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Norm Macdonald Is Somehow the New Official Colonel Sanders for KFC

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

Note to self: harden arteries with chicken that's really bad for you. Darrell Hammond made an odd sort of sense, as a guy whose whole deal is doing impressions. Norm Macdonald is a weirder cho...

"Hetfield" Comics Turn Metallica Frontman Into Lasagna-Loving Cat

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

Oh Hetfield, let my heart go. The hero of my day is whoever decided to turn Garfield and Jon into James and Lars for an online comic strip, particularly because they chose to mock James' goofy...

7 Reasons Why Mr. Robot Is Better Than True Detective, Hannibal and Every Other Show This Summer

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

Summer television was once the place where good (but usually very bad) TV went to die a merciful death away from the eyes of the public... and advertisers. It was the place networks dumped their...

Site Programming Note

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

Due to the massive influx of news and live blogging Saturday, today will be a lighter-than usual Monday. In the meantime, Vin Diesel referred to the next Fast and Furious movie as Fast 8, leading...

Space Mountain Gets Star Warsy, and Other Disney Theme Park News

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

So, it's cool and all that we're getting a Star Wars land in the Disney parks, but if they're just starting that now, it won't be ready for maybe two years. So what happens in the meantime? Well...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lego Sets Revealed

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

Make the Kessel run over to to see them all, including some new character reveals in minifig form. ...

First Image From Star Wars: Rogue One Shown, Full Cast Announced

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot wastes no time:Felicity Jones, nominated for an Academy Award for her leading role in The Theory of Everything; Diego Luna, who was featured in 2008's Oscar-winning Milk and the cri...

D23 Live-Action Feature Film Panel News - Star Wars at Disneyland, Jungle Book and More

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

We're following sources both official and otherwise to let you know what Disney is announcing. ...

Disney and Pixar Animation News From D-23

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

[A Comic-Con style panel on the company's upcoming animated features is currently in progress at D-23. This post will be updated as more information leaks out] The first bit of information we hav...

RED Will Now Get a TV Show Based on the Movies Based on the Comic

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

I'm somewhat fond of the RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) movies, as they remind me a lot of my late father-in-law, up to and including some of the spy tricks the former government operatives i...

In Case Anyone Needs Target Practice, Here's a Poster of Johnny Depp as the Stupid Mad Hatter Again

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

From the director of the Muppets sequel we did want comes to the one to a travesty we did not, but the made a butt-ton of cash anyway. Through the Looking Glass has never been properly adapted,...

League of Extraordinary GentleWOMEN Movie Coming? Read Carefully.

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

Collider recently got a quote from producer John Davis about the proposed League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie reboot. He says, in part: It's female-centric, which I think is interesting. I l...

Iron Maiden's New Music Video Is a Fun Tribute to Arcade Games Over the Years

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

If music videos still worked the way they did when I was young, this one alone would have Iron Maiden back in the popular consciousness and topping the charts. While the song is an okay old-scho...

NBC Greenlights Pilot for a Sitcom Set in the DC Universe

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

This is a weird one. Based on characters from DC Comics, Powerless is a workplace comedy set at one of the worst insurance companies in America -- with the twist being that it also takes place i...

Hot Toys Boba Fett Appears to Be Escaping Tentacle Rape

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

Boba Fett has been done so well, so many times, in the 12" format, that it must have been hard to imagine what Hot Toys could do to make their version worth the extra hundreds of dollars it will...

Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Giant Pikachus Dance to "Straight Outta Compton"

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

I have no idea if this really is actually clever marketing for the NWA biopic in Japan, though the source says it is. But do we need a reason to enjoy some of the most "dangerous" music of my hi...

Evil Gets Oral With 12 Inches of Mouth of Sauron

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

Despite the vaguely dirty headline, this mouth pleasures nobody. Like so many equally mouthy talk radio hosts, he simply promises death and destruction if those opposing him continue upon their...

6 Ways Guy Ritchie Drops the Ball on The Man From UNCLE and 4 That You Should See It Anyway

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

I first came upon the original Man From UNCLE TV show after learning who Robert Vaughn was from Superman III. My dad, ever eager to introduce me to the pop-culture of his youth, used the opportu...

Pretty Much EVERY 3.75-Inch Star Wars: The Force Awakens Figure Has Been Revealed

2 weeks agoHumor : Topless Robot

Due to stores selling things early, the whole first wave of 3-3/4" figures has been purchased at various venues around the country. For the benefit of those who still want to try to go in to sto...

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