’s pivot turned out to be a 360-degree pirouette: back into the mud, where he feels most at home. ~ EUGENE ROBINSON, The Washington Post I have dreaded having to write this column because I am just about out of snappy Donald Trump rejoinders, although a pundit’s recent description of him as “a walking order [...]Show More Summary

Open Letter To Donald Trump from a Black Voter: No I Didn’t Grow Up in Poverty

Dear Donald Trump, I’m black and I have never lived in poverty nor have I ever been shot at walking down the street. In fact, I have been gainfully employed since I graduated from college and even run a small business part-time. Further, I don’t come from the “broken homes” that you referenced during your [...]Show More Summary

Escort-Gate: Tarnishing Melania Trump’s Reputation

It is appalling that online and print media outlets and tabloids have circulated a story suggesting that Melania Trump, the former Melania Knauss, was a paid escort before marrying Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for U.S. President, Attorney Charles J. Harder has been retained by Mrs. Trump to pursue claims for defamation against Politico and [...]Show More Summary

The AP as Big Brother

August 23, 2016 Note to readers: This is the latest entry in Baby DonDon’s campaign diary. The series imagines that “Mr.” Donald Trump has the emotional make-up of a five-year-old and confides his deepest thoughts—such as they are—to Andrew Feinberg, and to readers, every day. In his private moments, he always thinks of himself as [...]Show More Summary

The 2016 Olympic Games Are Over, Now Get Ready for the Paralympics.

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games are over. Yes, there had been some concerns. Yes there have been a couple of controversies and incidents. But overwhelmingly the Rio Olympics turned out to be one of the most successful and splendid Olympic events in memory. Talking about memories, perhaps the Rio live blog says it best: [...]Show More Summary

Sarah Palin: Too crazy for Donald Trump

Remember when it was nearly impossible to avoid Sarah Palin in one’s daily scan of political stories? She was everywhere and we seemed to pay attention if only to marvel at the great number of stupid things she routinely said. Now of course we have Donald Trump sucking all the oxygen out of the room, [...]Show More Summary

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