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Democratic Resolve in Georgia, Montana and Beyond

Ten years ago, then-Representative Martin Meehan (D-MA) resigned from the House to become chancellor of the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Meehan’s Congressional seat had not been held by a non-Democrat since the early-1970s, and the prospects of the Republican Party capturing the seat in a special election seemed rather remote. Show More Summary

The Media’s Latest Campaign to Normalize Trump

After the Syria strikes, the press has mistakenly found new respect for Trump.

Macron Won–But France’s Austerity Centrism is Still in Big Trouble.

Results from the French primary election are in: center-right, pro-EU finance banker Emmanuel Macron defeated the racist, far right nationalist Marine Le Pen, and will face her again in the runoff. With exit polls showing Macron with a commanding lead over Le Pen in a one-on-one contest, opponents of xenophobia and fascism around the world are... Read more »

Desperately Insecure, President Trump Holds a Fan Rally To Avoid a Comedy Roast

I have noted here before my distaste for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner as a vapid show of light camaraderie between newsreaders masquerading as journalists, and the politicians they are supposed to be holding to account. I have also said that it’s probably better for the event if the President does not attend, as his... Read more »

There Is No Conflict Between Creating Jobs and Protecting the Environment

In the face of science march protests all around the world today, Donald Trump tweeted the following in his defense: I am committed to keeping our air and water clean but always remember that economic growth enhances environmental protection. Jobs matter! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 22, 2017 Let’s set aside the factual inaccuracy that... Read more »

Democrats’ Biggest Mistake in 2016 Was Clearing the Field for Clinton

The recent release of the Clinton campaign expose Shattered is causing yet another round of introspection about what Democrats did wrong in 2016 and how to fix the problem. The Clinton campaign’s own failures of targeting and messaging are already the subject of much discussion and have been rehashed ad nauseam, and Matt Taibbi’s take on the navel-gazing,... Read more »

There Is Nothing Left of Trump’s Supposed Economic Populism

Entire oceans of ink have been spilled over the question of how much of Trump’s support came from prejudice versus economic anxiety (hint: it’s both and they’re interconnected.) But no matter the answer, what’s clear by now is that Trump’s economic populist agenda on behalf of the white working class no longer exists if it... Read more »

Quick Takes: “Deranged Trump Self-Delusion”

By now we’ve all read countless articles that try to analyze the mad king who has been elected president (I’ve penned one or two myself). But Adam Gopnik might have just written the one that puts all others to shame. In a way, it’s as much about us as it is about Trump. Here’s a... Read more »

Trumpcare Is Back—and It’s Still Terrible for Sick People

Republicans are trying to jumpstart failed Trumpcare by latching on to failed high-risk pools.

Attorney General Sessions Is An Extremist on Marijuana

He doesn't realize that this issue is quickly going the way of marriage equality.

How New York’s Free College Plan Could Disrupt Higher Ed Market

Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill making the Empire State the first state to cover tuition at all public colleges and universities for low- and income families. New York’s decision to offer free tuition at public colleges follows similar efforts in Chicago, Oregon and Tennessee, where lawmakers have made community college... Read more »

Quick Takes: The Worst First Quarter Job Approval Rating in Modern History

Here’s the latest from Gallup: Donald Trump averaged 41% job approval during his first quarter as president, 14 percentage points lower than any other president in Gallup’s polling history…The average first-quarter rating among post-World War II presidents elected to their first term is 61%. Reuters has another scoop on how Vladimir Putin worked... Read more »

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