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This is what you get, Mr. Speaker

WASHINGTON — This, Mr. Speaker, is what you get for embracing Donald Trump. When Paul Ryan, after a long Hamlet routine, decided to get behind Trump last year, he took a calculated risk that the erratic presidential candidate could become a vessel for the conservative policies the House speaker long aspired to implement. Instead, Ryan [...]Show More Summary

Trump Talker Ally Alex Jones calls George Soros “The Head Of The Jewish Mafia”

President Donald Trump’s longtime talker ally, InfoWar’s Alex Jones, has called billionaire George Soros “The head of the Jewish Mafia.” Here’s the segment: CALLER: I’ve noticed since the very beginning that the two main guys out there at the forefront of all of this are Senator John McCain and Lindsey Graham, saying everybody’s a Russian [...]Show More Summary

Wikileaks and the Erosion of Democracy

Block by block, snide release by snide release, Wikileaks is eroding the ability of a state to protect itself and society, an act of sabotage that yet many view as heroic. I can tell you, as one who devoted his life to serve the Constitution of the United States from within the national security establishment, [...]Show More Summary

Cartoon: Devin Nunes

The post Cartoon: Devin Nunes appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

What A Westinghouse Bankruptcy Could Mean For U.S. Utilities

By Leonard Hyman and Bill Tilles for International news services now report that Japan’s Toshiba Corporation (9502.T) is preparing to make a chapter 11 bankruptcy filing for its Westinghouse Electric subsidiary as soon as this Monday, March 27. For most of our readers this news evokes little surprise. This is merely another chapter of [...]Show More Summary

Trump Doggy Paddles In Putin’s Filth While Republicans Gobble Up Bowls Of It

We have come to expect rabid partisanship from Republicans, who have spent the last eight years trying to undermine one president and the last 10 weeks trying to prop up another. But partisanship does not begin to explain, let alone excuse, why these selfsame Republicans, who for decades portrayed Moscow as the great global Satan [...]Show More Summary

Report: Spiders could (in theory) eat every human on Earth in one year

Here’s a story with REAL legs. The Washington Post’s Wonkblog reports that spiders could theoretically eat every human on Earth in one year: Spiders are quite literally all around us. A recent entomological survey of North Carolina homes turned up spiders in 100 percent of them, including 68 percent of bathrooms and more than three-quarters [...]Show More Summary

Trump moves to roll back Obama-era climate policies

US President Donald Trump has declared the end of a “war on coal” as he moved to roll back rules that underpin American emissions targets and a major global climate accord. Following through on an election promise, Trump on Tuesday signed an “energy independence” executive order to review some of his predecessor Barack Obama’s climate [...]Show More Summary

Israel is good, not perfect (Guest Voice)

JERUSALEM — George Steiner, the celebrated literary critic and exponent of contemporary thought, describes himself as a proud, though non-practicing, Jew: “The highest nobility is to have belonged to a people that has never humiliated another people.” That makes him, in words spoken to the French journalist Laure Adler, “fundamentally anti-Zionist.” In a recent book [...]Show More Summary

NFL’s Raiders: Las Vegas – 1; Oakland – 0.

It didn’t take long for Oakland, California mayor Libby Schaaf to put a spin on the recent vote by NFL franchise owners to allow the Raiders franchise to move from Oakland to Las Vegas. Fox News quotes Schaaf as saying, “Never that we know of has the NFL voted to displace a team from its [...]Show More Summary

Al-Qaeda targets South Asia to make Base camps Especially India

WASHINGTON: A senior US defence official has pointed out that The top Al Qaeda leadership has started nurturing terror units in South Asia, including in India, to give a local face to their outfit “We believe that Al-Qaeda’s senior most leadership realises that their presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan has been under pressure for quite [...]Show More Summary

The Epidemic Of Russia Scandal Deaths, Disappearances & That Damned Falling Bathtub

Just because people with connections to Donald Trump’s Russia scandal keep dying or disappearing unexpectedly does not necessarily mean that their heart attacks, assassinations in broad daylight, mysterious exits and other premature departures are any more than an uncanny number of coincidences. Show More Summary

Trump Thumped

It has not been an easy first few months for the Trump man, our president who still may not realize that his desires are not the be all and end all in Washington. There are other power centers that he has to deal with and get them to acquiesce to his wishes. The defeat of [...] The post Trump Thumped appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

The Head of Trump University Got Schooled

The Head of Trump University Got Schooled Raging Moderate by Will Durst It has been assailed as the end of democracy. Vilified as a form of slavery. Denigrated, denounced and disparaged. But like a blind, three-legged dog named “Lucky,” against all odds, the Affordable Care Act has survived and remains the law of the land. [...]Show More Summary

Blacks deserve a college education (Guest Voice)

Blacks deserve a college education by Jordan Cooper Educational institutions that are currently called “Historically Black Colleges and Universities” should be changed to “African-American-serving Degree Granting Institutions”. Historically Black Colleges and Universities in total have an average graduation rate of under 50 percent of their students. Show More Summary

Movie Review – “Life”

“Life” gives us the pulse-racing space terror of 1979’s “Alien” and the suspense-filled isolation found in John Carpenter’s Antarctic in “The Thing” (1982). Make no mistake, the real star is the alien creature whom we learn as much about as any other character in the film. And that’s the way it should be. – Patrick [...]Show More Summary

Putin them out the window (Cartoon and column)

Putin them out the window by Clay Jones People who oppose Russian President Vladimir Putin have a tendency to wind up dead, or seriously hurt. Maybe they’re just clumsy and naturally fall out of fourth story windows. First off, the guy’s got the same name as “Vlad The Impaler,” the psychopath who was the inspiration [...]Show More Summary

Trump could learn plenty from his mistakes — if only he acknowledged them

WASHINGTON — Last week’s health care fiasco could end up being a positive experience for President Trump if he learns a few obvious lessons. Spoiler alert: He won’t. The first thing that should dawn on Trump is that the warring Republican factions in Congress have multiple agendas, none of which remotely resembles his own. This [...]Show More Summary

Nunes’ latest revelation further roils inquiry into Trump team

WASHINGTON — The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., conceded Monday that the source for a dramatic statement he made last week about possible intelligence surveillance of members of President Donald Trump’s transition team was someone he had met with at the White House. The disclosure, showing coordination between the White [...]Show More Summary

Fissures of Men

The childish pettiness of this orgy of chaos known as the Trump Administration is, frankly, at the limits of credulity... The post Fissures of Men appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

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