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The Danger to Obamacare Is Real

The Republicans are panicked enough by polls to risk a a really futile and stupid gesture.

Trump’s Dog Whistle to White Supremacists in His UN Speech

Here is why it is alarming that he used the words 'sovereign' or 'sovereignty' twenty-five times.

Paul Manafort and the Russia Investigation

As the noose closes on Paul Manafort, will he provide the evidence to prove Trump cooperated with the Russians?

Mueller Is Obviously Zeroing in on Paul Manafort

Trump's former campaign manager was previously under investigation as a possible Russian agent.

What Whiteness Looks Like From a Black Perspective

Ta-Nehisi Coates has held up a mirror to white America saying, 'this is what we see when we look at you.'

What It’s Really Like to Be a Presidential Speechwriter

Obama speechwriter David Litt pens a moving reflection on the mystery, magic, and mundanity of working in the White House.

Black Lives Matter and 9/11

Our divisions are deeper than our disagreements. We don't know how to talk to each other.

The Source of Chaos Emanating From the White House

While Trump has no allegiance to particular policies, the administration is packed with ideologues battling for power.

What Makes Trump So Dangerous?

Here are the psychological traits that render the president unfit for office.

A Nightmare in New Hampshire

They might as well have been shouting “You will not replace us!” State authorities in New Hampshire are investigating a possible hate crime after a family reported that their 8-year-old boy was pushed by teenagers off a picnic table with a rope around his neck, injuring him. The boy, who is biracial, was treated in... Read more »

Trump’s Eagerness to Provoke North Korea Could Lead to Disaster

On Sunday morning the President of the United States went on a twitter rampage that could only be described as crude, violent, misogynistic and wholly unbecoming of his office. Most widely discussed among the many outrages was his retweet of a anti-Semitic troll who posted a spliced video pretending to show Donald Trump hitting Hillary... Read more »

Obamacare Repeal Could Still Actually Pass. Really.

While most of America looks the other way, Republicans are once again trying to pass tax cuts for the rich by way of taking away the healthcare of millions. Though it has flown mostly under the radar until the last few days, the Republicans’ last-ditch effort at Obamacare repeal called Graham-Cassidy has reportedly far greater chances... Read more »

It Doesn’t Pay to Work for Don Trump

Imagine you worked for a shady supposed billionaire who ran his family enterprises like a mob boss. Imagine that you did immoral and even illegal things for this self-styled Don as he as ran a sleazy campaign for public office. Then imagine that once the fuzz caught on and starting investigating you, your exposed tycoon... Read more »

There Is No Conflict Between Promoting Single-Payer and Defending Obamacare

The endless and exhausting Bernie-Hillary social media wars have produced an array of dumb attacks and bad faith arguments on both sides. The War of the Roses and the Donuts tends to generate far more heat than light at a time when both sides need to be trying far harder to understand one another and address... Read more »

California Moves Forward with Bold Legislation on Several Issues

Increasingly, Washington DC seems like the place where innovative and transformative policy goes to die. From 2008 to 2010, Democrats controlled the Presidency, House and Senate and had little more than healthcare to show for it. In the first nine months 2016, Republicans have likewise held the Presidency, House and Senate and have almost nothing to... Read more »

Would Trump Voters Really Revolt If He Kept DACA?

Infinite pixels have been spilled over what motivated Trump’s voters in the 2016 election, with an endless barrage of research and anecdotes to bolster each side. But Trump’s reported deal with Democrats to salvage the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program will provide a real-world ongoing test of what drives Trump partisans and what sort... Read more »

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