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2014 Book List

Here is a list of the books I read in 2014:Round Robin - Jennifer ChiaveriniAmerica Again: Rebecoming the Greatness We Never Weren't - Stephen Colbert206 Bones - Kathy ReichsSpider Bones - Kathy ReichsFlash & Bones - Kathy ReichsBones...Show More Summary

Thank you!

Thank you, Barbara Oakley, whoever and wherever you are. Today I received an unexpected package from Amazon. Inside was a gift - a Doctor Who fleece throw - and the enclosed note said "A gift from Barbara Oakley." The item wasn't on my wishlist and I don't know anyone named Barbara Oakley. Show More Summary

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Well, it's that time of year again. The time when people show that they have no idea what the twelve days of Christmas are or when they happen. The twelve days of Christmas are a season in the Christian church calendar, and they do not fall on the first twelve days of December. Show More Summary

Thought of the Day

After the election on Tuesday, and the campaigns that preceded it, I would like to make a brief statement on political terminology. If you seek change - of any kind - you are not a conservative. By definition, a conservative is someone who seeks to maintain the status quo. Show More Summary

Relaxing in the Sun

Yesterday, when I was outside hanging a quilt on the clothes line to photograph it, my cat Tiger decided to follow me out. He was laying in the grass being so cute I had to take a picture of him. I think cats are particularly cute when they lay on the tops of their heads like that. Show More Summary

What will become of Minecraft?

According to BBC News (and I'm sure many other sources) Microsoft has bought Mojang, the makers of Minecraft. I find this information somewhat unsettling, especially since the article says that the three founding members will be leaving the company. Show More Summary

Thought on Doctor Who

I'm not sure what to think about the newest season of Doctor Who and the newest incarnation of said TARDIS driving Time Lord. I'm just not finding Peter Capaldi quite believable as the Doctor. I feel like he is just too confused to be the Doctor. Show More Summary

My Take on the HIMYM finale

I haven't read a lot of commentary on the How I Met Your Mother finale from Monday night, but I've a heard a little bit here and there. A lot of people don't like that they killed off Mom and put Ted with Robin in the end. I'm not really fond of the idea either, but that's not really my main complaint with the episode. Show More Summary

Song that move me

Today I was listening to a CD and a song came on that was just really moving. The sound of the singer voice was the most important part. In fact, most of the lyrics I can't even understand. The song was Reynardine by Fairport Convention, but there are some other songs that fit into that same category. Show More Summary

2013 Book List

Here is a list of the books I read in 2013:Monday Mourning - Kathy ReichsCross Bones - Kathy ReichsA Study in Scarlet - Sir Arthur Conan DoyleThe Sign of Four - Sir Arthur Conan DoyleCat's Cradle - Kurt VonnegutHeat Rises - Richard CastlePlayer...Show More Summary

2012 Book List

Here is a list of the books I read in 2012.Galapagos - Kurt VonnegutChariots of the Gods - Erich Von DanikenThe X President - Philip BaruthHeat Wave - Richard CastleThe Island of Doctor Moreau - H.G. WellsThe Knowland Retribution - Richard GreenerUbik - Philip K. Show More Summary

Thought to the day - from my husband

If the grocery store sells extra virgin olive oil, why don't they sell extra slutty olive oil?

Tiger in the Gazebo

My cat seems to be really enjoying the new addition to our yard. I think this is his way of saying, "Thanks for buying me a new bed." And, unfortunately, he also thinks it is his new scratching post. Because, as every cat caregiver knows, every new purchase made is always for the cat.

Something New

We took out our above ground pool and replaced it with a gazebo, or more accurately a "teahouse". It has a double swing inside. We haven't finished the landscaping, obviously, but I think it is coming along nicely. The plan is to plant spirea and butterfly bushes, along with some lantana and some annuals which are yet to be determined. Show More Summary


As is obvious by the previous post, I'm happy to see that President Obama has won a second term. Results from here in Alabama were about what I had expected; however, Judge Roy Moore's opponent, Bob Vance, gave a better showing than I had expected.I am very happy to hear, too, that Jon Tester (D-Mont) has won reelection to his senate seat in Montana. Show More Summary

I voted!

I did my civic duty and voted. I voted for Obama/Biden, but since I live in Alabama, I'm sure most of the few people I had the option of voting for will win. It is AMAZING how many offices were not contested. But at least I did haveShow More Summary

Music Midtown Festival

Wow, it's been a while since I posted anything here. But this definitely seemed worth posting about. I went to the Music Midtown Festival over the weekend. It was so much fun. I've never been to a music festival like this before. It was like a sea of people out there. Show More Summary

Playing with Wordle

I decided that it might be interesting to make a word cloud of the words actually spoken by Jesus in the New Testament. I looked to see if I could find one and I couldn't. So I started making one. I only got through Matthew. Maybe I'll finish later. Here is what I got. For some reason the code from Wordle isn't working to show it here, but here is the link

I finally went digital

The question is, was it worth it? It certainly shouldn't have been as difficult a process as it turned out to be. But ultimately I did get to watch tonight's premiere of Doctor Who, so it all worked out okay. I do, however, find myself...Show More Summary

American National Government & Monty Python

This morning I am working on constructing a quiz for my American National Government classes. To date, the classes have not done exceptionally well on these quizzes, which consist of questions solely from the reading material combined with questions from the power point presentations. Show More Summary

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