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Burger King Is Pitching McDonald's a "McWhopper"

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

Given that Burger King is pretty consistently one of the most disappointing, bland and uninventive of the major fast food chains, I'm not hugely surprised they're the ones making the pitch to th...

Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Young Frankenstein Get Vinyl Figures

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

One of the best quirks of the toy industry is that cartoon caricatures, if stylized enough, aren't considered "likenesses," and thus we can get toys based on people like Sean Penn who probably w...

That Sci-Fi Porn We Visited the Set of Two Years Ago Has a Trailer, and It's NUTS

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

For reasons that are possibly quite obvious, one of the most popular stories I've ever written was 2013's "On the Set of a Sci-Fi Porno." The movie in question, Saving Humanity, was already sett...

The Farce Awakens, as the First Comedy Trailer to Pretend to Be Star Wars This Year Is...

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

Back in 1999, Austin Powers 2 got a lot of mileage by faking out audiences with a trailer acknowledging that if you only saw one movie that year, it should be Star Wars - but if you saw two, the...

Comicave's New 6-Inch Diecast Iron Man Action Figure Calls Shotgun

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

I'm frequently amazed that collectors exist who will pay top dollar to own every single Iron Man suit ever in toy form, but they do, and the figures keep coming. This particular variant is the M...

New Comic Book Day: Big Moves at Casa Dandy

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

Big news from Casa Dandy: over the next week, I'm turning 30+ and moving 350 miles. SO! I'm already drunk. Also! I'm moving to a Comcast area, so who the hell knows if I'll ever get Internet agai...

10 Fictional Heroes Who Really Suck at Their Jobs

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

On the surface, heroes are who we should aspire to be. When you examine specific ones closely, however, you'll notice many are ill-suited for their duties. Are these flaws designed to humanize...

King Kong vs. NWA: Compton's Eazy-E and Dr. Dre Head to Skull Island

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

I can only assume they will intimidate the big ape with their streetwise lyrics and gangster swagger. Two out of Straight Outta Compton's three leads, Corey Hawkins and Jason Mitchell will be go...

Ash vs. Evil Dead Behind-the-Scenes Video Reveals New Tidbits

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

A wooden hand, a pet lizard, a possible glimpse of S-Mart, floods of gore and goop...and where exactly HAS that Book of the Dead been all this time? Please, show, don't suck. ...

Despite Its Cast, Kids vs. Monsters Is Probably Not That Monster Squad Reboot You'd Hope for

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

Lance Henriksen! Malcolm McDowell! Adrian Paul! Richard Moll! ...will do anything for money, apparently. You see a Cthulhu on a poster, and you get your hopes up. Then you see that one of the...

10 MMA Fighters Who Would Make Better Movie Heroes than Ronda Rousey or Gina Carano

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

It took almost as much time (34 seconds) for Ronda Rousey to dispatch her latest challenger down in Brazil as it did for her next film project to be announced. Rousey has taken the sports world...

Blu-ray Today: Samurai Shakespeare, Walking Dead, Last Dragon, Lego Justice League

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

Lego DC Superheroes: Justice League - Attack of the Legion of Doom! - Right upfront, I'll say that I hope the Lego Batman movie is wittier than this amusing but slight cartoon that introduces the...

The Human Centipede Pot Pipe Will Get You Shitfaced

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

Experienced connoisseurs of marijuana know that the smoke is best when filtered through water. But through an entire digestive system? If you thought Marky Mark and Ted were wusses to refuse to...

The Official Hello Kitty/Chucky Hybrid of Your Nightmares Is Here

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

It's hard to imagine any American company being as free with their kid-focused character as Sanrio is with Hello Kitty. A normal marketing person might just say, "Hey, wait a minute. A cute anth...

Bruce Campbell Just Did the Weather and Traffic Reports on a Chicago FOX Station

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

As if you needed any proof that there's very little the man can't do (aside from "Become the #1 box office star in the world that we all know he should be"), The Chin took some time out from Wiz...

Top-Down Smackdown: Summerslam in Review

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

Given all I've been saying about stories, characters and making sense, let's look at how Summerslam yesterday fared. Overall, I'd say it was a better than average pay-per-view show, but I think...

Is Johnny the Real Hero of The Karate Kid?

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

Yes, he goes to a scarily named dojo, and Daniel has that Bananarama song to make him all sympathetic. But what if we looked at it from Johnny's point of view? Might he not have been trying to c...

How to Spot a Dubious Star Wars Rumor: CGI Peter Cushing Edition

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

Sometimes people just want to believe a Star Wars rumor so much they'll insist it's convincing, with the latest one to cross my path being this: [Peter] Cushing, star of many Hammer House of Hor...

Topless Toy Chest - McFarlane Toys' Walking Dead Comic Series 4 and Exclusive Grave Digger Daryl

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

WARNING: Walking Dead comic figures may feature potential spoilers for future TV show plot points. There is one I notably left out in the pic above. ...

Ash Reveals a Favorite Dessert in new Evil Dead Trailer

last monthHumor : Topless Robot

There are scenes in this trailer you may have scene before - like some throat stabbings and Bruce Campbell in a corset, all worth watching again, and again, and again - but the newest spot for A...

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