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Can a Wall-Climbing Robot Teach Your Kid to Code?

Last month, a few hand-sized, hexagonal robots took over a third-grade classroom in Southborough, Massachusetts. They climbed a whiteboard and drew all over it while flashing multicolored LED’s and chirping musically.  All the while, they were teaching kids to code. Meet Root — a robot being beta-tested by its creators at Harvard’s Wyss Institute for... Read more »

Media Have Been Roughest on Clinton

If you had asked me to guess which candidate from either party received the most positive news coverage during the primaries, I would have guessed Bernie Sanders. There were almost no negative exposés or investigative pieces of him, and most coverage focused on his surprising successes and his huge rallies. Certainly, he came under more... Read more »

When Journalists Make The Story About Themselves

This WNYC video shows Nikole Hannah-Jones and her daughter going to school. There’s a tremendous power that can come when a reporter puts her or himself into a news story, combining reported facts with personal insight and detail not often available to an outsider. But there are also some risks. Nikole Hannah-Jones’ decision to write about the Brooklyn... Read more »

Live-Blogging Sen. Chris Murphy’s Talking Filibuster on Gun Violence

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) has taken to the floor of the Senate to demand action on gun safety measures. I'm speaking on the Senate floor to honor the victims of the Orlando attack & demand the Senate address gun violence. #Enough — Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) June 15, 2016 He’s not just making a brief statement.... Read more »

Pete Sessions and Gay Bars

There’s a piece by Sara Jerde over at Talking Points Memo that may or may not be a little unfair to Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas. Now, Sessions is not some backbencher. He’s currently entrusted by the House leadership with the chair of the Rules Committee, and he used to run the National Republican Congressional... Read more »

The Tie That Binds Mass Shootings

When violence is a means for dominance, men will continue to murder.

Quick Takes: Obama Has a Plan for Defeating ISIS…and It’s Working

I suggest that you take a few minutes to read or watch President Obama’s remarks today on the status of our counterterrorism efforts against ISIS. He laid out all of the ways that our efforts to defeat them are proceeding – including the fact that they have lost 50% of the territory they once... Read more »

Russians Compromise the DNC, Steal Trump Files

It appears that Russian intelligence services have penetrated the Democratic National Committee’s computer systems. I think they came away with a lot more information than E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy ever did. According to the reporting, one group of Russian spies has been reading email and chat traffic at the DNC for about... Read more »

Which Factors Affect Student Fee Increases?

Tuition increases tend to get the most focus in discussions about college affordability, but a number of other factors also affect the total price tag of a college education. In addition to researching living allowances for off-campus students, I have looked into the often-confusing world of student fees at public colleges. These fees are used... Read more »

What the Civil Rights Data Tell Us About Early Learners

Last week the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights released the long-awaited data from the 2013-2014 Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC), an extensive survey of all public schools and districts across the United States. The Office of Civil Rights has been collecting this data since 1968 to track issues related to equal educational... Read more »

Magazines: A New Era For Education Next

Recent covers from the Hoover/Harvard publication Education Next I had the chance not too long ago to talk with Harvard’s Paul Peterson, who helped launch and grow Education Next into a long-running and widely read education journal and is in the process of handing over the reins of the magazine. Perhaps you’ve never heard of it, but... Read more »

Donald Trump Declares War on the Washington Post

Ed Kilgore is properly mystified that Donald Trump has revoked Washington Post reporters’ press credentials, effectively banning the paper from access to himself and his political events. Ed identifies the immediate culprit here as WaPo reporter Jenna Johnson, whose piece on Trump’s remarks about the massacre in Orlando pointed out that Trump has a history... Read more »

What Democrats Can Learn From the 2016 Presidential Primary

The New Republic has a fascinating discussion up today that they’ve titled The Split: 19 Reasons the Democrats Will Remain Divided—and What it Means for the Party’s Future. They’ve collected the thoughts of 23 leading historians, political scientists, pollsters, artists, and activists on the topic. I was initially a bit disappointed that the editors showed their... Read more »

Clinton Called the GOP’s Bluff

They're more interested in terrorism fear-mongering than addressing the Orlando tragedy.

Roundup: Tuesday Morning Education News

Alexandria discipline, Upper West Side integration, Chicago lead levels

Quick Takes: Michelle Obama Says, “Be Not Afraid”

First, a quick housekeeping note: When we redesigned the Washington Monthly web site, we got a new RSS feed. Since a fair number of people are asking for it – here is the link again. This headline pretty much sums up Donald Trump’s message: Trump to America: Be afraid. I’d say, been there…done... Read more »

Can We Prevent Mass Shootings?

If you’d like to take a deep dive into the question of whether or not we can prevent mass shootings, you’ll find no better discussion than the one written by Mark Follman back in 2015. But fair warning: you’re not going to find any easy answers there. Much of the discussion we’ve been having lately... Read more »

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