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Contrary to media hype, new review says learning a second language won’t protect you from dementia

"Public health policy should... remove recommendations regarding bilingualism as a strategy to delay dementia", the researchers said. By Alex Fradera

Women know better than men what other women are thinking and feeling

Part of the explanation for women being easier to read could be that they are more emotionally expressive than men. By Emma Young

Let’s dial down the hype about grit – new paper finds no association with creative achievement

Grit is an interesting concept but is unlikely to be the breakthrough that changes society. By Alex Fradera

Autistic boys and girls found to have “hypermasculinised” faces – supporting the Extreme Male Brain theory

The findings support the idea that prenatal exposure to high levels of testosterone may contribute to the development of autism. By Christian Jarrett

New research reveals the long-term toll of keeping secrets

It is mind-wandering about our secrets that most seems to take a toll, rather than the job of concealing them. By Alex Fradera

Mentally well voice-hearers have a heightened ability to detect real speech

The results support the idea that auditory hallucinations develop from ordinary perceptual processes. By Emma Young

Children as young as four believe in karma – good things happen to those who do good

Regardless of whether they have a religious upbringing, young kids seem to believe in cosmic karma – that the world rewards good behaviour. By Christian Jarrett

Learning more about yourself could help you better understand others

It seems a little soul searching of our own is required to better understand the people around us. By Marianne Cezza

How short-term increases in testosterone change men’s thinking style

Situations that increase men's testosterone levels – such as competition – are likely to make them think fast and intuitively. By Emma Young

Researchers asked these British mothers which personality traits they would most wish for their babies – extraversion came out on top

If you could choose the personality profile for your children, what traits would you prioritise? By Christian Jarrett

Increase the meaningfulness of your work by considering how it helps others

You will be happier and more productive in your work if you find it meaningful. By Christian Jarrett

Watching box sets with your partner can benefit your relationship, claim researchers

Watching TV together can allow couples to compensate for lacking a shared social network in the real-world, the researchers said. By Christian Jarrett

Believing widely doubted conspiracy theories makes some people feel special

People prone to belief in conspiracies are more likely to endorse conspiracy theories that they think are unpopular – it satisfies their need to feel special. By Simon Oxenham

How keeping a dream diary could boost your creativity

If you desire to be more creative, it seems worth paying attention to what your dream life has to offer. By Alex Fradera

Coffee cravings can play havoc with your memory

Researchers induced participants into a coffee craving state and found that it impaired their memory abilities. By Christian Jarrett

Better educated parents have children who are more relaxed, outgoing and explorative

The environment provided by educated parents may itself be shaping their children's personality development. By Alex Fradera

Lazy bees and clean hyenas: Review finds that animals vary in trait conscientiousness

The authors searched nearly 3,000 potentially relevant animal research papers for any of 103 trait terms related to conscientiousness. By Emma Young

Whether you snack or not is more about the presence of temptation than your willpower

The results demonstrate that snacking is largely guided by momentary cues, the researchers said. By Christian Jarrett

There is no such thing as the true self, but it’s still a useful psychological concept

The notion of a true self, hidden from view, borders on the superstitious, according to psychologists and philosophers at Yale University. By Christian Jarrett

Trans men show unusual connectivity patterns in brain networks involved in self perception

The researchers say they may have uncovered a neurobiological correlate of gender dysphoria. By Christian Jarrett

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