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TR Review: The Minions' Mirthful Money-Making Machine Moves Merrily Along

4 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

It's okay to be leery of the fact that, after only two movies - one very fun, and one a lackluster product-mover - Universal declared Despicable Me's Minion characters to be their new Mickey Mou...

The Fred Savage Movie The Wizard, Reconceived as a Stage Opera (in Italian)

4 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

Every kid who had a Nintendo in the late '80s remembers The Wizard, featuring Fred Savage as the protective brother of a silent videogame savant, numerous plugs for Super Mario Bros. 3 and the P...

Mattel's 1966 Yvonne Craig Batgirl Figure to Be Toys R Us Comic-Con Exclusive

4 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

Mattel basically had a goldmine handed to them when the 1966 Batman merchandise licensing issues were finally cleared up, and they blew it with insanely high price points, ugly conspicuous joint...

New Live-Action Attack on Titan Teaser Upsizes the Battle

4 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

Trailers for a movie like this ought to get better and better as the special effects become more and more finished, and this one has. Ziplines, swords, neck slashing and giant naked humanoids sh...

Ask Luke's Mother-in-Law: The Desert, She Burns

4 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

Martha Boyd is not just Luke's mother-in-law - she's also an ex-cop, a landlord, a self-described crazy cat lady, a major Star Trek geek and the widow of a green beret. So go ahead: ask her anyt...

8 Spider-Mannerisms Peter Parker Must Carry Into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

5 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

Well, the wait is finally over, as it was announced this week that Tom Holland will play our newest friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. We've had a couple of bad Spidey films, a couple of great one...

Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Venus de Milo Action Figure, Now With Arms

5 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

Trust Japan to try to improve on a classic. The poor girl was completely armless, and now she's a LOT more suggestive as a Figma action figure who gets to show off more butt-crack than the origi...

Hannibal Writer-Producer Bryan Fuller Gets His Own Figure for Comic-Con

5 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

"So, here's the deal, Bryan. We can keep the show going, OR you can have a toy of yourself." "Hmmmm, let me think about it." Things probably didn't go down that way. But if they did, I wouldn'...

GIVEAWAY: Steal Our E3 Swag!

5 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

E3, as you know, is an industry-only show, and unfortunately unavailable to many fans who'd love to check out all the newest games. We can't get you in there, but we can do the next best thing....

Book Review: Inside the Sideshow Studio

5 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

[All images reprinted from Inside the Sideshow Studio by Sideshow Collectibles published by Insight Editions. Copyright © 2015, Sideshow Collectibles.] At virtually every convention where they h...

EXCLUSIVE COMIC-CON REVEAL: Astronaut Mike Tyson 8-Inch Figure

5 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

Some astronauts boldly go where no one has gone before...and others bite it at the final front-ear. But when you've got a pigeon who talks like Norm Macdonald by your side, life will always be a...

New Comic Book Day: Back to the Comic Book Grind

5 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

I have a newfound respect for LYT after running the show for a couple of days. I'm generally pretty plugged into the nerdweb, but I felt a whole new level of pressure to...exist as an Internet-on...

In Memoriam: The 10 Greatest Sci-fi and Fantasy Scores of James Horner

6 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

As an über band geek, I had quite the obsession with the music of film, particularly that of science fiction and fantasy films. The plan was that I would study music education in college, but m...

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Trailer - Finally See the Ghosts, Get Closure in 3D

6 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

I admit I got burned out a bit on the Paranormal Activity series around part 4, which I skipped altogether - but The Marked Ones injected a bit of new life into things by changing up the setting...

Buy Bookends Made From Ray Bradbury's House, to Help Fund His Legacy

6 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

Ray Bradbury would want you to keep books around your house, if for no other reason then as penance for the wall-sized TV he predicted would one day keep you transfixed all day, in a permanent s...

My Wife Rejoices as J.K. Rowling Reveals Harry Potter's Dursleys' Origins

6 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

Dear J.K. Rowling - just go ahead and write more Harry Potter stories. You clearly want to. In honor of what would be cousin Dudley's 35th birthday, Rowling has revealed new details about his g...

EXCLUSIVE REVEAL: Oni Press' Invader Zim #1 Newbury Comics Variant Cover

6 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

[Jim Dandeneau contributed to this post] The new Invader Zim comic from Jhonen Vasquez and Oni Press is coming on July 8th, and they've given TR an exclusive first look at the Newbury Comics v...

New Spider-Man Director and Star Set: Tom Holland and Jon Watts

6 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

Dammit, I was really hoping for Asa Butterfield, but he probably commands too high a price now (Heroic Hollywood speculates that his being taller than Robert Downey Jr. didn't help, which sound...

The Rock to Fight Kaiju in the Movie Version of Rampage

6 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

Not to be confused with the nihilistic mini-franchise Uwe Boll thinks he's been making, the classic Rampage game lets you trash major cities as George the giant gorilla, Lizzie the lizard or Ra...

YOU Can Help Choose the Next 6-Inch Star Wars Black Series Figure!

6 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

It is a great honor to be involved for the first time in selecting the next Fan's Choice Star Wars figure by Hasbro - and this time, it's a 6-inch Black Series character! Want even better news?...

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