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Republicans In Political Chaos, Clinton “Covering Up Some Shaddy Sht”, And Sanders’ Unconventional Debate Preparation

Both political parties are facing a fight against the party establishment in their presidential campaigns, with the Republican battle extending to Congress. Unfortunately the insurgents on the Republican side are the extremists who, while right in finding fault in the establishment, seek to paralyze the political system rather than improve it. Kevin McCarthy dropped out [...]Show More Summary

Jim Wallis on Gun Violence

Evangelical pastor Jim Wallis calls our Republican support of the gun lobby on There is nothing we can do to reduce the growing number of mass shootings in America — except get more people to have guns. Unbelievably, that’s what conservative spokespersons and Republican presidential candidates are saying after the latest college massacre in [...]Show More Summary

Paul Ryan: What the Republican party (but definitely not America) needs

Jonathan Chait has put together a wonderful sketch of the potential contribution of Paul Ryan to America. Excerpt: What actually separates the insurgents from the Establishment is not ideology but tactics. The insurgents refuse to accept the constitutional limits of their power, and believe that more frenzied assertions of their core beliefs, combined with a [...]Show More Summary

Uptick of violence prompts diverse Israeli responses (Guest Voice)

Uptick of violence prompts diverse Israeli responses by Ira Sharkansky JERUSALEM — “What’s happening?” “What should be done?” There are no sure answers to either of those questions. Both Israelis and Palestinians are arguing–with each other and among themselves–if the current uptick in violence signifies an intifada or something less. Show More Summary

Chaos is the GOP’s new normal

WASHINGTON — At this point, I worry we’re going to start finding members of the Republican establishment curled up in their beds, eyes clenched shut and ears covered with trembling hands, moaning “make it stop, make it stop, make it stop.” Pity their suffering, but remember that they brought it on themselves. The insurrection that [...]Show More Summary

Did Kevin McCarthy’s Quit House Speaker Race After Personal Threat Over Affair Allegations?

Did Kevin McCarthy’s quit the race for Speaker of the House after he received a personal threat about allegations he had an affair? A piece of enterprise reporting by The Huffington Post bolsters those who have thought it could have played a role — as does the context of what Republicans and the entire country [...]Show More Summary

GOP civil war rages as McCarthy falls

WASHINGTON — Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s startling decision to pull out of the race for speaker of the House of Representatives was the latest vivid illustration of how today’s Republican Party is bitterly divided between hardcore conservatives and pragmatists. And there’s little hope of healing anytime soon. The Republican civil war has been escalating for years, [...]Show More Summary

Those ‘Criminal’ Immigrants

GOP presidential wannabe Donald Trump has repeatedly denigrated undocumented immigrants, especially those from Mexico, as being rapists, bringing drugs and bringing crime. If elected, he has promised to deport millions of unauthorized...Show More Summary

McCarthy Republican “shocker” leads to “disarray” and maybe a tea party takeover followed by market plunge

Kevin McCarthy, the California shoo-in for Boehner’s old job as Speaker, had dropped out. As shocked members left the room there was a sense of total disarray, with no clear path forward and no set date for a new vote. Representative Peter King, Republican of New York, said that in dropping out of race, Mr. [...]Show More Summary

Daryl Cagle Cartoon: Republican Infighting

See great cartoons by all the top political cartoonists at To license this cartoon for your own site, visit The post Daryl Cagle Cartoon: Republican Infighting appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

NOTE to readers on House Republicans story and more

Due to the big political story dealing with House Republicans, we’ll be redating some posts and adding one or two more and fixing the order of “featured posts” on top. This should make following this major political development easier. Also: many thanks to the TMV readers who recently put The Moderate Voice on small ongoing [...]Show More Summary

Sanders Gets First Congressional Endorsement And Continues To Show He Makes A Strong General Election Candidate

When Hillary Clinton was thought to be the inevitable Democratic nominee, she received a tremendous number of endorsements from office holders. Bernie Sanders is receiving his first endorsement from a member of Congress, Raul Grijalva of Arizona. As an outsider, Sanders is not expected to match Clinton in terms of insider endorsements, and this year [...]Show More Summary

McCarthy Withdraws From Speaker’s Race

Kevin McCarthy, regarded as a shoo-in to replace John Boehner as House Speaker just a week ago, has withdrawn from the race, leaving the Republican House majority in disarray. The Republican nominating meeting to replace Boehner has been postponed without a new date set. Word from the room was that no representative currently in the [...]Show More Summary

Politix Update: Democracy, Truth & Lives All Devalued In Fallout From GOP’s Rigged Benghazi Probe

Isn’t it just a hoot that Representative Kevin McCarthy’s bid to replace John Boehner as House speaker came under withering attack and eventually collapsed because he told the truth? In fact, it’s hard to wring any humor out of it because it was an open secret that the Select Committee on Benghazi, which has spent [...]Show More Summary

(BREAKING) French Train Attack Hero Spencer Stone “Repeatedly” Stabbed: in critical condition

French train attack hero Spencer Stone has been stabbed, according to news reports now coming in. NBC News: French train attack hero Spencer Stone was in a stable condition after being stabbed in Sacramento on Wednesday night, the Air Force confirmed to NBC News. CBS News first reported that Airman First Class Stone, one of [...]Show More Summary

Mass Murders are Good for Business

Shortly after the mass murders at Umpqua Community College near Roseburg, Ore., President Obama predicted the extreme right wing would crank out press releases declaring the nation needs fewer gun control laws and more guns. The pro-gun lobby didn’t disappoint him. Shortly after the mass murders in a Charleston, S.C., church in June, NRA board [...]Show More Summary

First Blood: A humbling surprise

(Taken from the Chocolate Films blog) I made a huge mistake waiting so long to watch Rambo: First Blood – this film is one of the best I have ever seen. I thought First Blood would be your stereotypical 80’s over the top action film – that is why I avoided it for so long. [...] The post First Blood: A humbling surprise appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

What the heck is (or was) Safe Harbor? And why should you care?

A European Court decision has probably strained diplomatic relations between the United States and the European Union. Until this week, the Safe Harbor agreement (2000) allowed U.S. companies to transfer and store European citizen personal data to the United States. Because the U.S. does not have a general data protection law, Safe Harbor was needed [...]Show More Summary

Let’s focus on the gun makers

WASHINGTON — It’s not just Congress that fails to respond after another massacre briefly focuses attention on the irrationality and permissiveness of our country’s firearms statutes. Those of us seeking change also regularly fall down on the job. We express outrage and move on, leaving the debate exactly where we found it. Opponents of the [...]Show More Summary

The Times: Disband Benghazi Committee or at Least Rename It ’the Inquisition of Hillary Clinton’

The editorial board of a national newspaper that has not been all that supportive of Hillary Clinton, on Wednesday called for the House Select Committee on Benghazi to be disbanded, or “at the very least [to] rename their laughable crusade, which has cost taxpayers $4.6 million, ‘the Inquisition of Hillary Rodham Clinton.’” Citing GOP Representative [...]Show More Summary

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